Benefits on doing the Disney College Program as a music major


Earning My Ears
May 12, 2020
I am a music major (still deciding on either commercial music, music composition, vocal performance) who is interested in doing the Disney College Program. I am currently enrolled at a community college which won't delay my graduation year if I did it. Whenever I told someone about participating in the college program, I am always asked on how would it benefit me as a music major. Are there any benefits to doing the program that can help me in my career later on? Disney is one of the companies I hope to work for in the future. I heard that you can network with people from Disney, and I think there are imagineers who work in music for the company.


Jan 30, 2009
Probably none, CP of late has been more of a 'temp worker' program for Mousekeeping, Food and Beverage, Attractions and Resort Front desk help. Now a decade ago CP much closer to an internship program+PT Job package. Now it's more like being recruited into the Disney Army where the 'Needs of the Mouse' trump your desired role selection.

I'd look into the professional internship program instead as that has you working with professionals in your line of study and that's much more likely to lead to a Disney career if the stars align for you.


SAHG: Stay At Home Grandfather
Dec 5, 2000
Are there any benefits to doing the program that can help me in my career later on?
Having Disney on your resume is an attention grabber, even if you didn't necessarily get to focus on your desired course. DD did the CP years ago, she told me that "Disney" always aroused some interest in interviews.


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