Aw, my Frose went back to being Rose - 2019 Food and Wine Adventure! Updated 1/20!


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May 5, 2013
Thanks for your honest review of MNSSHP . Our family went several years in a row several years ago and we loved it . I haven’t gone in the fall the last few trips but plan for Sept this year . Wavering about going to the party this year after the over crowded reports in recent years . I went to two DAH last trip ( MK and DHS) and loved it so if one of those is offered leaning towards that instead .
Of course, you're welcome! The crowds have definitely increased, although this year was much better than 2018. Still crowded, but not to the point where we found ourselves stuck in a mass of people unable to move like it was back in 2018! We had fun this year, but we also went in with much lower expectations than previous years, so that definitely helped! I just miss the years of being able to walk-on most of the rides, have enough time to see the parade, fireworks, meet a character or two, and get full bags of candy.

Now DAH is amazing, we would gladly give up the party extras for a park that feels empty and unlimited free Mickey bars! I just hope it's offered during our trip this fall!
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Jul 19, 2008
Day 3-

A nice start to your morning in MK, even if you didn't make it for rope drop.

My favorite of your pictures is you and your mom with the partners statue and practically nobody else. Especially since that what you are- partners!

What a fun interaction you had with the photographer near Big Thunder. True definition of "Magic Shot"

What a pain that it took you so long to get from GF to EPCOT.

You are doing such fun events! Did you know before booking the event with Robert Irvine that lamb was on the menu? I'm glad that his presentation was entertaining. Have you since watched any of his shows?

I haven't eaten at the Rose & Crown, but the Illuminations dinner would be a great excuse. So the show was at 10 that night? Is that unusual- I am used to it being at 9 pm.

UGH! on the poor service. Especially for what I am assuming was a pretty expensive experience.

Also UGH! on being so sick that night. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the interwebs... could it have been dehydration? You said you were very thirsty and dehydrated. That happened to my son on one trip and he got very sick.

I hope you recovered quickly enough to enjoy the next day.



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May 5, 2013
Day 6, Part 1: Epcot – Final Illuminations Day, part 1

We opted to sleep in a bit this morning and didn’t get up until around 9:00. We had a lazy morning and didn’t head out for the day until around 10:20. It’s nice having some down time while on vacation!

Our destination this morning was Epcot! We had a FP+ at 10:00, so were well within the time when we finally made it over there. That of course didn’t stop us from meeting Goofy on the IG bridge!

I love that the characters meet there now!

I also swung by the store at the IG entrance and picked up a final Illuminations shirt.

Once our shopping and character interaction wrapped up, we started making our way over to TT for our FP+!

Of course we stopped for more pictures on the way.

We get this picture every year!

World Showcase was already getting pretty crowded, even though it was only like 10:30 in the morning, and loads of people were already staking out their spots for the final Illuminations that night! That's a long day of sitting out in the sun!

We finally made it to TT after all our pictures, and had a bit of a wait, maybe 10-15 minutes. But soon we were riding!

Our lovely creation....

Also just realized we never got our ride photo. Grrr.

When we got off TT, we were already into our next FP+ time, so we made our way over to SE to use it. My goodness, the crowds up at the front of the park was bonkers, and the crowds at SE were even worse. It was only about 11:00 in the morning and the standby line was already an hour! Even with our FP+, we ended up waiting about 30 minutes to ride.

HAHA, it looks like we took a nap on SE!

Since we hadn’t planned for quite the crowds that were there that morning, by the time we got off SE, we were crunched for time for our next activity, so only had time to stop at one or two food booths.

Our first stop was the Islands of the Caribbean where I picked up the empanada and the Sangria.

The empanada was delicious as always and the sangria was yummy.

Next, we made our way around WS, and stopped next at the Alps booth.

Here my mom picked up the Raclett, and I got the venison and the frose.

The Raclett was good, I liked the pickles the most. The venison was delicious and the frose was nice and refreshing for a moment before it quickly melted into just a regular old rose. #TRtitle

Did I mention how hot it was this day? HA!

After eating we continued around WS towards our destination, with a quick stop at a PP photographer!

We finally made it to our destination, Spice Road Table! We were doing the Mediterranean Food and Wine lunch!

Next up: Mediterranean Food and Wine Lunch!
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    Mar 6, 2018
    All caught up!

    And I'm glad I did! I was contemplating booking the lion king package but I'm less inclined after your review! I think I'd rather save the money and do the harambe one down the road!

    We did the cabanas in September at SAB and we also had am amazing time! It is seriously SO relaxing! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

    Looks like you guys had fun at MNSSHP!


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    Nov 6, 2014
    Wow i was behind (i think i have posted that on like 5 TRs today!)

    The Cabanas looks so fun, we have debated booking one, but went for a water par day instead in August, but i could totally see how a cabana would be a good spot to hang out!

    We haven't ever done one of the parties, i do think my daughter would love the Halloween Party, but the cost and increase in negative reviews haven't pushed me into trying it yet... Plus she wouldn't make it up late enough, maybe in a few years.. when it cost $150 each! only half joking!

    I am really excited to hear how the Mediterranean Food & Wine tasting is!

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