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Jan 24, 2019
Hello! I'm planning on attending a character audition at Disneyland, though I have one minor problem. I don't have much experience acting, singing, or dancing, though the character I would play as would do very little if any of that. I'm sure that having previous experience plays a huge role in the selection process, but I want to know if having little to none will act as a disqualifer. Thank you in advance!


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May 2, 2002
Well, my dd has been to manyl Disney auditions, for various positions. She has made it to the end of one, but not chosen, and almost immediately sent away in others. She has worked in character (fur) in other parks) and is an accomplished actor/singer with decent dance skills. She was improv captain of both her high school and college improv teams. Here's the thing with Disney most cases they are looking for something specific. Usually a height. If you don't fit into the costume, size-wise, it doesn't matter how good you are. With fur characters, it's all about how well you move and get your point across without a voice. That's where improv skills help.
So, in all reality, if you're the 'look' they're searching for, you will be considered.


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Sep 14, 2010
The question has pretty much been answered but I thought I'd add more. When you audition for Disney Entertainment, you are auditioning for Disney Entertainment. It's much like applying for the DCP in general except in a specific department and a little bit less choice. You don't go in telling them what character or performer you'd prefer, you go in to audition for whatever. And they do have a specific idea of what they are looking for, HOWEVER having some experience does stand out and gets you seen a bit longer, it won't necessarily disqualify though. Just to let you know, the audition generally starts with a dance audition which is how they cut the pool down and if you do exceptional there more likely than not you will move on. Same with acting as what they call 'animation' is HUGE later on. But in the end, yeah it is about what they want and they do have major restrictions. I had two roommates on my first CP in Florida, one who had been to who knows how many Disney auditions and made it to the end multiple times but never chosen and also turned away immediately for others, while the other one auditioned at the end of his program and he got offered an extension as a Character Performer. The one who never got it was very short while the other one who got it on his first try was tall and most male roles in Entertainment tend to be on the taller side. That really is what it comes down to. Good luck to you!


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