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Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2020
I am looking forward to a 4 day trip to WDW at the end of the month. I am traveling in a group of 7 and staying at Coronado Springs Resort. We are doing one day at HS on Saturday, February 29. I have followed along very closely the strategies to get a ROTR BG. However, I have not seen much about utilizing Disney’s bus transportation to get to HS in plenty of time. Many people I have followed are local and drive in. Does anyone have experience using buses to get to HS at RD? How reliable was it? How soon should I expect buses to be going to HS in the morning? HS is currently set to open at 8 am that day, but I am expecting it to change to 7 am like most of February. Thanks!


DIS Veteran
Feb 21, 2005
My DH and DD17 went to DHS for ROTR recently. They took a Lyft because they wanted to make sure they made it early enough, so I can't speak to the buses.

If the park opens at 7, I'd be at the bus stop by 5:45am at the latest.

DH said they were inside the park around 6:40am. At exactly 7am he went on the app to join a boarding group. The app was slow because so many were doing the same thing (we're assuming that's why it was slow).

At 7:02am they got boarding group 104 out of 112. Any groups after 112 were not guaranteed to ride that day, but they did wind up boarding way beyond group 112.

Once their boarding group was called they waited in line for approximately 90 minutes to ride.

May the force be with you in your quest for a boarding group!


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Oct 4, 2016
Over Christmas break, our group took the bus from All Star Music. We got to the bus stop at 5:30am, the bus arrived at Music at 5:45am, and we arrived at HS at 6am for a 7am opening. It was plenty early enough, there were massive crowds to be sure, but we were in the park around 6:45am and pulled boarding group 19. I would try and use the bus, but have the uber or lyft app ready in case it doesn't.


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Jun 13, 2001


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