Canadian Buffoon's Sweet 16 Celebration - Update 01/28 - The End

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  1. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Is the bird's skin dark
    from the roasting?
    Or is there a dark rub on it
    or both?
  2. juniorbugman

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    Aug 22, 2001
    I think it is both. There was a rub on it and we used smoke chips as well.
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    Jul 9, 2002

    It was great. I was supposed to be off to Ottawa. But I cancelled. I am really run down and sick. Plus it takes so much to get Mom all ready to travel. Worth it but still a lot. Important decision on my part. In the past I would be all "other people are going - grin and bear it Lisa - can't disappoint others ready for your turkey dinner in a different city" a la it's their trip first and foremost.

    But I thought of myself. :thumbsup2

    But get this. I still cooked. But I gave away so much food for people to take home I actually bought another turkey today. :rotfl2:Because I didn't get any extra stuffing, potatoes - beyond the meal -and apparently not enough turkey sandwiches for breakfast. I'm so ridiculous. I will wait a few weeks though.

    Hope yours was lovely.


    Are you satisfied with yourself? :laughing:



    Here's the reason I am asking. My poor niece. She has three boys and was on a day trip to this I don't what to call it - small private zoo. She is the best Mom, always with her eyes on her kids - but we all know it only takes a second. Also, it was a group of them at the zoo to give more to the picture, a la distractions.

    And her one year old was playing with a gate. And he opened it. And went in to greet the alpacas. Well he probably just loved opening a gate and could care less what was in there.
    My niece could see that the alpacas didn't see her son but of course went in immediately to get him.

    She said it was horrifying because every single time she went in all the alpacas would circle her and make noises. And it felt aggressive.

    In the meantime another mom/friend got him to come close to her and they physically pulled him over the fence, using the slats to get a grip on him.

    Familiar with Kylie cosmetics AND "Kevin Spacey is hot!". :rotfl2::rotfl::rotfl2: Man you become more and more interesting, year after year.

    All contests are contests to see who's really better! :drinking1:thumbsup2

    Hence my frustration for constantly making poor choices AND not being able to keep up. Contests are for winning.
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  5. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    mmmmm! Sounds delish!
    Was it?
  6. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you start feeling better soon.


    Sometimes you have to take
    care of yourself first.
    You can't help others
    if you're too run down

    You didn't!!!

    Well... those are good reasons.

    Very good reasons.

    It was! :)

    Being a family board,
    I can't discuss how
    I may or may not
    satisfy myself.

    No! :eek:

    Yes. I totally agree with that.

    Hoo boy!
    No amount of panic
    was seen that day,
    I'm sure.

    Normal is boring.

    So you didn't buy that, huh?

    Then competitive people
    should make sure they
    answer all the bonus questions.

    Just sayin'.

  7. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Ride 'em Cowgirl

    I'd had no idea how long
    we might be at the petting zoo.
    I didn't want to rush Kay.

    At all.

    After all, it was the whole
    reason for the trip!

    As a result, when we left
    at one pm, we had nothing
    else planned for the day.

    There was something that
    I was interested in seeing, though.

    The Desert Botanical Garden.
    (Right now, many of you are cheering.)

    I like two types of gardens.
    First and foremost, Japanese.
    But secondly
    (admittedly, a distant second)
    I like cacti.

    A guy like I, can like cacti, aye?
    (A slight breach of etiquette.
    As a Canadian, I should say "eh".)

    I mentioned it to Kay
    who said exactly
    what I suspect most
    teens would say.


    Stuff to do... take two!
    (Right now, many of you are groaning.)

    I had grabbed a tourist
    brochure at the airport
    and quickly thumbed through it.

    "How about this? It may not work,
    but we can swing by and check?"

    And that she was very excited to do.

    So we set out.

    But first...
    A quick pit stop at Safeway
    where I grabbed myself a Coke,
    and Kay hit up Starbucks
    for a peach green tea lemonade.
    She also nabbed an egg salad
    sandwich from the deli.

    (Riiiiight about now,
    75% of you are going, "D'oh!")

    Once the kid was fed and watered,
    we headed out for the wild west.



    I pulled over for this next shot.
    Like I said. I like cacti.
    I guess, being from the North,
    I'm not used to seeing them,
    so there's a certain... fascination.


    We eventually got to the place
    listed in the brochure.
    The OK Corral stables!


    Where is everybody?

    The place looked inhabited,
    but... you'd think a business
    would have... signs?

    A UPS truck pulled up and delivered
    a package to one of the few buildings
    that were on site.
    I decided that I might as well try there.
    We got out of our car
    and a woman exited from another building
    and started to walk towards us.

    I was pleased to see she didn't have
    a six shooter strapped to her hip.
    (I'm sure she had a knife
    in her boot, though,
    just in case.)

    "Can I help you?" She asked.
    "We're looking for the OK Corral stables."
    I replied.

    Apparently, this used to be where it was,
    but they'd relocated.
    She wasn't impressed that
    the brochure I had from the airport
    (A current one, not an old one)
    was less than accurate.

    She was very nice, though.
    She called the stables
    and asked if they had room
    for two riders.
    (They did!)
    She gave us proper directions
    and we headed back out.
    Luckily, it was only a few
    minutes away.

    Now this is more like it!


    Either that,
    or those are the strangest
    cows I've ever seen.

    We walked into the office where Ron,
    an honest to goodness cowboy,
    greeted us.

    He had a six shooter
    on his hip.
    Kay was amazed
    "Dad! Did you see he has a gun???"
    It may very well have been the
    first gun she's ever seen.

    Outside of a TV or movie.

    Heck... it's one of a very few
    that I've seen!

    After signing the inevitable waivers,
    we moseyed over to the barn.
    (It's a western. You mosey in westerns.
    Sashaying is for them city-folk.)

    We met the other two people who
    would make up our group
    and then waited while the
    hired hands rounded up
    a passel of horses.

    Kay's horse was called Bilko,
    while I rode Beau Soleil,
    (French for beautiful sun.
    I think they thought it
    was spelled "Beautiful Son".)
    or Bo for short.


    Bo knows horse riding.
    (Bonus if you get the reference.
    Or not. Just let me know.)

    We headed out with Tammy,
    our guide, leading the way.


    She was very informative
    and entertaining.
    I was impressed with how
    she rode side saddle so she
    could talk to us.

    I really enjoyed her stories
    and her knowledge.


    Eventually, she got tired of riding
    side saddle... so she just turned
    around... and rode backwards!


    Her horse knew where to go
    and every now and then
    he would just stop.
    She'd look around and say
    "Oh, right, we're supposed
    to stop here so I can tell you about..."

    The horse... knew when to stop...



    As we rode, Tammy would
    point out various plant species.
    She made sure that we knew
    not to touch anything.
    Or in her words,
    "Everything in the desert will...
    Stick you, prick you, slice you or bite you."

    I didn't have to be told twice.

    Not like one unfortunate tourist.
    (From an earlier ride.)
    There's a cactus called a
    Teddy Bear cactus.
    It looks soft.
    But that's because it's covered
    in thousands of needles.

    This tourist decided that
    'Teddy Bear' sounded nice.
    So she petted a branch.

    It took Tammy over an hour
    to get all the needles out.



    Now all this land is beautiful and,
    like any place, will change
    depending on the season.

    Apparently, one time,
    when things were mostly brown,
    one woman (whom Tammy would only
    refer to as "from the East Coast")
    told her that they should
    fire their landscaper.


    We stopped for a bit
    and Tammy asked if anyone
    wanted their photo taken.
    I happily handed her my camera.
    Unhappily for you,
    you have to look at a photo of moi.


    Sorry about your eyes.
    They'll grow back.

    We did see some cacti
    with bullet holes in them
    from back in the Wild West days.
    It was an interesting
    reminder of days gone by.

    After about an hour,
    we returned to the stables
    and shakily, wobbily,
    descended from our mounts.

    I am definitely not a cowboy.
    Besides, I don't own a six shooter.

    I think that's a prerequisite.

    We stopped back into the
    office/gift shop and Kay
    picked out some rocks
    for a friend.

    A desert rose


    and a Royston turquoise.


    (Thanks Google!)

    After we had tamed
    (and rode!)
    our savage beasts
    and stopped walking funny...


    We were ready to call it a day.

    Ha! No we weren't.
    It was still early.

    We had passed a tourist trap
    on the way to the stables
    and Kay wanted to see it.
    Sure! Why not.
    We're not in a rush.

    So we went to Goldfield,
    an honest to goodness
    Old West Ghost Town!

    Which had burned down
    and been rebuilt in the 70s...


    There wasn't a whole
    heck of a lot to see.
    A few buildings.
    A few shops selling
    mostly tourist crap...
    And that was about it.
    We were in and out
    in fifteen minutes.


    That's right...
    Fix your shorts.
    You don't want them
    around your ankles.
    You're not a rapper,
    for Pete's sakes.


    Hmmm... Mostly men in that photo.


    I noticed a plaque
    on the church...


    Seems fairly straightforward.


    I did spy these:


    But for whatever reason,
    didn't get one.

    Stupid, I know.

    I mean....
    Bacon? And pop???
    How could I not???

    I don't know either.

    Do I make it sound like stopping
    in Goldfield was a waste of time?
    Well... I suppose it sort of was.
    But then again,
    it was kind of fun to poke around.

    If you're driving by and you have
    time to kill, then by all means,
    pop in to check it out.


    Not so much.

    Okay now we've had enough.

    Well... I did have one pit stop
    before we checked in to our
    next hotel.

    We stopped at a Harley Davidson
    so I could grab a poker chip
    and possibly a T-shirt.


    It was closed.


    Open Sunday until 4pm.
    It's... 4:15.

    Dang it! Goldfield cost me a chip!

    Guess that gives me an excuse
    to go back. :)

    Not long after, we checked into
    the Hilton Phoenix Airport.
    Sorry, no photos of the exterior.
    I did take one in the morning,
    but I'll post it in the next update.

    Our room for the night:


    Hey look!
    Towel animals.
    Remember those?



    Once we got all settled in...
    It was time to get out!

    We were both hungry
    and I knew a place
    that I thought would be fun.


    Organ Stop Pizza is...

    Sure, they have pizza
    and other stuff
    that's decidedly bad for you
    (but oh, so good to eat!)


    (And before you ask,
    the pizza was good!
    The onion rings, just ok.)

    But the real star of the show
    is the organ.

    And what an organ!
    The organ sits in a large hall.
    The entire hall is one big
    musical instrument.

    Take a look at the photo below.
    Lower center you can see
    a fairly elaborate organ
    (and organist.)

    But look around.
    There's a player piano to the right,
    Several xylophones on the ceiling.
    Drums along the wall.
    And pipes, well, everywhere.


    The big pipes were on the wall behind us.


    When they blew...
    You knew it!

    As the organist played,
    the organ would spin slowly.
    First to the right, then to the left.

    He started with the national anthems
    for both USA and Canada
    (which surprised me a little.
    But then again, there are so
    many Canadians who flee
    the cold to Arizona...)

    He then would chat
    and take some (written) requests.

    He told an interesting story
    of when he was a sophomore
    (That's grade ten apparently,
    for my non US readers.)
    he met and had lunch with...
    Duke Ellington!
    Holy crap!
    I was pretty impressed.

    If you don't know who that is,
    1. Oh, to be young again.
    2. Think... big, like... Lady Gaga.
    3. You need to expand your
    musical horizons.

    After a few more songs
    and a few more stories,
    he played a medley of
    Star Wars tunes
    and, as the organ spun,
    it slowly descended
    out of sight.

    One of the most bizarre,
    yet entertaining,
    meals I've had in a while.

    On our way out, Kay asked
    if I had any change.

    "Why?" I asked.
    "I want to play pinball." She said.

    "Wanna see who can get
    the higher score?" I asked.

    She nodded yes.

    A few minutes later,
    Kay: 841,440
    pkondz: 1,583,000

    We walked out with
    me humming
    "Pinball Wizard".


    (And if you don't recognize that...
    I feel sorry for you. :snooty:)

    There was just one last thing to do today.
    Since we were staying at
    an airport hotel (with shuttle)
    I decided to drop the car off
    instead of keeping it
    (for no reason) for another day.

    We zipped over to National

    Poop. I forgot to fill the tank.
    They charged me $15 for five gallons.

    Oh, well. Could've been worse.

    Public lesson, listen up!
    If you rent a car
    and decide to "take advantage"
    of their fuel option....

    Yes, the gas they'll charge you
    is cheaper than down the street.


    If you bring the car in with,
    oh... say, half a tank of gas...

    They'll still charge you
    for an entire tank.

    Save your money.

    Car returned...
    I just had to call the hotel
    and have the shuttle come pick us up.

    Which is problematic
    when you don't have a phone
    that works in the States.
    (At least that problem's
    been rectified now!)

    I marched up to the National
    desk, where a customer
    was standing, not looking
    overly happy about something.

    Well.... too bad.
    I asked if I could cut in front
    of him just for a second
    and asked the National rep
    to call the hotel for us.
    He did and not long after,
    we were back in our room.

    The end of a very full
    and very satisfying day.

    Well... except for the poker chip.
    And the gas.

    But other than that!
    Not too shabby.


    Answers to previous questions:

    1. We stop for a snack.
    Tuna salad, egg salad or chicken salad sandwich?
    Answer: Egg salad - 10 points.

    2. What do we do next?
    Rafting, horseback riding, ATV ride?
    Answer: Horseback riding - 15 points.

    3. There are only a few people
    on that activity (not including guide).
    How many?
    4, 6 or 8?
    Answer: 4 - 10 points.

    4. What does Kay purchase
    in the inevitable gift shop?
    Rocks, postcards, fridge magnet?
    Answer: Rocks - 10 points.

    5. What tourist trap do we stop at?
    Hint: Consider where we are.
    Answer: Ghost town - 20 points.
    (Half points for OK Corral.)

    6. How long are we there?
    10-20 minutes,
    30-45 minutes,
    60-90 minutes?
    Answer: 10-20 minutes - 15 points.

    7. We go to a Harley store.
    What do I get?
    Nothing, poker chip, chip and T-shirt?
    Answer: Nothing - 15 points.

    8. What do we have for dinner?
    Mexican, pizza, burgers?
    Answer: Pizza - 10 points.

    9. What classic arcade game
    does Kay challenge me to?
    Answer: Pinball - 20 points.

    10. We return the rental car.
    What do I forget to do first?
    Answer: Gas - 10 points.

    rndmr2 - tuna, atv, 6, postcard, zoo, 90, chip & shirt, Mexican, pac man, gas, cute, saw it - 30 points.
    Chrystmasangel - chicken, atv, 4, postcard, grand canyon, 90, chip & shirt, Mexican, space invaders, gas, egg, cute, saw it - 50 points.
    MeghanEmily - chicken, horse, 4, magnet, bigfoot, 30, poker chip, pizza, pinball, gas, cute - 70 points.
    franandaj - chicken, horse, 4, postcard, museum, 90, poker chip, Mexican, pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw him - 55 points.
    orangecats2 - cute - 10 points.
    CyndiLouWho - chicken, horse, 4, rocks, Indian res, 90, chip & shirt, burgers, pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 75 points.
    Kiotzu - egg, atv, 4, rock, grand canyon, 30, chip & shirt, Mexican, street fighter, passes, cute - 40 points.
    afwdwfan - tuna, horse, 6, postcard, garden, 60, chip, pizza, frogger, bags, emu, cute - 45 points.
    Curiouser&curiouser! - egg, horse, 6, post card, grand canyon, 30, chip & shirt, burgers, pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 55 points.
    Canadian Harmony - chicken, horse, 8, magnet, grand canyon, 60, t-shirt, Mexican, space invaders, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 55 points.
    Crashbeckycoot - chicken, horse, 4, rocks, garden, 30, chip & shirt, burgers, space invaders, gas, saw it - 55 points.
    Mac Brew - chicken, atv, 6, rocks, grand canyon, 90, chip & shirt, Mexican, ping pong, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 50 points.
    Steppesister - chicken, horse, 4, postcards, rock shop, 30, poker chip, pizza, air hockey, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 75 points.
    juniorbugman - chicken, atv, 4, rocks, garden, 90, chip & shirt, burger, pacman, camera, emu, cute, saw it - 50 points.
    vamassey1 - chicken, atv, 6, postcard, garden, 90, chip & shirt, Mexican, pinball, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 60 points.
    Captain_Oblivious - egg, horse, 4, postcard, castle, 20, poker chip, Mexican, pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 90 points.
    QueenJen - chicken, atv, 8, postcard, grand canyon, 90, chip & shirt, pizza, ms pacman, phone, emu, cute, saw it - 40 points.
    Princess Leia - chicken, horse, 4, rocks, garden, 90, poker chip, Mexican, pacman, ipod, emu, cute, saw it - 65 points.
    Mrs T 2009 - egg, horse, 6, postcard, garden, 30, poker chip, pizza, pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 75 points.
    Terra Nova guy - tuna, horse, 6, rocks, OK corral (half points), 30, poker chip, pizza, pinball, gas - 75 points.
    mustinjourney - chicken, horse, 6, postcard, garden, 90, chip & shirt, pizza, ms pac man, gas, emu, cute, saw it - 65 points.
    lisaviolet - egg, horse, 4, rocks, grand canyon, 10, nothing, Mexican, pinball, gas, what you thought - 115 points. (high score)
    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - chicken, horse, 4, magnet, ghost, 10, chip & shirt, Mexican, pac man, gas, emu, cute - 80 points.
    DonnaBeeGood - egg, rafting, 6, magnet, castle, 90, chip & shirt, Mexican, pac man, keys, emu, cute, saw it - 40 points.

    Did you see it?
    (Marvin lurking behind the bushes
    in the first photo) - 10 points.

    Also bonus points for:
    1. Emu egg - 10 points.
    2. Cute or not - 10 points.

    As usual, if I've made any mistakes,
    either above or below, let me know.

    Captain_Oblivious - 260
    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - 255
    CyndiLouWho - 230
    Steppesister - 230
    MeghanEmily - 225
    mustinjourney - 225
    QueenJen - 225
    Chrystmasangel - 220
    vamassey1 - 220
    Mac Brew - 215
    Princess Leia - 210
    Terra Nova guy - 210
    franandaj - 205
    juniorbugman - 205
    Mrs T 2009 - 205
    rndmr2 - 195
    Curiouser&curiouser! - 180
    DonnaBeeGood - 175
    Kiotzu - 150
    Canadian Harmony - 140
    natebenma - 135
    chunkymonkey - 125
    SoccerDogWithEars - 125
    afwdwfan - 115
    lisaviolet - 115
    orangecats2 - 80
    cindianne320 - 50
    Crashbeckycoot - 55
    Jaina - 55
    irene_dsc - 10

    Questions next round

    1. We have an early flight.
    So.... what time do we get up?

    2. Security.
    Fast? Slow? Average?

    3. Flight.
    On time? Delayed?

    4. LA. Harley Davidson attempt #2.
    Nothing? Poker chip? Chip & T-shirt?

    5. Which way to the beach?
    We go to one.
    Santa Monica? Venice? Hermosa?

    6. Which Marvel character
    (that Kay's in love with)
    do we see?
    Iron man? Thor? Wolverine?

    7. We go for burgers. Where?
    In-N-Out? Shake shack? Slater's 50/50?

    8. We see the Hollywood sign.
    How long do we spend looking?
    about: (pick the closest)
    1-5 seconds? 1-5 minutes? 1-5 hours?

    9. What's for dinner?
    Mexican? Burgers? Chinese?

    10. We told Kay we'd pay for
    one souvenir. What does she get?
    Clothes? Books? Candy?

    Bonus: Did you see it?
    PM your guess.
    Posting will result in deductions.

    Coming up: LA, here we come!

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  8. QueenJen

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    Sep 2, 2012
    I thought that as soon as I read it. :laughing:

    I must look into this - sounds like a great stocking stuffer gadget.

    Animals are smart. My dog counts - he knows precisely how many goodies he should get at bedtime.

    5:15 a.m.


    On time - I mean you do have the VIP transportation pass.

    Poker chip

    Santa Monica


    Slaters 50/50

    1-5 seconds



    TBD - and my fall from the top was swift that last round

    MAGICFOR2 Condimentessa

    Nov 29, 2005
    Well, looks like a perfectly Arizona day! You did all of the right stuff, except a jeep tour through the desert is pretty cool. I thought Kay might buy the little skeleton chachki that states, "it's a dry heat." :rotfl2:
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  10. DonnaBeeGood

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Yup. Football reference. But I googled to make sure. Wasn't that around the time of Battle of the Stars?

    Pics or it didn't happen, right? Man, I remember my horse shaped bruise from my attempts at horseback riding. My horse's name was Leona. She was not slim. I am not flexible. Bad combination. But I still have my cowboy boots! (At least I got a pair of boots out of my enthusiasm.)

    I'm glad you didn't!




    Chip & T-shirt (maybe if I guess the same thing each time I'll get it right once?)



    Shake shack

    1 - 5 minutes


  11. MeghanEmily

    MeghanEmily DIS Veteran

    Apr 21, 2016
    Omg, me too! This would be so cool!

    I guess it's the same way I facepalm whenever someone excitedly asks me if I've ever seen a real-live moose., and you don't want to. They're huge, and if Mama has a baby then you'd better be viewing from AFAR... But I get giddy for palms and cacti. Grass (or succulent) is always greener!

    Oh, naturally.

    Ahh yes, of course.

    I don't want to comment on this and give it away or anything...but was this not from an old Nike ad? Did I make that up?

    WOAH! Obviously a real cowgirl...or secret royalty.
    Riding side saddle is suuuuper hard.

    This is so cool! I remember riding an old and stubborn horse for my lessons for a couple years before switching horses, and she had been ridden for lessons for so long that she could predict exactly the patterns that the teacher would ask you to do, so she would do them without you actually asking her to. It made it super easy to look like you knew what you were doing...until you had to ask her to do something unexpected and were met with an adamant NO.

    NO! Dumb tourist!
    We had a tiny tiny one of these in my grandmother's house and I was terrified of it. It looked so soft. It was not.

    ajfdnksjnhfi;erw neroignrejbwwf grekbj

    ...Sorry. I had trouble responding to that without my eyes for a minute.

    I grew up in the church—looks about right to me!

    NO!! I was so sure I had this one in the bag! Tricky!

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I'd luuurrrve this. #MusicMajor

    Did you get to meet the player piano player...piano...player...piano...player?



    NO. No way! Woah!

    Did they also hang with Ella on the weekends? Meet Bird Parker for coffee? Ya know, nbd.

    Well you obviously much be either deafer, dumber, or blinder than Kay. Hmm...I wonder which one...


    1. 4:30am
    2. Fast
    3. Delayed
    4. Chip and T-shirt (in over-compensation for the previous HD attempt)
    5. Venice
    6. Wolverine
    7. Shake Shack
    8. Seconds
    9. Chinese
    10. Books
  12. Mrs T 2009

    Mrs T 2009 disney-addicted supermomma!

    Jun 24, 2010

    NOPE! They're too smelly. I mean, I am a woman in a house of males... that's enough smell without adding to it! hahaha

    Hope you do! could also add some brown sugar to it, if the maple syrup isn't making it sweet enough.
  13. Canadian Harmony

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Of COURSE Bo Knows! He knows baseball too!

    I've been on a bazillion trail rides. Horses stop because they've also been on that trail ride a bazillion times. Nice looking horses though. I had a tradition where I would go riding when we were in San Diego. There's a place right by the border, so I'd go there, then take the trolley back up to town before hitting Kansas City BBQ and then Horton Centre before returning to the ship. I'd actually try to get a ride in wherever the ship would go - Hawaii was a great ride!

    I guess that deaf, dumb, and blind kid DOES know how to play pinball!

    1. We have an early flight.
    So.... what time do we get up?

    2. Security.
    Fast? Slow? Average?

    3. Flight.
    On time? Delayed?
    On time

    4. LA. Harley Davidson attempt #2.
    Nothing? Poker chip? Chip & T-shirt?
    Chip & T-shirt

    5. Which way to the beach? (imagine me flexing my bicep and pointing ----> that way!)
    We go to one.
    Santa Monica? Venice? Hermosa?
    Venice - watch the boys work out! Well... that's what I'd do. Heh

    6. Which Marvel character
    (who Kay's in love with)
    do we see?
    Iron man? Thor? Wolverine?
    Thor. Yummmmm

    7. We go for burgers. Where?
    In-N-Out? Shake shack? Slater's 50/50?
    In-N-Out! Yummmmm

    8. We see the Hollywood sign.
    How long do we spend looking?
    about: (pick the closest)
    1-5 seconds? 1-5 minutes? 1-5 hours?
    1-5 seconds. Meh.

    9. What's for dinner?
    Mexican? Burgers? Chinese?
    Mexican. You had burgers for lunch.

    10. We told Kay we'd pay for
    one souvenir. What does she get?
    Clothes? Books? Candy?

    Bonus: Did you see it? I think so. PM on its way.
    PM your guess.
    Posting will result in deductions.
  14. Curiouser&curiouser!

    Curiouser&curiouser! DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2010
    Great update!

    Oh Teens, they never pick what you suggest first. I am not looking forward to that phase with my boys.

    A passel of horses sounds wrong. I googled it. It appears to be correct. But ti still sounds wrong.

    Bo knows horse riding . . . nope, don't get it.

    Love the guide and riding backwards! And the horse knowing when to stop! Too funny!

    The ghost town, which obviously not worth going out of the way for does look really fun!

    Um, that organ is crazy! Talk about a dinner show!

    No idea who Duke Ellington is. Or Pinball Wizard either. Between that and Bo I should probably just go now. **Backs slowly out of the TR**

    And my guesses!
    1. 7am
    2. Fast
    3. On time
    4. Chip
    5. Venice
    6. Thor
    7. Shake shack
    8. 1-5 minutes
    9. Chinese
    10. Books

    And nope. Didn't see it. Went back twice. Still nothing! Oh well!
  15. Mrs T 2009

    Mrs T 2009 disney-addicted supermomma!

    Jun 24, 2010
    1. 6:45am

    2. Fast

    3. On time

    4. Poker chip

    5. Venice

    6. Thor

    7. Shake shack
    I want to say In-N-Out, but compared to Shake Shack, I like SS better. I LOVE boat burgers, but I know you have no idea what I'm referring to. lol

    8. 1-5 minutes

    9. Chinese

    10. Clothes

    Bonus: Did you see it?
    NO :( I normally get it the first time through, but this time I'm totally not finding anything :( Makes me so sad.

    and no, I don't know how bo knows horse riding. or what that references. at all.
  16. pooh'smate

    pooh'smate Stuck in the Middle

    Jan 22, 2005
    Following along and was pretty surprised to see Superstition in your pictures and then I realized where Ok is. My parents winter place is in Apache Junction and they have a great view of the mountain from their house.
  17. Mac Brew

    Mac Brew DIS Veteran

    Mar 2, 2012
    Hi Pkondz
    Looks like you had a nice relaxing time doing the tourist thing in the Arazona desert area.The horse ride among the cactuses looked a fun way to spend a couple of hours. I didn't get the referance to Bo he just could be the cowboy that never made it across the pond. Your ghost town sure had a lot of people wandering in it. Not many dressed like cowboys though everyone in your photos looked like tourists. As i am away for the weekend I thought I beter get my reply in here is my guesses for the latest round of the competition

    1:- You get up at 05:00 hrs for your flight
    2:- Security was slow
    3:- Flight was delayed
    4:- Chip and t-shirt.
    5:- Go for Venice beach.
    6:- Thor for your charictor spot
    7:- In-N-Out for your burger
    8:- 1 to 5 seconds for the holiwood sign
    9:- Mexican for the food.
    10:- Clothes for the souvenir.

    I think I seen something so sent a pm but I am not convinced that I seen it right. But in the end it will be worth a go if it is in fact right that I did see it .
  18. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007

    I really liked it!
    You put the probe in,
    and close the oven door
    on the metal, braided cord.
    That attaches to a display
    that you can put on a nearby counter
    or on the handle, or just let dangle.
    It in turn transmits to another sensor.

    I carried that into the bedroom
    so I could lie down for a few minutes
    (my back was really hurting.)
    It was nice to have it with me
    so I knew just when to start
    other dishes.


    I like snacks too.
    But I'm not so smart
    if I eat too many
    at bedtime.

    All noted!

    Still tied for 5th!
    And... got it!
  19. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    It was!

    I wasn't even aware of that option!
    Must remember for next time.

    Love that!
  20. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Welllll.... sort of a football reference.
    But not quite.



    I blame the horse.
    What kind of a name
    is "Leona" for a horse.

    A fat horse! That's what!

    Share a picture
    of your boots!

    You've tried it?
    The thought turns you off?

    All noted!
    Got your PM, too!
  21. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007

    I've actually only seen one.
    And from the safety of
    my Dad's van.
    I've seen musk ox
    (in the distance)
    And that's rare.

    Green is better than... white.

    I'm glad you understand.

    It is!

    She was very comfortable
    in the saddle.
    She talked about riding
    for weeks from Texas
    to Montana.
    (I think that's where it was..
    Loooong way, anyways.)

    I can just see that!
    The horse turning to look
    at you and...
    "You're kidding right?
    Not gonna happen."

    Be afraid...
    Be very afraid.

    Sorry about that.
    It's why I try to post
    as few photos of myself
    as possible.

    The chance of permanent
    scarring is real.


    I do that some times. :rolleyes:

    It was sooo cool!
    Yes! You'd love it!

    We didn't get to meet... uh... the guy.
    He disappeared into the floor!

    Oh, you know.
    Same ol', same ol'.


    All noted!
    MeghanEmily likes this.

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