Did anyone else have a less magical CP?


Earning My Ears
Dec 4, 2018
Good morning,

I've been reading for YEARS but have never written, but I have something I want to get off my chest. I was accepted for DCP in fall 2015. My role was resort concierge. Move in, check in, traditions was fine. It happened after the work started. Only a few weeks into the program, about 75% of my CP team at my resort were told the resort no longer had the budget to keep us in our roles and that we would be transferred to outdoor food venues (most went to popcorn carts). I was a French literature major, but for some of the hotel management majors this was a major blow. But that did not happen to me. The other about 25% of us were told that we would be recast for "poor performance" but none of us had ever had a poor performance review nor any disciplinary/corrective action, and this included people who admittedly performed much better than myself at the time.

But that never made it to fruition either. I'll try to keep it concise but basically right before I went down I was diagnosed with a chronic (and at the time life threatening) illness, but through coordination with my doctors up home and then in Orlando I was able to arrive healthy and able to work. But this required taking medication. My roommate went through by belongings and found it. My condition has a heavy stigma/discrimination attached to it sometimes. At any rate, he told the housing authorities at Chatham and within moments after arriving home from my next shift I had security knocking on my door to escort me to the office. Apparently my roommate told them I was very sick and had plans to kill myself because of it (which was not true). They said he had told them I had razor blades in the room as evidence (I did, but I'm a man with a beard so I obviously did). They told me that my program was over and that I would be taken by car to a psychiatrist for evaluation to see whether or not I had to be hospitalized under Baker Act provisions. The psychiatrist agreed I was mentally healthy and sent me back.

They told me I had 24 hours to leave my apartment. I had no family and nowhere to go. My family did even have time to come down to help me in that time period. I ended up having to move into an airbnb for about 2 weeks. My roommate was reassigned to another apartment before I even had to leave. Like clockwork, 24 hours later, security knocked and I was escorted out. I could not believe it. Reading all these stories about how magical it is for everyone, I feel like I'm the only one who had this type of bad experience. Yes I had friends who were termed for housing violations, drinking, showing up to work hungover, tardies/callouts, etc, but I haven't heard another story even close to mine, and I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who had such a terrible experience.


Earning My Ears
Sep 15, 2018
Fellow person from Chattam Square, fall advantage 2011, here. My experience wasn't as bad as yours, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses like most people's seemed to be. My roommate tried to get myself and my other two roommates termed. She had a habit harassing me for being gay and one day they finally called her on it, while I was at work. That ended up being a 3 week long process. I also had an instance where I ended up passing out from heat stroke (I left my wallet in a coworker's car, thought I left it at SSR, and ended up exhausted from such a long walk.) and it took me FOREVER to convince security that it wasn't drugs. There's plenty of other things that went on, but all in all, I'd rather keep them private. I'll also add that I ended up self-terming 5 weeks early, which only went smoothly because a friend advised me to do it at the last second. (I literally notified my boss while I was on my way to the airport.)

A lot of us had bad experiences. Roommates try to get each other termed for BS reasons more often than you'd think. People get let go for budget issues. But most of us still love Disney, so we just chalk it up to normal bad job while away from home deal. What happened to you sucks, but you're not alone.


Oct 1, 2012
There is always going to be a mixture of bad experiences. I don't know what medicine or condition could prompt them to react so severely that way, while yes on every program there is some bad apples and experiences, Disney is a company first and foremost. I never lost sight of that while working there. But the reason why I am so successful today is because of how Disney trained me. My DCP ended on a particularly bad note for me not because of Disney but because I went through a bad break up and now my mind mentally associates Disney with that break up.

But my current full time job and some of my current job opportunities were because of that program. I regret that I didn't take more full advantage of the opportunities I had there. I think as long as people keep a realistic perspective of Disney, the program can be quite wonderful. I hated the hours I worked and it too a toll on me - I worked at the Emporium which is one of busiest and honestly roughest in terms of sheer volume of working 6 PM to 3 AM and it wasn't great for my health. But yet, Disney changed how I view the world and still carries a special place for me. I am sorry that happened to you but it is full of college students. I was lucky enough to be able to do a PI in my field, which has given me a leg up in my current career. Disney's training is unmatched anywhere else and while I would not do another program, I certainly wouldn't mind working for them again because the culture is amazing.

My number one regret was not taking more chances while I worked there and living fully.


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