Attempting a trip with the TERRIBLE TWO's. Nov/Dec 2017

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    Mar 5, 2014
    FP+ Done but not Fast!
    Yesterday was our FP+ day. I had my plan of attack ready to go:surfweb:, I made a special sheet and everything. It was a slight disaster of a morning, My youngest child's daycare provider called me at 6:45am to tell me she was sick and wouldn't be able to take him, I had to be out the door by 7:20 to get my oldest to school so I was on quite a time crunch... So as I am ready with my plan of attack I now have to panic and worry about where my child is going to go because I had to be at work at 9:30am (It takes an hour for me to drive to work. Well I couldn't find anyone so my boss told me I could work from home.
    As soon as I log into MDE the crashing began, Darn Olafs little head... It took me an hour and a half to book 9 days of park tickets! - AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!!:badpc:
    I have done it in years past 15 min max! Let me tell you it is super hard to do when you have a wild 2 year old running around. :hyper: I put on Moana what assisted slightly.. [Side note we are now in a Moana phase which means we watch her movie 2 times a day minimum.]
    I was able to get all the rides I had planned on thankfully... At pretty much the right times I wanted. I am so OCD so to see times for rides say 12:05 or 12:20 vs 12:00 or 12:30 kills my soul.:crazy2:
    I am going to try to minor tweak them from now until the time of the trip but it is all within 15 minutes of my originally planned time I wanted.:woohoo:.

    So this is what our trip will look like ( We will be utilizing child swap).

    Day 1- Nov 24 - Arrive - Stay offsite

    Day 2 - Nov 25 - Arrive at Caribbean Beach Resort.

    Day 3 - 26th
    1. Splash / Thunder
    2. Pirates Of Caribbean
    3. Jungle Cruise
    Dinner: Be Our Guest

    Day 4 - 27th
    1. Na'vi River Journey
    2. Kilimanjaro Safaris
    3. Expedition Everest.
    Dinner: Garden Grill

    Day 5 - 28th
    1. Peter Pans Flight
    2. 7DMT
    3. Haunted Mansion
    Lunch: Be Our Guest
    Dinner: Chef Mickey's

    Day 6 - 29th
    1. Test Track / Character Spot
    2. Spaceship Earth
    3. Mission Space / Frozen
    Dinner: 50's Prime Time

    Day 7 - 30th
    1. Rock N Rollercoaster
    2. Tower of Terror / Star Tours
    3. Disney Jr
    Dinner: Hollywood & Vine

    Day 8 - 1st
    1. 7DMT
    2. Meet Mickey
    3. Splash / Thunder
    Dinner: Tusker House

    Day 9 - 2nd
    1. TSMM
    2. Star Tours / Tower Of Terrow
    3. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

    Day 10 - 3rd
    1. 7DMT / Space Mountain
    2. Buzz Lightyear Space Spin
    3. Barnstormer

    Day 11 - 4th
    1. Flight Of Passage
    2. Finding Nemo Musical
    3. Expedition Everest / Dinosaur

    Day 12 - 5th- Leave.
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    Oh my! We had a crazy start to our week as well but not as crazy as yours. Thank goodness for understanding bosses! I'm also thankful that my husband is the planner for these types of things. He made the plan of attack and I just took care of the usual.

    That stinks that it took so long but I'm glad you were able to get everything. We were able to get all of ours within 5 - 10 minutes of when we wanted them too. Such a relief! But he will be tweaking them up until our trip as well. He's already tweaked a couple and an ADR to go with it. That kind of stuff makes me crazy. :crazy2:
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    Hi! Just found your trip report. We will be going the same time next year (2018) Ugh! :sad1: This will be a trip for my son's 12th birthday. I look forward to living vicariously though you this year. :thumbsup2
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