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Aug 8, 2005
We are a group of 9 going to WDW next May. At the moment we have 3 rooms (3 ppl each) and have booked the deluxe dining plan for one of those rooms. We are planning to use the 9 credits per day to eat at one TS restaurant each day for the whole group. It looks like current reports are that sharing on the deluxe plan is still okay at most restaurants, but I have a question - Will we have problems using the credits of 3 ppl to apply to 6 ppl who aren't on the dining plan?

Has anyone else split the credit among so many non-dining plan participants and did you run across problems?

I know using the deluxe plan in this way will give us a good savings, but only if we are allowed to share credits with all 3 rooms.



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May 22, 2009
We are a group of 9 going to WDW next May.
If you read through (or maybe skim through) the sharing sticky, you'll see that others have done what you want to do and with as many people.

However, I'd be watching the dining plan sub forum to see if anything changes before your trip. May is still a long way away and Disney could change this at any time. No rumblings that they will, but you never know.


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Apr 29, 2019
As of now, people have successfully used their credits with others not on the dining plan. I agree with above, keep your eye out for any changes. Disney uses the phase "subject to change" ( at any time). Too far out, to know if it will be acceptable in May.


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Aug 12, 2004
I am thinking about doing the same thing for late December but still have not added the plan. I was online yesterday about to buy the plan and asked the dvc Disney chat person and she said credits can only be used by the person in the room they where assigned to period and that has been the rules since the start but I can’t find that written anywhere except at the very end where it says entitlements are “non transferable”


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Jan 7, 2001
We will have a repeat sticky thread for 2020 to see if guests are seeing a difference in how the plan is being enforced in reality.

Until then, no one knows if we will see changes next year or not


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