Anyone done grad night?


Jan 8, 2010
My daughters school in Sacramento is offering a grad night and I am under the impression it is the park hopper plus the grad nite private party. Has anyone done that recently? How late does the event go? It looks like the grad part of the trip is only at California Adventures and not Disneyland! We are considering another option.

We are considering flying down and trying to let her go to the park and being in the same park as her friends during the day, but not purchasing the grad night deal unless we can purchase it ourselves and we will if we can. The reason is that they are charging us $379 and leaving 10pm at night, then spending all day at the park and then driving back late that night. She will not get any sleep realistically on the bus so feel like she is not going to enjoy her day as much and then after a 2nd night of minimal sleep who knows...

If we instead let her go this other way, we could invite 2 or 3 friends, fly down and do it this way.
Day 1 Fly down afternoon, night in hotel and maybe dinner at Downtown Disney
Day 2 go to Disney with all the other students from her school and try to get grad night tickets if they allow us to buy
Day 3 sleep in and maybe go to the pool or the beach
Day 4 go to Disney again with her friends
Day 5 drive back late morning

Any thoughts?



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