Did you visit WDW this past NOV? How was the weather and the crowd levels?


Earning My Ears
Nov 10, 2019
Possible trip in November 2020. Would stay onsite. Never been to WDW in November. Those of you that have been to WDW in November...what's the weather like? And what are the crowd levels? Looking to head there some time after Halloween and before Thanksgiving. THANKS!


Earning My Fins
Jul 25, 2013
We were there for the two weeks before Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect, mostly in the 70s and only a little rain one day, in the morning. The crowds were great, although they did increase considerably the week of Thanksgiving. We had our FPs and strategy in place, so we weren't bothered by crowds at all. We like November and some weeks April or May for the weather and crowds.


Earning My Ears
Mar 12, 2015
Went the week before Thanksgiving. The weather was rain free but had a couple cold nights, even for Chicagoans. It warmed up to the 60’s and was very comfortable for most of the week. The crown levels were very manageable.


All my dreams are coming true
Jan 24, 2002
I was there the second week of November. I was expecting low crowds but everywhere was very busy. There is the Christmas party at the Magic Kingdom almost every night, so the off nights (and days) are VERY busy. The weather was colder than usual when I was there, but that shouldn't affect travel next Nov. There was a bit of rain during one or two nights, but it was finished by the time I was up.


Earning My Ears
Mar 9, 2016
We visited Nov 23 - Dec 1, so before and after Thanksgiving. Stayed at CBR for 6 nights and AKL for 2. I'll say the first part of the trip was nice, crowd-wise. Only the day before and the day of Thanksgiving were crowded. And not really too, too crowded. I am a master of the MDE and hate to wait in lines. And this was all with a party of 10 ( 4 adults, 4 kids and 2 infants).

I will say that the day after Thanksgiving was just about empty. It was the strangest thing. We closed down SWGE - literally the last to leave the land. The photographers were still at the Falcon taking our pictures. We waited like 20 minutes to ride Smuggler's Run. Good times.

Side note, on November 25th, we did one full day at Universal - both parks. We shut down Hogsmeade too. Waited maybe 15 minutes to ride Hagrid's. Such an amazing time at both Hogsmeade and SWGE when there aren't any pesky other people!

I'd say go for the November 2020 trip. You won't regret it. For some strange reason, people hold Thanksgiving up on some pedestal that needs to be celebrated at home with friends and family. Bull! Take the crew to Disney instead! We at a seafood Thanksgiving dinner at Cape May.


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