Boardwalk Balcony Opinion - Pros and Cons


Feb 3, 2011
We where just on SOS (November 9-16)and had a Boardwalk balcony stateroom (8729).

- Amazing views of the rear of the ship and the aqua theater. We saw Hiro 4 times while sitting in our balcony. Amazing show by the way.
- Great for people watching on the boardwalk. It was entertaining watching people come zooming out from the Abyss slide.
- Get the feeling you are part of a neighborhood.

- VERY loud during events or shows in the Aqua Theater. Sometimes shows or movies ran past 11pm, and closing your state room balcony door did not help. Not great when you have an early morning excursion.
- Not much privacy. If the curtains are left open in the stateroom, there is a clear view inside.
- View partially blocked by the Abyss slide.
- Room specific for 8729 - Long trek from the elevators because its literally the last room on AFT. Also only one floor above the Boardwalk, so lot of hustling and bustling noise if balcony door is open.

Overall we liked the Boardwalk balcony. We have always had an ocean view balcony, so it was a nice change. If we were to go back on the SOS and decided to book a boardwalk balcony, we would book a higher floor and a bit away from the Aqua theater.



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Apr 8, 2015
Nice pics!

Agree with all of your comments here, aside from the Abyss as my two Boardwalk Balcony cruises were on Allure, and both were prior to the aft suites being added, so I can't offer an opinion there.

Would add that people should try and avoid booking the 14th floor boardwalk balcony as you'll hear a lot of noise from above as well.


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Jan 12, 2014
Great feedback. People often ask about a Boardwalk Balcony so great to share your experience.

We stayed in one on Symphony as well....on deck 10 about mid way front to back. I quite enjoyed the room and would have no issue booking one again (aside from the price). My DD and I were often out there people watching. We saw the Aqua show at the proper seating but did watch a few scenes from our balcony on another occasion (wouldn't recommend seeing the full show for the first time there). Also caught a few minutes of a musical act from one of the movies. Loved people watching , just getting some fresh air, and seeing the water out in the background when looking aft. We did have some noise at night...more from the movies than from the Aqua show but we were fine with ear plugs.

Have yet to try a Central Park room, but I think the Boardwalk would be more fun...and I like the fact that you can still see the water.


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