D23 2019 UPDATE 1/22 Day 2 D23 Haunted Mansion 50th Panel


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Sep 7, 2007
I had also wanted to do the Simpsons meet and greet signing. After my experience from the previous day, I decided not to bother getting into the standby line.

With food in hand we attempted to enter the Haunted Mansion 50th line up.

The gold member line was closed so we got in the regular standby line. We were a few rows back. But right next to the Expo Center Stage. We got to see a little bit of the Expo Show. Ashley Eckstein was there!!! and they were recapping some of the day's events.


After that show ended, we were treated to a rendition of Mickey's Disco Dance Party.



I mean, it was something for people to do that didn't require an advance pass. But I did not enjoy it a lot. There was music and a couple paid dancers who tried to pull audience members up on stage to dance. Not many takers.

Anyway, the lines started to load. All the standby people were very upset because the pass line was supposed to close 5 minutes before the show start. After that, the ticket stated no one would be admitted. Of course, this didn't happen and the standby line sadly and nervously watched as pass holders kept being admitted and streaming past us as the panel started.

We were afraid we'd be shut out, but they finally stopped the pass line and allowed the standby to load. It turns out the upper levels all had a lot of space. I think we had one CM in particular to thank. As my line walked in we could hear a volunteer tell her that they weren't loading any more guests. Our CM said take them to the upper levels, there is plenty of space. They continued to load hundreds more people and saved the day.

We missed about the first ten minutes of the panel but it was still super interesting.


Imagineers showed how to do some of the illusions from the attraction which was really cool. Lots of fog and laser effects.


X Attencio's granddaughter spoke about him and his influence on the attraction. They had 2 jungle cruise skippers do a walkthrough with jokes on the HM, I really liked that because I love the JC. I believe that is available on youtube now. Yep. Watch the link below if you always yearned for a mash up of the Haunted Mansion with the Jungle Cruise.

Then they did a script reading of the attraction narration with the tightrope walker (a costumed character), X's granddaughter, and the muppet Uncle Deadly.


Yep, Uncle Deadly the muppet. Never know what you're gonna get at the D23 expo folks. Never a dull moment.

After the expo I heard a lot of people didn't like this panel, but I thought it was very good.



The panel was over around 1:30 so we decided this was a great time to wander the show floor.
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    Sep 7, 2007
    It was time to walk the floor.

    We made our first stop at the Marvel costume exhibit.

    Bucky is one of my favs.


    And fat Thor:


    Scar Jo is tiny.


    Loki with my tessercat toy dangling in front of him


    I liked Valkyrie a lot.


    We saw some of the daily parade going by but were too far back to really see anything of substance.


    Some sweet costumes:


    We met up with some other flight suit Carol Danvers and had to grab a group pic:


    I forgot to mention that I had the Tessercat toy that our friend made for us. Since Goose in Capt Marvel ended up swallowing the Tesseract, we thought I should have it as a cat toy. It lights up and everything, it's pretty sweet.

    We tried to walk the vendor booth area, but it was sickeningly hot over there with no air flow. Before I had to leave, we saw the Tiki Birds on exhibit from one of the auction house vendors:



    At this time we also tried to get standby for Ashley Eckstein signing but it was full. What a surprise.


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    Jun 22, 2012
    I am bummed that I missed the HM panel. However, I think I was just tired and hungry and gave up looking much for you guys. Plus, the people manning the lines were getting really rude and yelling at people to leave the area, both the gold line area and the standby line area. Also, people kept pushing to get into both areas. I saw people getting pushed in and then pushed back by people already in line. Luckily, I found something tasty to eat and got to eat some of it in peace and quiet, until they kicked me out of my spot, which turned out to be a photo op. I went back to the room, grabbed my Galaxy's Edge purchases, and went to Fed Ex to mail them home. Then I took an early shower and rested, since we were going to be staying up late that night and getting up early.
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