Best Place To Meet Teens in WDW?


Earning My Ears
May 12, 2013
I will be in WDW at the Saratoga Springs resort this May 15th- 21st and I was wondering where you guys have had the best luck meeting some other teens! I'm 15 and a girl and I will be going with my friend the same age as me and we want to find some people to hang around with. So where have you met people? Just at the pools, specific rides, or even specific parks? This is my first year bringing a friend and not just running around with my mom and dad!


Carrying the Banner
May 10, 2013
I just hungout around the pool and ended up talking to the girl I was in front of for the waterslide for about two hours after we went down the slide. I dont remember her name but I do remember we both told like our entire life stories...So try the pools, they sometimes have games and thats a good way to meet people.

WDW in Pearls

Monograms and Minnie Ears
May 5, 2013
I'm 26 so I'm not a teen BUT I always had the best luck at pools when I was a teen. I always met people waiting in line for the slide at the Polynesian! Occasionally I've met people at the parks but I think the pools are your best bet :)


Look Fair, Fight Dirty
May 22, 2013
Are there hot guys at Disney world?
That really depends on your luck. :p

I suggest THE QUEUES. Waiting in a long, long line can get boring. You can chat boys up then, if you like. Then, if you're feeling brave and you wouldn't be pushing someone else out of the seat/you have no one to ride with, you can ask if he wants to ride with you (works best if you both have odd numbers in your parties).

I've also the water parks are decent places to flirt, especially if you're at BB and you just happen to get a cute guy on the skilift with you. :faint:

And obviously cruises don't come around as often as going to the Parks, BUT hanging out in the teen clubs (like at the smoothie/coffee bar at the Fantasy and the Dream's Vibe) would be THE ideal place to meet people.

Note: First method I've never gotten past the first step due to time constraints/nervousness/slowly losing interest on my part. Second and third I learned I was talking to a guy a year or so younger than I was, and I tend to like more people either a year or so above me or right at my age. But dang it, they WOULD'VE worked!


Oct 30, 2013
Going to be staying at the Swan from March 14th-20th. I'm 18 and a senior in high school. What are the best spots to meet girls my age? I'm a nice guy who most people find very funny lol.


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