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Apr 12, 2015
If anyone has been saving for the Disney Studios Gold VIP tour, the points needed have been reduced from 17,500 to 12,500. Not sure how long it will be available.
I had found this interesting. The Silver tour was for 12,500. We were aiming for that, although it was for 4, not for 8. We are a family of 5, and we are going in just about 28 days or so now. I had contacted DMR (last summer) to help get an understanding of logistics because our 5th member is 6years old, and we already had a business trip for me and a tagalong DL vacation planned for the week either before or after my business trip, depending on your dates. DMR was very nice and helpful, recognized that we were close to silver, no way to get to hold by the time needed to claim the trip in advance (by January 2019 for June 2019 travel), and allowed for DS6 to come along. So, we got it claimed and scheduled. Then, I saw that they dropped the Gold package point level to the newer lower requirement that the silver tour used to be at. I'm not bothered by it at all, I just find it interesting. But, we are very much looking forward to our tour on our SoCal sightseeing day.

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