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Apr 24, 2006
I don’t put much stock in any one crowd calendar. I look at different ones and tend to look for a consensus. With Galaxy’s Edge, I don’t know how they can predict what crowds will be like until it actually opens. That said, I’m try8ng to figure out the best day for us to tackle SWGE. We will be there 9/24-10/1. I had been planning on going on 9/26, a Thursday. However, several crowd calendars seem to agree this will be a busier day than others. They also seem to agree that Saturday, 9/28 will be better. How busy would a Saturday be at DHS once SWGE opens? I’m thinking if a lot of travelers arrive or depart on a Saturday, they won’t want to waste an Extra Early Morning Magic opportunity at DHS. On the other hand, Saturdays would tend to draw locals.

All this uncertainty is driving me crazy. My Fast Pass day is com8ng up on Friday, so I need to lock this down now. I do have a second DHS day planned, but that is our departure day and we hadn’t planned on doing SWGE that day.


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Nov 1, 2007
just like you say, crowd calendars are at most just predictions of what can happen? no one really knows. I would use the tried and true: MK is usually busier on Saturday and Mondays, leaving the other 3 parks for a Saturday is a good idea. Also keep in mind that the days that MK has a MNSSHP are going to be busier at the other parks. I would plan with the idea that it will be busier all across and pick the best day that works for you and your family

Mambo Junkie

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Sep 6, 2011
I'm doing likewise, and I will be there 9/21 - 9/27. The only thing I would not do is go on a day when there is a Halloween party at MK. Most people don't go to MK because it is not a full day and there is no fireworks show. That means they will probably go to other parks, which will make those more crowded. I'm also keeping in mind that I plan to get there for the 6:00 am opening. Months ago when I first started planning and I decided to go to DHS on the 23rd, that was before the SWGE opening. I have party tickets for 9/22. No way am I going to MNSSHP and get up in 4 hours to get into DHS. So now I am canceling my much coveted Dining with an Imagineer reservations for the 23rd. I'm also trying to decide my AK day. Do I go the day before or the day after my DHS day? This trip we are only doing 2 park days plus the party. If I do AK the day before at least it closes at 8 pm. I think it's going to depend on my ability to get FOP passes.
Any way since they have now offered free dining and our week is not included (YAY!), and they have now announced the opening of the second ride, Rise of the Resistance in December, I hope to not have too awful crowds.


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