Animal Kingdom - First Time to Go


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Jul 19, 2010
So Dec 23rd was our first trip to the Animal Kingdom and I really didn’t know what to expect. By the time I was able to get around to fast passes prior to leaving, I had used them towards the Animal Safari, Na’vi River Journey and Kali River Rapids. So, it rained HARD that morning, stopped and rained again later in the day but fortunately we bought some ponchos from amazon MUCH cheaper than what Disney were selling ($13/each@Disney).
Anyway, while I”m not a big Avatar fan (never seen the movie) I was impressed with the scenery. Very impressive. Luckily for us, upon entering the park for the magic hour (7am) we headed straight to Flight of Passage and it was a good thing!! It still took us just a bit over an hour and I‘m glad we did that first as the wait the rest of the day was never under 140 minutes and often over 200 minutes when I checked. I will say this, it was pretty awesome though out of focus at times? *shrug*. Biggest dissapointment was the Na’vi River Journey. WHAT a bore! No way would I wait for THAT ride longer than 15 to 20 minutes. UGH. Also, wish I’d known that the Kali River Rapids was a ride that was over in a sec! Another waste of a fast pass. LOVED Mt. Everest though. That was one of our favorites. We actually left the park early, around 6 as the lines were too long and most rides were NOT worth an hour to 2 hour wait and not to mention it had started raining again and we were done! We did see the light show on the Tree of Life which was cool but it was short. We didn’t see the Lion King show as the line was super long. We had some decent BBQ there though, as it beat burgers and pizza for the meal plan!! Will we do this park again? Ummmm, maybe. Doubtful anytime soon though. I’d say it’s a one and done place for me though it is very different and quite beautiful. Just not enough to do for the money unless it’s less crowded and even then, there are really only 2 rides probably worth doing multiple times. I wouldn’t say NOT go as it’s up there on the cool factor, but not my first choice either!


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