Disney Food Pictures...Part VI!

  • marielynn724

    DIS Veteran
    Nov 8, 2008
    What drinks/food would you recommend at Ogas? How was the pot roast at Docking Bay 7?
    Thank you!!
    The pot roast at Docking Bay 7 was awesome... and I was impressed because I got it at the end of the night right before closing and it still tasted fresh. I can't wait to go back and get it again!

    At Oga's I got the fuzzy tauntaun which is basically a fuzzy navel with the foam added on top. Delicious drink, disgusting foam. The foam is supposed to make your mouth/lips tingly. It was NOT a pleasant sensation and tasted overwhelmingly like chemicals.... next time I'd either get the drink without the foam or order something else. My boyfriend's drink was basically a Margarita (I forgot the name of it, but it was tequila-based) and was generous on the booze. He liked his drink a lot. If you're hungry get food elsewhere in Galaxy's Edge before coming for a drink because they have almost nothing to eat at Oga's.


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