Brown derby not serving lunch menu?


Nov 14, 2006
My guess is it will end this weekend. Then start up as we get closer to Christmas then end again shortly after New Years. Sorry I don’t have specifics.
  • Donnainnj

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    Feb 6, 2001
    Thank you OP. I have a lunch reservation during the week before Easter. I will now figure out if I will be keeping it, or canceling. Much better to find out now that this is a real possibility. I prefer the lunch menu not only for price but the menu itself. Has anyone been to HBD at Easter time in the past couple years and been able to order lunch?


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    Jul 26, 2012
    That’s is though. It’s a choice, like you said. They don’t want to give the info.

    People are acting like it’s impossible to send out an email letting people know it’s dinner menu only. They obviously have the capability to send emails related to booking times and dates as they already do this to remind you to show up and eat at their restaurants.

    They chose not to contact people and lay it on their front line staff. It is not a crazy expectation to be contacted about major changes.
    You assume that someone in the communications department has the ability to generate dynamic mailing lists based on people's ADR times at specific restaurants and send them one off emails. You are assuming that the people that would need to craft and send these emails have the tools to do so. They likely do not, based on what other people have said about Disney's web architecture and design in the past.

    I've worked for 20 years in web and mobile product management. I can say without a doubt the emails you are referring to use a very specific template that inserts the customer's ADR information into the email, without any ability to add customization to them based on specific criteria. For example "add this block of text about a menu change to every email sent out to people with ADR's at Hollywood Brown Derby between start date and end date." Just because they have a system that sends out triggered emails with very specific content does not mean that same system can send out other kinds of notifications easily. Obviously if Disney thought it was important enough they would put such a feature on their roadmap. It sounds easy to do, but if the existing architecture is inflexible, it could actually wind up being a fairly costly project - product manager, several developers over 6-8 months, a few QA people - and you are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe a drop in the bucket for Disney, but everything is about return on investment.

    Unfortunately, Disney has de-prioritized providing the best customer experience they can because spending money on these kinds of things doesn't easily translate to financial statements and stock price increases. In any case, I'm just rambling now so that's probably enough.


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    Oct 31, 2018
    We went there for lunch on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. My wife and daughter both ordered as their entree the Cobb Salad which was on the appetizer menu but not the entree menu. Our waitress pointed out that this is a small (appetizer) size and helpfully offered to serve the large (entree) size even though that was not listed on the menu (obviously with an upcharge), which both my wife and daughter accepted.
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