DLP Hotels no longer showing on third party websites?


believing in magic
Jan 25, 2010
Does anyone know what’s going on?

I was able to price a trip for November 2020 a few weeks ago on ebookers for all the DLP
Hotels but now nothing is showing up. I checked for a bunch of random days earlier in 2020 (in Jan/Feb/Mar and then in Jun) and absolutely no DLP hotel showing up on ebooker, Expedia or booking.com. I then checked a couple random weekdays next week in December 2019 and same result, no DLP hotel.

Does anyone know if room only will no longer be bookable online via a third party provider?

We just bought the discovery annual pass last month and would like to fix our next trip and this is really bothering us :(


Mine mine mine :)
Aug 29, 2011
Hi there ! Disney merged his reservation system with the one used in US last week end ; so you may give it a new try today and should work.
However, please consider that considering the stay is not due to start before 11 months from now, not all the offers and/or hotels should show as available through third party websites.


DIS Veteran
Jul 10, 2006
For our trip in May, I've been able to find Disneyland hotels on 3rd party sites. (Although, there were more a couple of weeks ago than I'm seeing now.)


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