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Mar 19, 2014
Hello, just looking for some heads up info into buying. I'm looking at checking it out when over there but would like to know roughly how much you need to pay upfront. Also do you get finance over there or over here? Just don't want to go in totally blindfolded lol. Any help n info would be fab ;)


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Jul 22, 2011
It it possible to buy DVC direct from Disney or resale, meaning from an owner who decided to sell his contract.
With resale you can save up to half the money for most of the resorts.
But buying resale you will loose some options to exchange points for cruises or Disney hotels. However these options are really expensive and a bad use of points, so most people think that you don't really loose anything so valuable to make you pay double the upfront cost.
There are a few brokers specialized to sell DVC resales, the most famous:


Aug 17, 2006
Have a look at they have a really good beginners guide to DVC.

Basically the upfront cost will depend on the number of points you need. Even resale you are looking at $65+ per point now.

Annual dues are around $5 per point and depend on resort.

We didn't and wouldn't finance DVC it is a luxury and I wouldn't pay interest on top. We have just broken even without financing and we bought in 2009 - so it taken 5 years. If we had financed we would still be a good couple of years away.


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Jul 13, 2005
Like Tracy says, it really isn't worth financing on it, the interest rates are horrendous. The only option for financing is through Disney, there used to be an option to finance through a UK company (GE money) but not any more.

We initially took finance because we had to buy while we were there (in Feb 2007) but didn't have the money to pay in full until October 2007. Definitely better if you can pay in full.

You need to do your research, though, it is a huge outlay and not one to be taken lightly as you have the ongoing commitment of maintenance fees. Buying resale may be the way to go but you need to understand the restrictions with that too.

In order to answer your initial question, we paid $105 per point but got an offer of a $15 per point discount, making it $90 per point. We were able to offset some of the discount to use as our deposit (meaning we financed slightly more) but all in all we ended up paying around £10K.

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Apr 13, 2002
A cheaper way to finance is a personal loan over here or if you have some equity in your house try to get an advance on the mortgage, then make over payments each month if you can. If you can't make over payments put the money to one side in an account to put into the mortgage when you remortgage.


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