Best resort room(s) option for family of 6?


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Jun 25, 2019
Honestly, with the desire for 4 separate sleeping areas, it sounds like your best bet is to get a Family Suite and 2 preferred rooms at All Star Music. You’ll all be closer than at AoA, where the family aren’t near the standard rooms, and save serious cash vs a Grand Villa, which is the only real option for 4 sleeping spaces in 1 room.

They’ve started refurbishing ASMu and it’s a LOT nicer than it was.


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Jul 28, 2008
Essentially, it seems like you have at least 3 different trip experiences you want. That does make the planning tough, but not impossible.

Some things that should be considered as you plan:
  • Mom wants to avoid parks - if you book a package with Disney, Mom will have to get at least a 1 day ticket otherwise it has to be a room only option and then purchase tickets separately. I experienced this as an AP holder traveling with a non-AP holder. In order to get the lower rates on the room we had to do a package and I got a 1 day pass.
  • Pull out beds - the pull out beds at most of the resorts are still the old fashion out of the couch beds and they are rough for any length of time. If you're planning on putting Grandma on one of these make sure she's OK with that. I know when I slept on one in my 30s at SSR it was brutal and I was glad the trip was only 3 nights.
  • If Dad is hyper focused on Star Wars then it's a very early day for that day so just keep that in mind.
So based on what you've written here's my recommendations ( but they don't take a budget into consideration )
  • At Disney - if you want to be in the Disney bubble with transportation etc, then the Treehouses or one of the Grand Villas may be good for you. You'll have 2 bedrooms and with 2 queen beds and some pull out sofas/chairs. They do provide a lot of space which is a top Pro. The con is going to be price.
  • Offsite - the Wyndham Club is in the bubble but not a Disney property. Pricing here will be a Pro as well as space. They have several different types of rooms ( studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom ) which is also a plus so if Aunt and Uncle or even Grandma want their own rooms then everyone could be accommodated here. Cons - limited park buses and you'd purchase your park tickets through Disney.
  • VRBO - renting a house with it's own pool could also accommodate everyone's needs and at a lower price point than Disney. A plus is you can get a very nice size house with space and a pool. The cons here are that most are non-refundable ( so read the fine print, it's not impossible to find one you can cancel but just make sure before booking ) and no transportation to parks so you may want to get cars or plan on uber/lyft/taxi to the parks.
Another option is to book 3 rooms at a moderate or value resort - but Mom looses her kitchen that way. I'd say if you go with this option or book more than 1 room at any of resorts for option 1 or 2 above that you call direct. This way your whole party can be noted on the reservations which also increases the chances of the rooms being close.


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Nov 19, 2010
2 bedroom dedicated at Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani.

You get 1 master bedroom with king bed, one sofa bed (although I'm not so sure I would want anyone to be there) and two queen beds in another bedroom (aunt/uncle on one queen, grandma in another).

Floor plan:

It could be available for booking directly through Disney as a room-only (so if cancelled, it has to be cancelled at least 5 days prior to the trip to get the deposit back).

This is because mom sounds like she needs a kitchen.

You need a DVC villa to get a kitchen to have the organic, homemade meals for Mom.

Budget wise, though, it's a budget buster.

Have you considered Wyndham Bonnet Creek timeshare? You can usually get a good deal on those and get a 3 bedroom.



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Sep 26, 2009
Is the kitchen non-negotiable? Because the only way you’re going to get a full kitchen with room for that many people would be at one of the DVC resorts. They’re pricey to book thru Disney and someone will still probably end up with less than ideal sleeping arrangements.

I would recommend three separate rooms, with a request for two connecting rooms so grandmother can be close to the little guy. That way, if aunt and uncle decide that this trip ain’t happening for them, you’re not stuck with a huge villa for just 4 people. Single rooms can easily be canceled if need be.


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