Disney world in the summer vs December

teacup princess

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Mar 22, 2008
Are you ok with potentially not being able to swim in December? We’ve been in July and yes, it’s hot and rainy and at time unbearable but you can go back to the hotel or water parks and cool off. My kids personally love to do rope drop, then go to the water parks for a couple hours then the parks at night. It’s exhausting but that’s how we roll. And although we’ve not done Christmas time, we’ve been in January and that was our least favorite trip. It got down in the 30’s. We wore every piece of clothing in our suitcase and were still cold. The kids were disappointed that we couldn’t swim and it just didn’t feel very Florida-ish for us Midwesterner’s wanting to escape the cold. We have the same issue with school breaks but we are choosing to go in July this year.


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Aug 4, 2017
I did August in '17 and '19. Never again.

I mean, you can push through and the crowds are lower and you're probably getting a "deal" to stay. But the heat just saps the life out of you. Depends on how much you can deal with humidity and sweat.

I like the parks at night, so most of my future trips will be in the Oct-March time frame I think.
  • BobbyDukes

    Dec 30, 2016
    Go in July. One reason right now, most likely Disney will put out free dining during the summer months, they have done it the past few years and they just did it again for 2020.


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    Aug 17, 2005
    I am not at all sure your choices woudl be on my list. I love December, however not Christmas week. We go often in December, but leave by the 23rd. July is going to be HOT, and HUMID, so I guess you will need to pick your poison. Heat and humidity or crowds.

    Personally, I would probably opt for December, get up early and make RD for any park I wanted to visit, get out when it gets crowded, and go back at night for evening entertainment. I would be sure to have a solid plan in place, book ADR's for meals, especially if I was planning to be in the parks at lunch or dinnertime. You can book an ADR at a few CS restaurants, so that woudl be part of my plan.


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    Jun 29, 2016
    I would never go during Christmas break. Ever. Early December is great, but once you get to even a week or so before Christmas it starts to get unbearably crowded.

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