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Jacey Howren

Earning My Ears
Apr 28, 2018

I am headed to DLP on November 22. We originally added the Express Luggage service to our stay, thinking we would be taking the train, but now we have decided to hire a shuttle to take us from our hotel in Paris to DLP. We want to get into the park as quickly as possible. Am I still able to use the Express Luggage service, and if not, do I need to inform someone prior to my arrival? I am thinking I would not be able to use the service but I certainly don't want to arrive at my hotel and not be able to retrieve my tickets because they assume I will be getting them at the station.


A Small World

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Feb 22, 2007
I wouldnt like to say for sure but I cant see why you cant use it. If your shuttle drops you at the station they wont know that you havent got off a train as Im sure the service is this side of the barrier (ie not platform side)


May 12, 2018
Lie the previous poster said... you should be able to use the express luggage service.
I used it this summer (took the TGV from CDG) and they don’t ask for any tickets... I don’t think is is tied to any form of transportation. The station is just the Place to drop of your bags/get them...

If you won’t use the express luggage service I would inform the hotel because they send your tickets and check in stuff to the luggage counter if I recall correctly...

you booked the express luggage service along your normal hotel stay right? And your original train tickets separately?


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