Arriving a few days early for our ABD trip.


Jul 23, 2012
@Amw1064: I forgot to add that while you're at the Lowe's, check what's on the schedule at the El Capitan. They're doing some really fun things now through Halloween. This month they've been showing older Disney movies on the big screen; so far we've seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Enchanted." The website has the schedule -- they have a raffle on opening night for each movie and the organist on weekends.


DIS Veteran
Jan 29, 2012
I'm not really the best person to ask about celebrity sightings, since we really go out for the food and the celebrity sightings are happenstance (and mostly at dinner). But you might look into Joan's on Third (the original one) -- good food and lots of sightings. Little Dom's is fun for breakfast (occasional sightings). Square One has absolutely delicious breakfasts.
Update: We had an awesome breakfast at The Ivy. Food was great and the setting was absolutely beautiful. A perfect 16th birthday breakfast. Also dinner at the Marmalade was very nice. We had a party of 8 and great dinner. Thanks for all the suggestions.


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