Canadian Buffoon's Sweet 16 Celebration - Update 01/28 - The End

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  1. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    I thought that was Vegas?
    You mean I can do
    whatever I want at Disney too???

    Wait... I already do.

    Correct, I would say.

    Wait... she did a return concert.
    Is that the one you meant?
    Or the one with the bombing?

    Nails in the floor and walls, huh?

    Fake trees don't fall over.
    Unless you have rare or expensive
    glass ornaments.

    They take their safety pretty
    seriously, so they wouldn't
    mess with them.


    Got it!
  2. DonnaBeeGood

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Awww, great pictures and I appreciate being able to tag along on your reports. Can't participate in the contest at the moment as I have started off the New Year with a broken arm, ugh. Was walking the dogs on NYE and tripped over an extension cord that was across a sidewalk plugging in someone's truck. On the upside, I did not let the dogs go, and had my cell phone with me so I could call and let DH know where I was laying down. Although the dogs tried to help, stepping on the arm and licking my face was not as helpful as they hoped, but was encouraging, lol. It's a chip and crack, so hopefully back to work in 6 weeks, unless the ortho consult comes back differently.
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  4. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Hi Donna!
    Haven't seen you since last year!


    Oh, no!
    I'm sorry to hear that. :(

    I know that a lot of people
    here have been getting
    tickets for doing that.

    Must be illegal there too?

    ::yes:: Dogs are very helpful.
    Or at least they think they are.

    Hopefully it heals quickly! :hug:
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  5. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Fair warning!

    Next update posting is imminent!
    If you haven't gotten your
    contest guesses in
    then you better get on it!
  6. Terra Nova guy

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Yikes! Playing catch up at work after my digital diet over the holidays. Just in time for the contest I guess.... I didn't notice. But after a while, it's like one of those things that you don't really pay attention to, like asking hey, did you notice the sky is blue or hey, did you notice that rain is wet?

    Honestly yes, I know who she is. Currently a singer but I couldn't name a single one of her songs and I don't listen to her. I know her more from the Nickelodeon TV show "Sam & Kat" which was a spin off/mash up of "iCarly" and another Nickelodeon show that she was in first but I can't remember the name of...something that rhymes with delicious..ridiculous...I don't know. I could Google, but you know...
    Did I mention I have a 10 year old who discovered about 18 seasons of all these shows on Netflix last year and binged watched for weeks. Yeah. Fun.

    1. 10:00
    2. 90 minutes
    3. two hours

    It's like a multiple choice quiz...answer B to everything and eventually you'll get something right....
  7. DonnaBeeGood

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Yup, illegal here too. Ticket has been issued. The question is will it heal enough for my hoped for trip to DW in March?!? :scared:
  8. franandaj

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    Nov 15, 2009
    I got mine in....right?
  9. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    I saw that,
    over on the Dad's thread.

    And.... good for you!



    I'll give you that one!

    I'm pretty much the same.
    "You know who Ariana Grande is?"
    "Name one of her songs."
    "She's a singer?"

    I remember one (or both)
    of my DDs used to watch iCarly.

    But that's as far as I go.

    My condolences.

    Got your PM too.

    Now I have to change
    my strategy!
  10. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Although that doesn't
    help your arm any.


    I hope so.
    But you can still go
    even if your arm isn't healed.
    Just, no swinging from vines
    like Tarzan.
  11. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Just for fun, I should say "no".
    I could compare your answers. :laughing:

    But you did. :)
  12. Princess Leia

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    Feb 15, 2011

    I don't know just trying to get to bed at a sensible hour after my first day back at work and I spot this! OK then I'll take my warning!

    I did but I would be far too polite to say.

    Yes I know without googling who Ariana Grande is...don't you know she's big!

    Ok seeing as I'm British I'm going bbc.


    Well it's bedtime now but I'll be back bright and early in the morning.

  13. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Heed my warnings!!!


    Aww... Aren't you nice!

    But deep down,
    you want to say:
    "pkondz... you're stupid."

    She's put on a few kilos, huh?

    :laughing: Okay! Noted!

    Nighty night!
    (Got your PM, too. :))
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  14. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    This Ship Has Sailed

    Before we begin,
    a little real life update.

    A few weeks ago,
    one of my readers
    (you know who you are.
    I won't identify you,
    but feel free to identify yourself.)
    asked me for my address.

    Considering the quality
    of writing that I put out here,
    you can understand
    that I hesitated quite a bit
    before giving it out.
    But in a moment of weakness, I did.

    "Finally! I can put a stop to this horror!!"
    The askee said.

    A few days... weeks?... later,
    I received a package in the mail.

    Not willing to risk life and limb,
    I had one of the kids open it for me.

    Once she called out the all clear,
    I greedily grabbed the contents
    out of her grubby hands
    to see what loot had been bestowed
    upon me.


    A Marvin the Martian poseable figure
    and a penguin Pez dispenser.
    (Pez included. Sweet!... literally.)
    Marvin is obvious,
    but the penguin is less so.

    On the DISdads board,
    there's a running gag about
    penguins and Canadians.

    When I thanked the sender,
    I was told:
    "Penguin? I thought it was another Marvin!"

    So there's that.

    Either way, the gift was appreciated! :goodvibes
    Thank you very much!!

    I'm thinking that might be the last I receive, though.
    Considering the price to ship the contents
    was approximately five times that of the gift.

    And now... on with the show!


    The morning dawned...
    and quickly raced towards noon.

    Today we were doing something
    that I thought Kay might be interested in.

    When I presented it to her as an option,
    she quickly agreed that she'd like to do it.

    But first...

    Did you know there's a Harley Davidson
    just a five minute drive
    from where we were staying?

    I'd been thwarted a few times
    on this trip already.
    But today I was going to prevail!

    I got up and dressed
    and told Kay I'd be back
    in a few minutes.
    I couldn't take too long,
    as what we were doing did have
    a time dependent component.

    The drive over to Garden Walk,
    an outdoor mall, was quick and painless.

    I parked the car in the parkade and
    headed over to the elevator.
    My head swiveled back and forth.
    I was looking for signs...
    any signs....
    Like "This way to the mall".

    Or "Exit".

    Or.... anything.

    I entered the elevator and
    either went up or down a floor.
    There was nothing to indicate
    where the mall might be.
    No "Mall" floor.
    Just... numbers.

    A man got on and looked at me.
    He could see that I was looking out
    trying to decide if I should get off or not.

    I asked him "Where's the mall?"
    "What are you looking for?" He asked.
    "The Harley store." I answered.

    Now this stranger, whom I'd just met,
    not only told me which floor to get out on,
    (which just happened to be the floor that
    I'd been on.)
    but also walked me to the parking exit,
    and then to the escalator,
    with directions that the store
    was "just to the left"
    at the bottom of the escalator.


    There are in fact,
    decent people in the world.

    I arrived at the Harley store and........

    Of course.
    It didn't open until 11:00.
    And we'd have to be gone
    before that.

    Dejected and rejected
    once again,
    I returned to the car
    and drove back to the hotel.

    By now, Kay was ready to go.
    We piled back into the car
    and headed out.

    Today we were going to visit
    the historic Queen Mary,
    which just happens to be
    permanently moored
    in Long Beach.

    The Queen Mary belonged to the
    famed Cunard-White Star line
    and sailed from 1936 - 1967.

    Cunard was founded by a Canadian
    in 1839 (Samuel Cunard) who built
    ships such as the Mauretania
    and her famous sister ship the Lusitania.

    In 1933, during the Great Depression,
    both Cunard and White Star (Titanic)
    were struggling.
    The British government agreed to
    loan Cunard money to complete
    the Queen Mary provided it merge
    with White Star.

    There were two tours that I thought
    might interest Kay.
    A Glory Days Historical Tour
    or a Haunted Encounters tour.
    I let her chose, and she picked
    the historical tour.

    I booked the tour for March 31st
    and paid the non-refundable fee in full.

    It took a little longer than I expected
    to arrive at the dock.
    We were late.
    If we didn't hurry, we might miss our tour!

    We parked the car and I hurried
    towards the idle ship.
    I glanced back and Kay was lagging behind.
    "Come on, Kay!" I said.
    "We have to pick up the pace
    or we're going to miss our tour!"

    Perhaps the early mornings or
    maybe the long days had taken their toll.
    Kay snapped back.
    "I can't go faster. You're ruining this trip!"
    I started to tell her that I had let her pick the time,
    (12:15pm) and the tour, but shut my mouth.
    I silently counted to ten.
    Then I did it again in French.
    Then German.
    "Okay." I said. "We'll get there when we get there
    and hope for the best."

    I suddenly found myself with time
    to take a photo as we leisurely
    strolled towards the ship.


    Once on board, we ascended in a tiny
    elevator to an upper deck
    and proceeded towards the tour desk.

    We were late, but still had arrived
    prior to the tour start time.
    I crossed my fingers
    and hoped for the best.


    I walked up to the desk and
    handed my ticket receipt
    over to the young lady sitting there.

    She looked at it for a moment and said.
    "When did you buy these tickets?"

    Uh, oh. That can't ever be a good
    question can it?

    I told her I wasn't sure.
    "Maybe a month or two earlier?"

    She informed me that there was no tour
    at that time.
    She apologized and told me we could either
    take the Haunted tour that started in
    an hour, or the Historical tour
    that started in an hour and a half.

    I turned to Kay.
    "What do you want?"
    "I dunno."
    "Well, it's your birthday trip. You can pick."
    "No, you pick."
    "Well, would you rather go on the earlier
    tour or the later tour?"
    "I dunno."
    "Well, pick one."
    "No. You pick."
    "Do you want the Haunted tour?"
    "Doesn't matter."
    "How about the Historical tour?"
    "Doesn't matter!"
    "Well, the Historical tour
    is the one you originally picked.
    So do you want to do that one?"
    "I don't care. Sure."

    Well... That was only intensely painful.

    The woman told me to be back
    before the tour started
    and invited us to explore the ship
    to our hearts' content in the meantime.

    We headed to the front of the ship.
    There was an area that was obviously
    off limits to guests.
    I went in anyways.
    If they really wanted to keep us out,
    they would've posted a "Keep Out" sign
    or locked the doors, right?


    Glad we went in, it was the nicest part
    of the ship.
    (although we were shooed out
    fairly quickly.)

    We exited on the port side and
    wandered down a hall.
    A sitting room was on display
    as it might have been,
    back in the day.


    We continued to wander the ship,
    climbing and descending decks
    as the whim took us.


    On one deck, I leaned out
    and fell to the waters far below.

    No... wait.

    I leaned out and spotted
    another tourist attraction.
    A Russian diesel-electric submarine.
    It was commissioned in 1971
    and ran until 1994.
    It was sold to Australian businessmen
    who displayed it until 1998 and then
    moved it to Long Beach.

    Admit it.
    You were hoping I really had
    fallen in the water, weren't you.
    Bonus points if you say
    whether you were or not.


    We continued to wander the ship.
    I'm not sure if this dining room
    was laid out for formal events
    or was part of the on-board restaurant.


    Our view of Long Beach from an upper deck:


    While the ship is no longer sea-worthy
    (All boilers and one engine have been
    removed. And the fuel tanks are filled
    with mud to stabilize the ship.)
    it was never more evident
    than when viewing the state
    of its life boats.


    I took this next shot as an
    homage to my late MIL.
    She used to be a switchboard
    operator at a local hospital.


    On one of the decks, this gazebo stood out.
    We descended to the next deck
    and as I looked back up,
    I stopped Kay.
    "Watch." I said.
    I pointed out a middle-age couple.
    They were talking intently.
    Suddenly, the man dropped
    to one knee and held up
    something small in his hand.

    I assume she said "yes" as they
    were soon embracing.
    Grinning, we left the lovers
    to their happy event.
    As we passed out of sight,
    I gave the man a "thumbs up" :thumbsup2
    Grinning, he returned the gesture.


    We descended below decks
    and entered the infirmary.
    It was certainly interesting.
    There was a list of all the people
    who had died on board over the years.
    Most seemed to be from falls,
    if I recall correctly.


    As we were poking around,
    the Haunted tour happened
    to arrive.
    We listened in for a bit.
    Kay said. "I wanted to do the Haunted tour.
    But you wouldn't let me!"

    I silently counted to ten.
    Then I did it again in French.
    Then German.
    Then Japanese.

    I don't speak Japanese.
    But I tried to anyways.

    The upshot is I didn't kill her.
    I didn't want to be responsible
    for yet another ghost
    haunting the Queen Mary.
    But it was a close thing.

    Plus.... witnesses.

    Wander... Wander.... Wander...
    We came across an area
    that showed some of the
    more famous luminaries
    to have graced the Queen's decks.

    For bonus points,
    how many do you recognize?
    (Without Googling.)
    Or, if the list is shorter,
    how many did you not recognize?










    I was particularly pleased
    to spot this distinguished gentleman.



    Continued next post
  15. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Continued from previous post

    We wandered yet lower and
    entered the engine room.


    Lots of pipes and stuff.
    That's about as technical
    as I get.

    We passed through a hatch
    and were surprised to
    find layouts of the different
    classes of accommodations
    that were found on board
    during the ship's heydays.

    How does one get up there???




    After this point, it was getting closer
    to the time for our tour.
    "Dad?" Kay asked.
    "Is it okay if we skip the tour?
    I think I've seen enough already."

    Truth be told, I didn't mind.
    Yes, I'd already paid for the tour
    but I too had seen enough
    and didn't feel a great need
    to see it all again, with commentary.

    We stopped to think what we should do.
    It was only around 2pm. Still early.
    And yet... we were both also starving.
    Early in the day, but late for lunch.
    (And I honestly don't remember
    if we'd had anything to eat yet.)

    I mentioned to Kay that just across
    from us was the Aquarium of the Pacific.
    "They'll almost certainly have a cafeteria
    or restaurant of some kind there." I reasoned.

    Kay was all for it.
    We set out and arrived
    not long afterwards.
    We parked in the parkade and...

    "Hey!" I said.
    "I recognize this place!"

    Indeed, I'd seen it on TV once a year
    for many years now.
    It was the location for the Indycar's
    Long Beach Grand Prix.

    I had recognized the fountain,
    shown (blurrily) in the photo below.


    The Long Beach Grand Prix is the longest running
    major street race held in North America.
    It's first race was in 1975.
    And I've probably been watching since the '80s.

    Right then and there,
    I decided that I had to come back,
    to see the race live.
    And that's just what I'll be doing
    this coming April. :)
    I've seen Indy races in Toronto,
    Edmonton and the big one,
    the Indianapolis 500 (twice!)

    We crossed the street
    and walked over to the aquarium.
    I'm not going to describe
    all the critters we saw.
    But I will provide you
    with a handy guide
    so you can identify them


    But first... food!
    Um... first... pay admission!
    Okay... now food!
    I asked where the restaurant
    was located and we were
    pointed in the right direction.

    It would not have been a good thing
    to find out there was no food available.

    We got to the restaurant
    and there were awards posted
    on all available surfaces.
    "First place! World's slowest restaurant!"
    "Grand prize! Turtle award for slowness!"
    "Governor's Tardiness award!"
    And the like.

    This didn't look good.

    There were several lines,
    depending on what type
    of food you wanted.
    The pasta line was the longest
    so I was thrilled when Kay picked
    the shortest line.
    I don't even remember what it
    was for.
    Soups and sammies, I think.

    There were only three or four
    people in front of us.
    It only took them about
    20 minutes to be served.


    We (eventually) got our food and dove in.
    (Diving board included in price.)

    Wanna see photos of the food????
    Yeah... I didn't take any.
    But I can tell you what we had!!

    I mean, I could... if I'd taken notes.
    That ship has sailed.

    After lunch, we explored the
    various areas of the aquarium.

    Some sample shots:

    "Hey! Bub! C'mere! Wanna buy a used shell?"

    I never trust crustaceans.
    For bonus points,
    tell me why you don't.
    (Or if you do.)




    We wandered outside
    and looked at the formal chickens
    for a bit.


    Opposite from the formal chickens
    was an open pool.
    People were looking into it
    but we didn't see anything at first.
    Soon enough, though,
    a head bobbed briefly at the surface
    before disappearing once more.

    We watched them for a bit,
    but couldn't see much.

    We descended some steps
    and found an area
    where you could view them
    from below.


    We spent quite a bit of time
    just watching their torpedo
    shapes glide effortlessly
    to and fro.


    They look really cute, too.
    Kind of like submarine puppies.


    Not sure if you've seen the following.
    (*Warning* The following is a little bit graphic
    and did actually happen. Be assured, however
    that everyone was fine in the end.)


    After spending more time with the seals,
    I wondered if there weren't perhaps
    some dolphins too.
    I asked but was told that dolphin
    conservation wasn't the aquarium's porpoise.

    We wandered amongst the exhibits and
    just happened to come across a show
    that was just starting.
    It was about some sort of aquatic mammal.
    I didn't know if Kay wanted to watch,
    but she said that she felt like we otter,
    so we did.


    It was a cute show where they
    basically played "fetch" with them.

    By then we'd seen most
    of the aquarium
    and started to head towards
    the exit.

    We popped into one final gallery
    and looked at different types
    of jellyfish floating serenely.




    And with that...
    after only about an hour...
    we were done.

    I'll leave you with one last shot
    on our way out.


    We headed back to the hotel.
    I had something really big planned!

    Wanna know what it is?????
    Sure you do!

    Well, you're still reading,
    Unless you click off right now,
    you're gonna find...




    Guess I shouldn't have
    mentioned that.

    Well, you're still here,
    even if everyone else left.

    The big plans for the night?

    N O T H I N G !

    We'd been going pretty much
    non-stop for days
    and tonight was a recharge night.
    Just... relax and do... zip.

    Kay was pretty much done.
    I was okay, but quite willing
    to let her chill for an evening.

    Besides, the poor child had
    been away from the internet
    for sooooo long!!!


    Well, being the artful hypocrite that I am,
    I figured I'd pop online too for a bit.


    Looks like Fran, Alison and Liesa
    are heading out to Trader Sam's tonight.


    They reluctantly acquiesce to my constant
    barrage of begging them to let me join them.


    I told Kay that if she got hungry,
    to just order room service
    and have it charged to the room.

    And I was outta there!

    On the 10 minute walk
    to Trader Sam's,
    the three ladies apparently
    laid bets on what I might order.

    Trader Sam's has an extensive menu.
    Lots of different specialty drinks.

    And they all have rum.
    Which pkondz does not drink.

    Well, there is one that doesn't have rum.
    It has coconut.

    pkondz does not do coconut.


    He does however, occasionally
    refer to himself in the third person.
    He's a bit on an idiot, that way.

    I don't remember exactly what
    I ordered.
    I think it was the other drink
    that had neither coconut, nor rum.

    When it arrived, I took one sip
    and promptly passed it over to Alison.

    Or is that "was prompted by Alison to pass it over"?

    I ordered a glass of wine instead
    and was much happier as a result.

    Alison was much happier too.
    She got an extra drink out of the deal.

    We sat and chatted and had a really nice time.
    Well, I had a nice time.
    The others were kind enough to tolerate my presence.
    And, nope! No photos.

    I enjoyed the company of my companions
    and put my TR hat away for the night.

    And that's where I'm going to leave off for now,
    with the four of us having a really nice time.

    Riiiiiiiight about now, you're feeling like this:


    You made it through all the drivel!
    Ahhhh.... crap. Still have the contest
    to slog through.



    For those of you who
    had trouble "seeing it":


    Had a frog in my throat.


    Okay, if you missed this one,
    I can't help you.
    At all.

    Saw 1, 20 points
    Saw 2, 50 points

    Answers to previous questions:
    1. We see an attraction.
    What time do we arrive?
    a. 9:00
    b. 10:00
    c. 11:00
    d. 12:00
    Answer: D - 12:00 - 30 points.

    2. How long are we there?
    a. 60 minutes.
    b. 90 minutes.
    c. 120 minutes.
    d. 150 minutes.
    Answer: C - 120 minutes - 30 points.

    3. We go to a second attraction.
    How long do we stay?
    a. one hour
    b. two hours
    c. three hours
    d. four hours
    Answer: A - one hour - 30 points.

    MeghanEmily – B, C, B, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 140 points.
    Mrs T 2009 - B, B, A, Grande, saw both - 110 points.
    franandaj - C, B, B, Grande, saw both - 80 points
    rndmr2 - B, B, C, Grande, saw both - 80 points.
    Canadian Harmony - B, A, B, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 110 points.
    Captain_Oblivious - B, C, B, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 140 points.
    Steppesister - C, A, B, thinks I'm stupid, saw both - 80 points.
    juniorbugman - B, C, B, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 140 points.
    Terra Nova guy - B, B, B, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 110 points.
    Princess Leia - B, B, C, thinks I'm stupid, Grande, saw both - 110 points.

    Bonus points:
    Did you notice how stupid I was? - 30 points.

    Know Ariana Grande? - 30 points.

    As usual, if I've made any mistakes,
    either above or below, let me know.


    Steppesister - 875
    MeghanEmily - 845
    Captain_Oblivious - 840
    franandaj - 785
    juniorbugman - 775
    rndmr2 - 710
    Terra Nova guy - 690
    Mrs T 2009 - 655
    Princess Leia - 650
    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - 600
    mustinjourney - 580
    Canadian Harmony - 570
    CyndiLouWho - 555
    vamassey1 - 555
    Mac Brew - 510
    QueenJen - 505
    Chrystmasangel - 495
    DonnaBeeGood - 480
    afwdwfan - 410
    Kiotzu - 370
    natebenma - 325
    lisaviolet - 295
    Curiouser&curiouser! - 245
    chunkymonkey - 125
    SoccerDogWithEars - 125
    Crashbeckycoot - 105
    orangecats2 - 80
    cindianne320 - 60
    queenbetsey - 60
    Jaina - 55
    cinderkelly - 10
    irene_dsc - 10
    MAGICFOR2 - 10

    Questions next round:
    1. Okay. Last try.
    Do I manage to get
    to an open Harley Store?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. Just give up for God's sake!
    d. Other. 'Cause there has to be an other.

    2. What does Kay discover?
    a. A small cat living outside our room.
    b. Proof she saw Ariana Grande.
    c. That she no longer gets car sick.
    d. That Santa really is real.

    3. We go see an attraction. Which?
    a. Hollywood sign
    b. Santa Monica pier
    c. La Brea Tar Pits
    d. Hollywood Bowl

    4. How long does it take to get there?
    a. One hour
    b. Two hours
    c. Three hours
    d. We never get there.

    5. What time is our flight out
    the next day?
    a. 8:30
    b. 9:30
    c. 10:30
    d. 11:30

    6. We have a connection.
    Where is it?
    a. Vancouver
    b. Calgary
    c. Edmonton
    d. Minneapolis

    7. How long is the lay-over?
    a. 1-2 hours
    b. 2-3 hours
    c. 3-4 hours
    d. 4-5 hours

    8. What time do we get home?
    a. 10:30pm
    b. 11:30pm
    c. 12:30am
    d. 1:30am

    Bonus: Did you see it?
    All of them?
    (Hint: Less than 5)

    PM your guess.
    Posting will result in deductions.

    Coming up: The end.

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  16. DonnaBeeGood

    DonnaBeeGood I'm All About The Princesses!

    Aug 3, 2014
    Lol, I only trust crustaceans if they're in a hot crustacean band! Kudos to you for being a flexible supportive Dad, and look at how that has made you multi-lingual!
  17. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    And you gave me 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Har har.

    Solid plan. I use that one, too.

    I can kinda see the resemblance.

    :faint: I don't know when exactly Canada became Siberia.

    I'm shocked!

    Shocked it was so far from you, anyway. You usually plan those things better.

    And then he asked you for a tip.

    Just kidding. Glad you could find a kind-hearted soul.

    These Harley stores have really weird hours.

    I'd forgotten that was out there. Cool attraction!

    I feel like that non-refundable part is going to come back to bite you.

    Oh my. 12:15! You are such a slave driver.

    Um...why did you sell it to me, then?

    :headache: :sad2:

    This sounds like having a conversation with Drew.

    "Do you want waffles or a Pop Tart for breakfast?"
    "Um...I want a Pop Tart."

    (opens wrapper, toasts Pop Tart)

    "NO! I want waffles!"

    Such a rebel.

    Cool. Looks like it's seen better days, though.

    That looks like it would be painful/fatal. I would never, ever wish injury on anyone.

    But if I knew you'd be ok? Absolutely! Comedy gold!

    Neat. I bet that was a busy job.




    Probably a good call. But I know the temptation was there.

    All 10 of them! I could tell you about any of them, much better than I could Ariana Grande.

    Oh....crap. I think I'm old.

    Whoozits and Whatsits galore!

    I have no idea. But I guarantee Drew could find a way.

    Actually, I can see that. It's not that hard to figure out what each room is. You basically paid for admission.

    Nice! Hope it's a great time.

    :rotfl2::rotfl2: That's just awesome.

    Well, hey, they warned you. It's on you if you ate there after that.

    Man, that's worse than the DMV.


    Not at all. I'm with Jim Gaffigan--they move side-to-side, all shifty, like, "Oh, crap--I owe that guy money!"

    Did you want to go diving?

    I do remember seeing that when it happened.

    That's it. I want my money back!

    At first, I thought you had edited this to be a bunch of Marvin helmets floating around. Then I had to go back and scrutinize it carefully to make sure I could make that comment here.



    Wait. I meant to say this: :sad2:

    No wonder she was so cranky that day.

    A night of good company!:woohoo:

    The benefit of having a self-sufficient teenager.

    So...Coke it is.

    I agree with him. You. Whatever.

    She seems to score those quite a bit! She's a pro. :rotfl:

    Closing the gap!

    The way this trip has gone, I have to go with d. Other.

    Kay attracts furry creatures like I attract PB&J sandwiches. I'll go with a.

    La Brea Tar Pits.

    Two hours.



    3-4 hours.

    12:30 a.m.

    I'll get back to you!
  18. Canadian Harmony

    Canadian Harmony DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2015
    That does not bode well.

    Oh no she din't!

    You're a goooooood Dad. Srsly.

    Yup, not good.

    You, sir, have the patience of a saint. I would have killed my kid and been writing from prison.

    [B][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 255)][B][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 255)] [COLOR=#ff0000]Yes, part of me was. The other part was hoping you dropped your glasses cuz that's something I'd do.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B]

    [B][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 255)][B][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 255)][B][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 255)] [COLOR=#ff0000]Please, Lord, let me have your strength when my kids hit 16.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B]

    They can be bought off... Don't ask me how I know...

    I recognized them ALL, thankyouverymuch! Cary Grant is dreamy, and Mae West can wear a pair of shoes!

    The pipes are for fuel and water. The more you know...

    WAS it a hatch - up and down - or a door - on the same plane? Hatches usually go up and down with a ladder to get you up or down it. The more you know...

    Very carefully. I know, I'm so helpful! All those years sailing for the Navy really made me smrt.

    That is VERY cool!



    Weeell, I find that they're just shells of their former selves, and are very s(h)elfish. Plus, I've seen Moana.

    Did you know this happened over by my neck o' the woods? And people say that living by the ocean isn't dangerous. Pfft.

    Hey! Stinger Death Blobs!




    I'm rootin' for ya!

    YES! PM on the way

  19. rndmr2

    rndmr2 DIS Veteran

    May 3, 2009
    Nice update, sounded like a great day!

    Sorry you missed the original tour but it does look like you saw a lot of the ship.

    I, for one, was glad you didn't fall overboard

    Such a sweet story!

    So cool to see this! I recognized all the people.

    I have slept in the upper bunk on cruise ships before, (I was never a fan of having to climb the ladder) but I would be afraid of one on chains like that.

    I saw that back when it happened, crazy!

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018

    MAGICFOR2 Condimentessa

    Nov 29, 2005
    Thanks, as you can see, I've been away again. Hope yours was as well. Had a great time with the parents, and then Jim was here over New Years so it we extended our Christmas with the kiddos here. Very nice, hard to be back at work again.

    Happy New Year!
  21. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007

    See a lot of those, do you?

    Good point!
    I should tell her to tick me off more often!
    Think how many languages
    I'll learn!!!

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