Are any DVC owners also Disney owners?


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Jul 15, 2000
My partner bought me one share for our anniversary about 15 years ago; between stock splits, DRIP and direct cash purchases, we got up to about 115 shares before having to sell some off to pay some bills, but still have about 65 shares. Met Eisner, Iger, Roy E. Disney, Stanley Gold, and Minnie Mouse at the shareholder's meeting in Minneapolis a couple of years ago!


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Nov 1, 2000
Me too!
I bought some shares some time ago, partly to get automatic membership in the Magic Kingdom Club, which went to all stockholders. Automatic membership was discontinued shortly after I bought, but I still kept the stock.
(The Magic Kingdom Club then evolved into the Disney Club, then eventually was disolved).


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Mar 4, 2003
DVC owner and Disney share holder.

I rolled over a previous 401K last year to a broker IRA. I wanted Disney to be part of my retirement portfolio, it makes up about 5-6% of the total. Would like to go to a shareholder's meeting someday.

I guess with working to pay for vacations with DVC, you could say I (and some of the rest of us) work for my(our) own company :thumbsup2


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Dec 30, 2004
Add us to the list...bought 1 share for DH as a gag for birthday over a year ago before we bought into DVC.

He promptly framed it, agreed to purchase DVC & got into a DRIP:cool1: . Not sure how many shares we currently have but, it's alot more that I'd ever think we'd have.

He tells me it's gone up in value & pays dividends - better than some of the so-called blue-chip stocks we've had for years...anyone want to buy Ford?


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May 12, 2006
kimberh said:
I was told back in the early 90's to buy what you use. Well ,we have always loved going to Disneyworld so I bought some, couple hundred shares, watched it grow and then split and then dive but I remembered the story I was told about Walt Disney giving it to his Housekeeper on her Birthday and Christmas. At first, because he couldn't afford to give her a gift. later on because it was a good investment. Walt told her to not sell it and one day it would be worth a lot of money. Well when she retired she was a millionaire. So when Disney was opening Parks all over Europe and Aisa and they didn't take off right away I remembered that story and I figured I'd hang on. Eisner was Quoted as saying when asked about Disney's down spiral, " Let the Mouse be the Mouse". When Disney hit $15.00 I bought some more. The parks in Flordia were full and I just felt the rest would catch back up. now I wish I had bought more and if it ever falls again I will buy again. My one regret is that we have just became DVC owners. I still for the life of me don't know why it took us so long to make that decision. :tink: :tink: :tink:
I did the same thing...I bought what I knew and used. I've owned Disney stock for 15+ years after a family vacation to WDW. We went to the Grand Floridian the year it opened (maybe 1990?)...WOW, what a great vacation, but fairly expensive for a family of 5! The hotel was packed as were the parks. Loads of tourists were spending a lot here! The following December we went to the new Yacht and Beach Club at Christmas (1991). Again, a bit expensive, but worth every penny for the memories. DVC was just building OKW and we did not like the idea of timeshare at all. We really didn't think this was for us. I'd read a short blurb in Money Magazine about this "new" points concept in timesharing, and we thought we'd take the tour. I really had to convince the spouse though. To make this very long story even longer, we purchased at that same visit, 270 points @ $51pp. Our contract number is in the 600's and our interest is in Building 12! I just added more from a seller who's contract number was in the 30000 range. We even had free admission passes to the big three parks for 7 years! My marital status changed in 2000, and I got the kids, the stock, and DVC membership. That was non-negotiable. The flexibility has been wonderful. We've visited at every holiday, peak season and off. Traded it for only a couple of other places and a DCL cruise last New Years. Can't wait to go back. Enjoy your membership and welcome to the family...M


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