Budget offsite neighborhood with amenities??


Jan 9, 2010
We are planning a trip for the end of March and originally had reservations at WBC, but we are thinking about inviting another family along and a couple extra kiddos. So now I am in search of a house/condo that will sleep 11, has a private pool, and is in a resort/neighborhood that has amenities like a waterpark (or at least a waterslide), tiki-bar, game room, etc. The kids are all aged 11 and up, so teen approved things are best. Bonus points if it is $150 or under per night!


DIS Veteran
May 19, 2016
That's easy. Check VRBO and you'll find a ton of options. The default answer here seems to be Windsor Hills or WBC, but frankly I don't find either anything special for what they cost (plus having WBC on property would be a deal breaker for me). Look along Rt. 192 and you'll have literally dozens of communities to pick from.


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