Booking 1-Bedrooms vs. Studios


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Aug 24, 2000
Serious question..

Are you guys not packing enough clothes / staying for longer trips thus needing to do laundry on vacation? The only time we "needed" to do laundry on vacation was when we didn't pack warm enough clothes and had to go buy some (and I always wash before we wear). But really, a lot of people would have just worn the clothes without washing....

I guess one other time my DH had soaking wet shoes and hadn't brought another pair, so he tried drying his shoes in the dryer (which is one reason why I don't like doing my laundry away from home - you never know what someone put in there - I know someone who owns a laundromat and YIKES!!!).

Anyway, just curious.
I love to do laundry on vacation. Really - they call me the Laundry Fairy. While everyone is at the pool at night or sleeping, I do laundry.


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Dec 22, 2015
My wife will only generally stay in suite hotel rooms when traveling with the kids for anything more than a couple of days- we like the space, the kitchen, the laundry. I also like to sleep around the resorts and after spending 6+ months researching before I bought originally, I knew 1 beds would give me that flexibility- and that aspect has worked out wonderfully. So I got twice the points really, at a cheaper resort SSR to embark on that strategy. So far I have stayed pretty much where I have wanted. So the 1 beds are all round great to us, albeit when the kids stop coming I will probably revert to studios and come for a month in winter and stay mainly at SSR.


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Mar 17, 2008
I find SSR and br much tighter. Furniture may?
Neither has oversized furniture so I don't know. We used to get a lift chair for my mother when she was with us and had it both at BWV and VWL. There wasn't anything different in fitting them into either space. Maybe you happened to have dedicated 1brs at BWV so you didn't have the connecting door but got lockoffs at VWL? Both resorts have dedicated and lockoffs for their 1brs. SSR is all lockoffs so that might be why you saw a difference. BCV has the connecting door in the hallway for their lockoffs.
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    Apr 19, 2014
    I like 1 bedroom for my wife and I. She likes to sleep in at times and with the one bed room I can get up early and go into the other room and let her sleep.


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    Aug 18, 1999
    Have only stayed in a studio at our home resort (BWV) once, maybe twice since we purchased. Always get a one bedroom for the two of us.

    Love the laundry, the jetted tub and full size refrigerator. Love that there is a separate living area available for someone who wants to get up early or stay up late. Love the TWO TVs, each with its own remote. Love all the extra space.

    The standard view BWV 1 bedrooms are a wonderful bargain, and so far there hasn't been a need to walk our early December reservations. I am not in favor of lowering the price of 1 bedrooms to relieve the pressure on studios. Might be selfish, but I am willing to pay for the easier booking.
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    Dec 22, 2007
    Both BWV and BCV will permit a fifth person in the one bedroom when booked through DVC. BUT, you have to provide your own bed (like an air bed or cot), plus sheets, towels, for the fifth person. You'd have more room in the one bedroom for five people versus the studio.
    Wish I had known this! 🤨


    Apr 5, 2019
    For my entire life we've always crammed as many people as possible in. Hotels, our homes, doesn't matter, always room for one more. For years my uncle slept in a walk in closet at Thanksgiving. I understand the instinct to squeeze in and save the points. As long as you're happy being cozy, go for it.


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    Mar 21, 2001
    We've owned 15 years now and the only time I book studios is when it is just my husband and I traveling or when it's a super short trip (like a weekend--those are few). My boys are 15 and 11 now and pretty much full size (15 year old is bigger than my DH and 11 year old is my size) and they'd hate staying in studios. Plus, I'm spoiled by the washer and dryer in the 1BRs.

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    Sep 5, 2007
    We are studio or 2 bedrooms only. We will go three adults and two tweens, who were once just 4-6 years. When we have more than 5, then we are in a 2 bedroom...and when we bring all the family, every three years, we are grand villa people at OKW (which is one of our homes, that we bought specifically for bank borrow grand villas). We have been lucky as our other two resale purchases at BCV and BRV have upgraded the studios to sleep 5. We recently purchase Riviera, again a studio that sleeps 5. Tight, yep, but we get lots more trips in by booking studios. We will never book a 1 bedroom. But that’s just our preference.

    Sorry, if I need to wash clothes I or hubby have no problem walking to the free washers for studios. I’m on vaca...I don’t cook dinner, we eat out. Breakfast and lunches work fine in a studio.


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