D23 2019 UPDATE 2/2 D23 Day 3 Complete: Costume Exhibit, Art of Disney Storytelling and Character Voices


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Feb 20, 2011
The balcony at Club 33, overlooking New Orleans Square, is such a special spot! 💗
@soniam The Cliff Dweller had ice pellets, so for sure drinking it second with a delay caused the watered down taste. I don’t drink, so I loved it. 😂


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Sep 7, 2007
What an amazing experience! The food looks amazing. I hope to one day have the chance to dine there.

Can't wait to read your D23 stuff!
I've been trying to rush through to get to the D23 stuff but I'm just too long winded hahahaha. The proble was we had the majority of our DL days before D23, then just did half a day on Monday after the expo.

I'm getting there! Slowly but surely.

Club 33 - How fun! Oh right, I was there! Glad we could invite you along - a big thank you to our member friend - who prefers to remain anonymous - for letting us invite a guest. We really appreciated all your advice on D23 and I know you made our 3 days a lot smoother than it would've been otherwise, so very happy to do this as a "thank you"!

This was my third time in the Club - once with the Backstage Magic tour and only the second as a guest of a member - but as I said to you, every time I feel like this could be my last so I really like to savor it - I don't mind if it takes 3 hours - and the time really flew by. The food is really wonderful, it's definitely gourmet. I agree I don't know the best way to describe the flavors, but it was all really good. I'll probably not get to Club 33 day for a few weeks on my TR - I still think I'm on Day 1 and this is Day 4 for us. Are you going to share the merch you bought as well?
I'm excited to see what you'll write about the experience!

Yeah, I posted the picture of Gelatoni modeling the ears after you had posted this.

I guess that is the problem with my type of trip report writing, I just write mine directly into here, so I post as I write. I end up with time gaps in between the posts even though it's one continuous stream of thought. DISboards only lets me put 10 pictures per post :( No matter what size I make them.

Looks amazing! I should have packed something a little nice :sad2:
I know :(

I got the Yub Nub, which came in the Endor mug on the left, and the Cliff Dweller, which came in the Porg mug on the right. I mainly bought these for the mugs, which were much appreciated by my husband and son, who had to stay home. The Yub Nub is alcoholic. It was good, kind of like a Mai Tai; however, it wasn't very strong in alcohol or flavor. The Cliff Dweller was non-alcoholic. I did mostly drink it second, so maybe it had watered down a lot. However, it did taste pretty weak and watered down. It mainly tasted like watered down ginger ale with maybe a very slight hint of citrus. I don't remember tasting coconut or the hibiscus grenadine :( I think it would have been had it not been mostly water. In fact, both drinks and every visit I had at Oga's, the drinks had way too much ice. The ice was watering down the drinks, and it made it hard to hold the glass/mug. Also, I really wanted to get the mugs ASAP, in case they ran out. So, I felt compelled, not by the good power though, to drink as much of them as possible, and as quickly as possible, in case they kicked us out for exceeding our time. I kept getting a brain freeze. We were never actually pressured on time though. I would like to try the Yub Nub again but drink it more slowly. They gave me new mugs in boxes, each in a paper bag. They also put 2 of each style of coaster in the bags.
I am pretty sure I'm getting the Yub Nub in October, so I'll let you know if I was disappointed.

Oh yeah, I should take pictures of the coasters! I thought they were really cool.

For me, the time limit wasn't going to be an issue. Like I said, not a big stander, I like to sit. So the lack of seating is probably a good way to get people to move along.

The balcony at Club 33, overlooking New Orleans Square, is such a special spot! 💗
Very pretty. That whole area was so nice.
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    Nov 9, 2012
    Really enjoyed your report so far! Hoping you have the chance to write up the rest of your trip:-).

    I too had the Jet Juice and was disappointed it was so small. It was on the strong side, so I sipped very slowly. My DD got the Porg mug drink and she let me try it--I could really taste the coconut & tropical flavours.
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    Feb 24, 2017
    How did I completely miss that you started a TR??

    Well I'm here now and I'm loving it, especially the Club 33 recap. Bless you for taking so many photos so I can live vicariously through them!


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    Sep 7, 2007
    Sorry everyone! We schedule way too many trips in the fall. But the holidays are the best times to travel to Disney! We just got back from a fantastic HHN/Disney trip where we hung out a lot with @soniam and some other friends. Looking at you @yulilin3 and other people who don't post on here anymore.

    We have a very merrytime cruise in a couple weeks. I am going to try to work on this a lot more before we leave.

    Really enjoyed your report so far! Hoping you have the chance to write up the rest of your trip:-).

    I too had the Jet Juice and was disappointed it was so small. It was on the strong side, so I sipped very slowly. My DD got the Porg mug drink and she let me try it--I could really taste the coconut & tropical flavours.
    We went to WDW the first week of October and I got the nice Ewok mug. Still haven't got the Porg one. I just loved the Ewok one, looks like something the Ewoks would have made themselves (apparently, I don't think they are very sophisticated artists).

    Please Ma'am, I want some more!
    View attachment 446248
    Please tell me there's more to come!
    It's coming!

    She was busy keeping me in line at Universal a few weeks ago. I guess she hasn't recovered yet :rotfl2:
    Nope. Too many vacations. Which is not a bad thing. But next year, I might want to schedule stuff in between March-August. Instead of cramming things into 3 months.

    How did I completely miss that you started a TR??

    Well I'm here now and I'm loving it, especially the Club 33 recap. Bless you for taking so many photos so I can live vicariously through them!
    That's ok, I am terrible keeping up with yours :( It was so much easier when I didn't do that much at work. Now I have to work more and DIS less.


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    Sep 7, 2007
    Happy Thanksgiving all!! Let's talk about August.

    Thursday morning, to be exact. One day until D23.

    We had our EMH today.

    We did our best to make it to Peter Pan right away.


    We ended up with about a 20 minute wait. I really don't mind longer waits so long as you're always moving (yes, that was a dig at FP).

    I usually try to do Peter Pan at the end of the park day, but that wouldn't work this trip so we just waited.

    Next up with Pinocchio and Snow White in quick succession. I am a bit worried about what they'll do to Snow White with the updates.


    And can't forget this drunken fellow:


    Next up we went to Alice, which didn't have a long wait at all. This has got to be the snootiest of the ride vehicles at any Disney park:


    The parks were incredibly empty, just like the previous days, so we about walked onto Matterhorn.


    I really do miss these days at DL. Such a dream to visit an empty park. Next up we headed to IASW. It was such an early hour, it was only 8:30 am at this time.


    Yay generic school!


    Next up was Hyperspace, my favorite. @soniam is on there too, just hidden behind Brian's head. We used a maxpass because I'd decided I wanted to buy it at least one day for the photopass pics in Galaxy's Edge.

    I miss that ride. I still kind of think it's a better Star Wars ride than Smuggler's Run. That music is just awesome.


    Then it was time for Star Tours. It was barely 9 am at this time. Geez, I'm jealous of my past self.

    Next up was time for some special beignets and mint juleps.


    I think I prefer the original Mint Julep.



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    Sep 7, 2007
    Our other friend, Emily, arrived at this time. Whole gangs getting back together! That's what D23 has kind of turned into. In 2017 we had a reunion pic with our ABD Backstage Magic group (unplanned beforehand) and we had about 20 of us there. It's just a place to meet up with your Disney loving friends you've met throughout the years.

    After beignets, we hopped onto HM.

    I wonder if these birds ganged up on the cat and that's how they all ended up there. An epic battle.


    Time for Galaxy's Edge!!!


    We passed Rey coming and I grabbed her for a pic. Not physically grab, don't touch the talent, people.


    Time for a ronto wrap:


    I love these things! A bit spicey, perhaps, but Brian has been sneaking chiles and spices into my food for years so I have a pretty good immunity.

    I forget what this was, but nobody cared for it:


    I also took a pic of my water so it wouldn't feel left out:


    I kind of like this pic, though it isn't traditionally good:


    So it was time for Hyperspace again, naturally.

    We had a good time running around and looking in gift shops. We all love Star Wars, so it was good times.



    No one was a big fan. Give me frozen butterbeer any day!

    The Imperial officer in the picture below was giving us some grief.


    We had got another maxpass for Hyperspace so we headed over by way of stage coach:

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    Sep 7, 2007

    Then I got absolutely owned by the Wicked Queen. She was walking by and I asked if I could get a picture.

    She asked me if that was how I said hello. Chastised.

    We made some fastpasses for DCA, so we headed over there.


    Time for Soarin! This was the original Soarin, so we were all pretty ecstatic. Still a better attraction than Soarin Over the World.

    We took the long way walking over to Lamplight Lounge. We had a very early Lamplight Lounge dinner and our 5th friend, Lori, was also joining us.




    We got a bunch of appetizers and shared around:



    Dinner was delicious and we finished it off by sharing a cookie num num.





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    Sep 7, 2007
    After that 4 of us had fastpasses for GOTG.



    We headed back to DL and took the train around.


    We had another Oga's reservation.

    I didn't take many pictures because we were just chatting a lot and having fun.

    After that, we did the single rider for Smuggler's. I had to get a picture with my Rebels Force Owl.


    Emily took off to get some sleep and the rest of us decided to hang out and watch the fireworks from the Falcon.

    Chewie ended up showing up a few mintues before they started and he ran around greeting people.


    Chewie notwithstanding, I thought fireworks from here were spectacular. Of course you can't hear the music, but the location can't be beat.





    The parks were open for a while longer, but we all agreed that we needed to head back since the first day of D23 would dawn very early the next morning.

    It had been a very fun, successful day. I was a bit sad we couldn't stay longer, but D23 was calling!


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    Jun 22, 2012
    I heard the best description of blue and green milk, watered down latex paint :rotfl2:


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    Feb 24, 2017
    I am a bit worried about what they'll do to Snow White with the updates.
    I'm a nice blend of worried and excited. I think they could do some wonderful stuff but I just hope they keep the essence of it.

    This has got to be the snootiest of the ride vehicles at any Disney park:
    He is absolutely disgusted at the thought of you using him as transportation.

    Yay generic school!
    Go sports!

    I wonder if these birds ganged up on the cat and that's how they all ended up there. An epic battle.
    I kind of like this pic, though it isn't traditionally good:
    Really cool shot!

    She asked me if that was how I said hello. Chastised.
    Oh dang, burrrned.

    Those fireworks photos looked awesome from SWGE!


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    Sep 7, 2007
    Friday August 23:

    4 hours 37 minutes of sleep. Not terrible for a D23 night.

    So I've pasted the Friday D23 schedule below. The Center Stage were activities that anyone could walk up to and attend that was located in a corner of the convention center space.

    Hall D23 is the largest space that seats about 6800. The D23 Expo Arena is a bowl shaped arena with floor seating and stadium seating of 3 levels, that seats about less than 6800 but I'm unsure of the amount. Stage 28 and the Archives stage were both smaller stages located upstairs on the second level of the convention space.

    The panels that were on our must see list were: Music and Sounds of Galaxy's Edge, Vader Immortal, Disney+ showcase and In Search of the Swiss Family Treehouse.




    We were awake around 4 am so that we could arrive right at 5 am. There was not a huge line outside like 2017. Instead, we went right through security and were directed to line up in the old familiar concrete freezing basement. Our friend who arrived at 5:15 was led into a new, carpeted waiting area which was probably much warmer than ours.



    One of the big controversies of D23 2019 was the security line. Last minute, social media told everyone that chairs would not be allowed. A lot of people got them in on Friday, but not the other two days. Some people didn't get them in on Friday, and some people got them in on every day. We didn't even bother bringing ours because we didn't want to lose them.

    We just had some blankets to sit on.

    We got into the show floor queue since we weren't interested in the Legends Ceremony. We weren't really that far back in line. I think we only had to spend an hour or so down there then they started to move us upstairs. We were lined up in front of the show room doors and it was a much nicer wait. Much warmer. We discussed our strategy while we waited.

    Our friend Sonia was going to take off for the Mickey's of Glendale store. Brian was going to head for the Music Emporium to get tickets to meet Anthony Gonzalez (voice of Coco's Miguel). And I was going to head to various places to ask how they were handling standby lines if you didn't get a talent/stage pass.


    Right around 9 they opened the doors. I appreciate how they did it, they held everyone back while they got every door opened.


    We were finally unleashed and we all took off!

    It was kind of funny, I was absolutely the only person headed toward the extreme right and the talent/autograph central. I think basically everyone else ran to the stores. I guess I could have tried for some stuff to hawk on ebay, but the thought of fighting those crowds just to buy a doll to resell on ebay makes me physically ill.

    We all had our phones in our hands and were communicating as we went.

    So I headed off on my lonesome to the extreme right corner and the talent central. I asked a few employees/volunteers what the procedure would be if you didn't get a talent pass. I was basically told that there would be a standby, but the standby would only be let in if the talent pass didn't show up. That didn't sound reassuring at all. So yeah...I guess there technically was a standby so they didn't lie when they told those of us who lost out any talent pass/stage pass/store pass. But it sucked. I had wanted to meet Disney Broadway talent at 10:30 am.

    Then I headed off for the Marvel Pavilion. I was the only guest inside and I think the workers seemed confused to see me. I found someone who looked relatively in charge of things and asked about standby. I was told there would be no standby for signings, those who didn't get a pass were out of luck. There would be standing room for the talks they were doing.


    So after feeling like I struck out twice and wasted the crucial opening minutes of the expo, I headed to the Music Emporium to meet up with Brian. He was almost to the front of the line. After a few minutes we were led to the register. We got two meet and greets with Anthony Gonzalez. One was for us and one for Brian's sister Stephanie. Instead of wristbands this year, they scanned our badge and put the 2 meet and greet tickets on there. We ended up purchasing 2 Coco records and we also got the Tiki Birds record that was released at D23.



    Brian ended up only having to wait 15 minutes in the Music Emporium line, so at least that worked out.
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    Sep 7, 2007
    We weren't sure what to do at this point, the convention floor was still pretty empty. We wandered back past Marvel and decided to walk up and get the giveaway. They were scanning your badge at the counter. I'm glad that we did this now because there was a large line for the rest of the convention.


    I think we did pretty well, Brian got a Marvel water bottle and I got a baby Groot funko Pop. We saw a lot of people later get things like fidget spinners or stickers. I ended up trading my baby Groot to my friend Lori. She really liked him and I'm not a big funko collector so I happily took her Hawkeye in exchange.

    The Marvel prize giveaway was one of the better parts of the expo floor for me. You had to scan your badge and everyone got a chance to get something, not just those lucky few able to get passes with the online system. Good job Marvel.

    I'm running around the apartment taking pictures of our purchases, I think the water bottle is in use currently and is in the car. It is freezing, I'm not going to the garage so if you were just here for a picture of the water bottle time for you to peace out. It'll be in the group swag photo at the end of the report, I promise.



    While this was happening, our friend Sonia had got into Mickey's of Glendale and had been texting us the highlights to see if we wanted anything. I chose a 'thank the Phoenicians' Epcot t-shirt.



    Pro tip: this is how it works at the expo guys. Make friends, have friends going in, coordinate and have a game plan and you can get more done. Sonia bought the t-shirt for me, got a Mickey ornament for Stephanie, I got Stephanie her Coco record and Anthony signing. You get way more things done that way. That line for Mickey's of Glendale is not usually short.

    While I'm posting pictures, here is a picture of the program and the bag we got when we scanned our badges upon entry:


    At this time, our other friend Emily had made it inside. She was cosplaying as Grunge Carol Danvers. Brian and I were in our obscure Star Wars creator cosplays: I was Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano and creator of wonderful geek clothing store Her Universe). Brian was Dave Filoni, the handpicked protegee of George Lucas and Rebels/Clone Wars showrunner. Also, he has helped to create the Mandalorian with Jon Favreau.

    We did a little photo shoot in front of the Lucasfilm and Marvel pavilions.



    Brian and I did not think we'd be recognized at all, since we picked such obscure cosplays. But I actually got noticed a few minutes later by a social media person with Her Universe who wanted to take my picture. She just saw that I was wearing Her Universe, but I told her I was actually doing an Ashley Eckstein cosplay and she was so excited and said she'd have to tell her later.

    We had wanted to meet Ashley Eckstein at this event, she was doing several signings different days at the Box Lunch booth. Spoiler alert: we didn't manage to get a talent pass for her signings and we were never able to enter a stand by line. We were very disappointed. The only silver lining is that I've just discovered that she'll be attending our local comic convention in Kansas City this March. So we are finally going to meet her.

    Then later in the day, we were going up the escalator and someone going down recognized Brian's cosplay and called him out as Dave Filoni. So really not bad, we didn't think anyone would recognize us.

    I'm only able to post 10 pictures per post, so I'm going to do my next few posts as pics and very few words.


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    So some pictures we took of an almost empty expo floor as we ran around in the opening hour of D23:

    Photo Op:


    This was the Marvel pavilion:





    This is the little stage where they'd do their presentations and autographs.



    In the picture above you can see all the people in queue for the Marvel giveaway.

    The Disney Channel had a space for their character meet and greets (Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, characters like that).




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    Sep 7, 2007
    The Lucasfilm pavilion (many more pics to come later):



    Here is the Disney+ pavilion which enjoyed pride of place in the middle of the convention center. The pavilion had kiosks so we could sign up for Disney+ and get a year free. It had an upper level for celebrity interviews which were played on a big screen below. There were also some photo ops.


    Lady and the Tramp live action:


    The Mandalorian costumes:


    And a couple pictures back from the Music Emporium:


    It was right next door to Marvel:





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