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Jul 13, 2005
Afternoon all! I've lurked on the DIS for a long while on and off but never noticed the UK section! Not sure how that passed me by, anyway...I'll crack on.

Real Name: Neill - yeees, two L's. Nobody ever gets it right, even those that email me many times a day still get it wrong. I give up trying to correct people!

Family: Will be travelling with my girlfriend, Joanna, and her two girls, Rachael and Rowan.

Occupation: IT Deployment Bobbins! Very unexciting stuff...

Home town: Fleet in Hampshire. It's tiny...you'll never have heard of it!

Favourite Park
: MGM, sorry, Hollywood Studios. Can't really put my finger on why, but I've loved it ever since my first visit in '99.

Favourite Attraction: I think I have many, but if I'm thinking about what I'm looking forward to going back to again...it's Haunted Mansion.

Favourite Coaster: The Hulk (I know, I know!)

Favourite Nighttime show: Fantasmic!

First Trip to Disney
: '99 where I stayed at Dixie Landings, which is now POR, and incidentally the place that I'll be taking 'my girls' next September. This will be my 6th time returning to WDW, but the first for my fellow travellers. I've FINALLY convinced my other half to go! Now I think she's looking forward to it (and Magic Bands!) just as much as I am.

Favourite Restaurant: Not sure I really have one, but previously I've loved going back to Rainforest Cafe just for the themeing if anything.

Favourite Hotel Onsite
: Port Orleans Riverside. That boat ride to Downtown Disney....lush!

Hobbies: Movies, Music, Technology, Football - I write for a website for my local team. Also, Stand-up comedy, Mixed Martial Arts, and of course, researching WDW for the next trip!
Welcome Neill - and actually not only have I heard of Fleet but I have been there several times as good friends of ours (also DISers) live there - right near the train station and the new Premier Inn.


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Apr 29, 2012
Name: Catherine

Family: Husband and son 19 - both are Disney fans too.

Occupation: Head of Deparment in a large comprehensive

Live: Liverpool

Favourite Park: Magic Kingdom with Epcot a close second

Favourite Resort: Grand Floridian, Contemporary and BWI

Favourite Ride: Splash Mountain

Favourite Show: Wishes

Favourite Character: Snow White

Visit Count: WDW x 21, DL x 1, DLP x 8, Disney Cruise line x 5 (we've yet to sail on the Fantasy)

Next Visit: off to Disneyland Paris next week with a group from school and then it's WDW for Christmas. We're doing a double header of Disneyland California and WDW in summer which we've done before!

I've made some posts on the boards already and I've found so much good information.
  • londontime

    DisDad #818. London. Deputy Mayor of Bricksburg.
    Jan 10, 2016
    Name: Dan

    Family: The Saintly Mrs. Dan and a boy and a girl (5 & 3)

    Occupation: Project Manager for Shopfitting in the THE big department store on Oxford St

    Home Town: Upminster

    Fav Park: MK (but AK is a very close second)

    Fav Resort: Grand Floridian

    Fav Ride: 7 Dwarves

    Fav Show: Lion King

    Fav Restaurant: Akershus or CRT just for the experience

    Fav character: Dr Facilier

    Visit Count: This will be number 4 in August, but I think this number is going to keep on going

    Hobbies: West Ham, and the usual Music, Movies, Binge Watching American Series....

    Hey all, looking forward to talking about our holidays over the next few years.......


    Earning My Ears
    Feb 1, 2016
    Real name: Suze... well Susan but I was given the name by my two step sons when they were younger and it sort of stuck.

    Married to Pete for 12 years! Two girls well ladies of my own: Kristie 30 & Stephie Anne 28, John 26 and Ben 24. I have two Grandchildren: Thomas 7 & Sophia 6.

    Occupation: General Manager for a Transport & Tank Cleaning Company in the North West of England

    Home town: St Helens

    Favourite park: Disney Virgin
    Favourite resort: Universal Studios Hollywood (does that count?)

    Favourite attraction:

    Favourite restaurant:

    Hobbies: My family, ole cliché I suppose but they are my whole existence.

    Likes: Music of any era, Harry Potter, reading, people and places.

    : most things lol

    Reason I have never been to Disney: It has never occurred to me to go to be honest. When my girls were young we didn't have the money to do it. Last year created a chain of events that will this year take us there.

    Our trip to Orlando: My OH, myself, daughter and two Grandchildren are going to Give The Kids the World. Thomas who is 7 was diagnosed with Metastatic Brain Cancer (Medulloblastoma) last May, his wish was to swim with Dolphins. We contacted the Kids Cancer Charity to see if they had any contacts and they granted Thom a wish to spend a week at GKTW and a week in their villa in Orlando, we are going in March. On his 8th birthday we will go to Discover Cove and he will indeed swim with Dolphins.
  • ISL

    Earning My Ears
    Feb 2, 2016
    Hello Dissers!

    Name: steve (25)

    Family: theyre all good, will be travelling with partner, Sam, when visiting Disney WORLD!

    Home TOWN: Bristol

    Favourite Florida Bits: meeting the Talking Mickey in MK.

    Favourite Restaurants: Garden Grill- it has Chip & Dale

    Hobbies: Cycling and running, and I also follow the NFL (I'll be looking for some good 'Gators merch when away.

    Likes and Dislikes: Having a great time! And not worrying about feeling like a big kid!


    Jul 24, 2003
    Welcome Steve. I have really enjoyed Garden Grill both times we have eaten there.
  • Saz2891

    Earning My Ears
    Mar 13, 2016
    Name: Sarah (33)

    Family: Travelling alone for my upcoming birthday Visit (8th-22nd June 2016).
    (But do have a fantastic Mum, Sister & Bro-in-law, dad & his partner & my little half brother)

    Occupation: Team Member at Premier Inn

    Home Town: Wem, Shropshire

    Favourite Park: Magic Kingdom

    Favourite Resort: It'll only be my 2nd time visiting WDW and 1st time in a Disney Resort (All Star Music)

    Favourite Ride: Kilimanjaro Safaris

    Favourite Show: Festival of The Lion King

    Favourite Character: Mickey Mouse

    Visit Count: 1 so far (2001), 2nd in June 2016

    Hobbies: Musical Theatre ~ Radio Presenting ~ Singing ~ Archery ~ Reading.


    Earning My Ears
    Jan 18, 2009
    Hi All and apologies for gatecrashing a UK board when I am living in Ireland (although did spend 8 years in London!). I am hoping to learn from others while I am planning our trip in August 2016.

    We have previously visited Florida (Cocoa Beach & Disney) in 2007 & 2009. We have not been back since thanks to pay cuts and tax increases but finally returning this year. My DSs both have lovely memories of our Florida holidays - hopefully they will still enjoy it now that they are older.

    In 2007 we stayed mainly in a rented house in Cocoa Beach and then a couple of nights at Coronado Springs.
    In 2009 we spent a week at a 1 bed villa at the Wilderness Lodge which we loved, and a week in a House at Windsor (something?), close to Disney

    This August, we are planning to stay 4 nights in a DVC studio at the Polynesian rented through the DISBoard, 1 night at Universal and then 14 nights at Bonnet Creek.

    Name: Deirdre

    Family: travelling with DH and DSs 15 and 12.

    Home TOWN: Dublin but originally from Sligo. Have also lived in UK and US!

    Favourite Park: Magic Kingdom but love them all

    Favourite Resort: Wilderness Lodge so far but hopefully that will change to the Polynesian

    Favourite Ride: Toy Story Mania and Star Tours (looking forward to the new Star Tours)

    Favourite Show: Festival of The Lion King, Fantasmic

    Favourite Character: Eeyore

    Favourite Restaurants: Crystal Palace for great memories of our first character meal in 2007 and boys' first time to meet characters. At 3 and 6 back then they really enjoyed it. Luckily they still want to return this year

    Hobbies: My new hobby is vacation planning!! It brings back old memories, half the fun is all the planning. I used Tour Guide Mike back then but he seems to be gone.

    Likes and Dislikes: Not sure I feel about Fast Pass + - I was so used to the old system!


    Jul 24, 2003
    Hi Deirdre, welcome. We are not fans of fp+, we used it a few times when first introduced but it's one of the things that has stopped us going to Disney in recent trips.


    Earning My Ears
    Jan 18, 2009
    Thanks for the welcome! Fast Pass + has made planning more difficult definitely. We are visiting Universal for the first time on this trip, so hopefully we will like it. I bought $99 7 day tickets back in 2009 that have not been used yet (I never dreamed it would be so long until our next trip) My boys were not keen on roller coasters back in 2009 so we didn't get to use them.


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    Mar 23, 2016
    Name: Keith

    Family: Wife and two daughters 12 & 14

    Home TOWN: Ashford

    Favourite Park: Hollywood Studios

    Favourite Ride: Splash Mountain

    Favourite Show: Fantasmic

    Favourite Restaurant: Planet Hollywood

    Visit Count: 2 (Easter 2012, Aug 2014) 3rd visit October 2016


    Apr 17, 2016

    Former poster who can't remember their log in!
    Its been 5 years since our last trip to WDW and we're just thinking of a trip next year.
    It'll be me, the OH and our 2 girls (currently 12 and 10, should be 13 and 11 if we travel Aug 2017).
    We need to know what's new, what's changed and when free dining is back!

    If I'm anything like last trip I'll be here a lot!


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