Daughters need to change magic bands


Earning My Ears
Nov 26, 2019
Just realized I put my family in an interesting situation. We have visited many times, this trip we will be using mb at checkin so not older ones although our information is definitely in mde from previous visits.
This trip our oldest daughter is staying with family in a non Disney resort to help with her cousins, so she is not on our hotel reservation and we do not have enough room to add her.
We are going to HS one day and she will be with us for emh. Just realized that since she isn’t on our hotel res that she will not be able to get in early with us. I’m scrambling what to do. All I can think is that our other daughter has no interest in Star Wars rides so she really does not need to go in early, we can wait the hour. Can I give my older and you her daughters just swap each others mb and ticket since it will be their first scan this visit or does the scan from previous visits get stored in mde?
Additionally, all my other children will get their mb at checkin and we have to get my older daughters ticket from someplace else, I rather get it prior to HS so we don’t waste time, the kids have no idea we got a one day tickets. I called to see if we could get hers at our hotel and they said some will and some won’t, thought that was a strange response. Trying to get in secrecy, any thoughts on where?
Thank you!


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