Band trip to DL 3/24


Earning My Ears
Jun 15, 2011
Hi! My niece is a senior in band and has asked for a Disney shirt design for her and a couple friends since I gave her a shirt years ago. What is an Auntie to do? I am calling on all you amazing DISigners for help.

I am looking for a couple designs:
1. I am looking for a couple designs the band / band sections can wear because they will be there multiple days. Maybe a Mickey Head, Character grouping, Star Wars, 2020 character fill, ???

Information for shirt:
A.C. Reynolds (ACR)
Disneyland Band Trip
March 2020
Optional: trumpets, clarinets, flutes, drum line, trombone, tuba, oboe, bassoon, saxophone

2. An Incredibles shirt with a clarinet (being played if possible but ok if not). Saying “I play clarinet. What’s your Super Power?”

3. A Star Wars shirt: Come to the Dark Side! We have trombones! If you can find a cool trombone character graphic to go with it, it would be awesome.

3. Tuba: a Disney character playing Tuba and say, “I play Heavy Metal!”

4. Trumpet shirt : character playing trumpet and say, “It’s a TRUMPET thing! You wouldn’t understand.” (Most important shirt for my niece.)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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