Anyone Fly First Class?


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Nov 1, 2006
For us it depends on the length of the flight and what other options are available. DH is 6'4" so regular seats are very uncomfortable for him. I try to buy either the exit row or if we're flying Delta, Delta Comfort. If I can't get those and it's a long flight, I'll spring for 1st class - just for him. I refuse to pay that much money for me. I fit perfectly fine in coach seats.

Lynn CC

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Aug 25, 1999
I used to work for Delta, but now a Travel Agent, I have to fly first class...and luckily the fares are always about the same for me from BOS to MCO to do so, so why not!! I love my space, and piece and quiet...but mainly do so due to my panic disorder and so others do not get nervous around me! lol...that is my excuse and I am sticking with it!
LOL Good for you!
  • agavegirl1

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    Feb 23, 2012
    DH and I began flying First Class about 9 years ago and can't go back. The improved airport experience combined with space, no one else in our row, proximity to the restroom, meals, adult beverages .... we just can't do coach anymore.

    Mainsail Minnie

    Jul 28, 2019
    I now always fly first or business class if we're flying an airline that has first or business class. When we fly jetBlue, which doesn't offer Mint where we fly, I'm happy to just sit in the front. The front is the quietest part of the plane, which is important to me as I have ear problems. I no longer will fly on airlines like SWA that don't let you choose seats in advance becuse of this.

    The upgraded airport experience (short bag drop-off line, preferential treatment for disrupted flights, etc.) is another big draw for flying first class. After some unpleasant experiences, I finally got tired of being treated like (insert favorite curse word here) as a coach passenger, and decided to buy my way out of it. That's a win for the airlines, but a win for me, too, as I enjoy flying more when we fly first. I also have broad shoulders and dislike being pressed up against a stranger for the duration of the flight, so first class spares me that, too.
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    Apr 30, 2017
    I’ve always flown economy but since my dad retired he upgrades us to first (or myself and my dd22 when flying). He likes being up front lol

    Allison Joy

    Oct 25, 2015
    Never on my own, but I did get bumped up once.... It had been a crazy, crazy day already. It went something like this. (Sorry. Someitmes I like to present things in weird formats. :) )
    1. Got in line to check baggage
    2. Noticed self-check in line was shorter and switched lines.
    3. Got nearly to the front, and was asked by an airline employee what flight I was on. I told her.
    4. Was told my flight was delayed and I needed to get back in the main line so others could use the faster self check-in
    5. Found out in line that my flight was delayed about 3 hours. My layover was 3 hrs. 10 minutes. In Atlanta.
    6. Explain this to agent when I finally get to the front. She agrees that time frame will not work. Tells me she can re-book me, but only through their partner airline.
    7. I have to go to the partner airline's desk to actually check my luggage and get my boarding pass
    8. Finally get my boarding pass from the partner airline
    9. Get through security
    10. Practically run to my gate
    11. Discover it's not actually my gate. I had looked at my seat number. *smacks self in forehead* Thankfully, it wasn't far.
    12. Get to my actual gate.
    13. Board flight and sit down.
    14. A woman approaches me asking if I'm in such in such a seat
    15. I say yes. She tells me she paid extra to sit in that seat.
    16. A bit bewildered, I ask a flight attendant what I need to do.
    17. We both get off to go back to the agent desk
    18. We are both stopped in the.... connecting tunnel.
    19. Other woman explains that she paid extra to sit in the seat I was assigned.
    20. Other woman is told to sit there.
    21. I stand there, worried, because they had said it was a full flight.
    22. I ask, in a worried voice, "So where do I sit?"
    23. Agent says to flight attendant, "put her in first class."
    24. NICE!
  • jbehr12

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    Aug 18, 2018
    I'm just curious if anyone here spends the extra money flying first class. Or if you only fly when upgraded or rewards points etc. Is distance a factor or do you always fly coach or first no matter what?
    I fly First when the upgrade perks justify the price. Last time I did I took United and it was $120 more for First class tix, but it included two free bags, unlimited drinks, and an in flight meal (not great but not terrible). At the end of the day it ended up being just a little more expensive than economy after factoring in savings and perks. Those savings plus priority check in, expedited boarding and unloading, etc make it worth it to me. If you’re on the fence, look and see what your ticket includes to see if the price is justified.


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    Feb 17, 2018
    Back in the day, the airlines would have deals at the gate for you to upgrade to first class if it was not sold out for pretty cheap. Hubby and I did that a few times. We now fly SWA within the continental US so it does not apply. But last year my daughter and I spent a few days at Disneyland and then flew Hawaiian Air to Oahu. I applied for their credit card to get the bonus points so that we could upgrade to first class. It was amazing with lie flat seats. We have another trip booked for next year and I just booked first class again. Well worth it.


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    Mar 29, 2013
    I have splashed out for first class on long haul flights when i was flying at 10pm after a full on day at work and arriving home for Christmas. That sleep was in valuable and the cost to upgrade from business was little.

    Also when flying to Hawaii 10 hours overnight with no business class we have paid for first class.


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