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  1. Lesley Wake

    Lesley Wake May the force be with you!

    Mar 16, 2017
    I'm in the beginning stages of possibly booking a 4-night trip in June 2018. Trip would probably be solo (though slight possibility could have my sister and her bf tag along).

    I looked at restaurants and these were the ones I'd be most interested in: Chez Remy, Walt's, Captain Jack, Buffalo Bill show, Cafe Mickey, California Grill, Yacht Club, Agrabah Cafe (though I know it may close a lot), and Inventions. I looked at the various counter service menus and very little interests me.

    I totaled up the cost of what I would possibly order if I was there right now and it came to $636 USD. The premium full board meal plan is $532 USD and would include breakfast, a drink, and additional courses besides what I would order if paying OOP. So, I guess it makes sense to get it?

    Some questions:
    • Is it too much to do 2 table service restaurants per day? I think I would probably try for an in-park lunch and resort/Disney village dinner for after the parks close.
    • When you get the premium plan, do you have to get one of the set meals, or can you pick any starter/entree/dessert?
    • The website says the voucher has a monetary value, is there a set max amount you can order at a restaurant, so if you get the most expensive options you may have to pay OOP, or does that just mean if you order anything extra beyond the voucher (alcoholic drink for instance) you have to pay for it?
    • Does the voucher have a name on it? For instance, if my sister and her bf come and get their own room, and only one room gets the meal plan, can we all share the vouchers from that one room?
    • What breakfast options are available besides the hotel buffet? If I didn't do the meal plan I would just get a pastry or two from a bakery before hitting the parks in the morning. I suppose I can just grab a pastry from the breakfast buffet before heading out though.
    • If I get the meal plan, will I feel like I am locked into going to all of the restaurants and can't be flexible? I got the hang of things at WDW with ADRs and FP+, so am not opposed to a more planned schedule, but we didn't have the dining plan so weren't stressed about using our credits and could do things like add a new ADR the night before or cancel one when we decided not to bother with it.
    • Do I need to call in at 60 days in order to get those ADRs (thinking mostly Chez Remy as that is a must-do)? I wish we could do them online so I wouldn't have to spend the money for international call!
    • Will they let you make a reservation at a restaurant which could be closed without notice? Do you give a credit card they can hold onto for the ADR?
    • Do you absolutely have to add the meal plan when you book? Can you add or remove it later, or would that cause the booking to get cancelled? I want to take advantage of the buy 2-get 2 nights free deal that needs to happen by Feb.
    • Is there anything else I'm not considering?
  2. BadPinkTink

    BadPinkTink DIS Veteran

    Mar 13, 2015
    Yes 2 table service every day is too much. Any trip reports I have seen about people who have got the full board say its too much. Most people struggle sometimes to even use all their vouchers on the half board.

    Having been 3 times and never had a meal plan and paying OOP every time, I have even not eaten at all the places I had planned. Also remember each table service takes well over an hour, almost 2 hours, thats time not spent on rides :)

    It depends on the restaurant. They really push those on meal plans to have the set menus. The meal plans are only good value if you have starter, main dessert at every meal. For you doing the full board, thats an big amount of food every day. If the value of your meal voucher is less than Al A Carte total price you will have to pay the difference. If your Al A Carte meal price is less than the value of the voucher you will not get any money back.

    The vouchers will have the person who has booked the room / lead person of the party name, the hotel name and the date on them. So if you booked your room as a solo, they will have your name, your hotel and a date on them. I dont know about sharing the vouchers as I have never used them

    Other than the hotel buffet, breakfast is available in
    Earl of Sandwich
    If Discoveryland is open, there is a quick service breakfast in Cafe Hyperion
    Breakfast may also be available in Cable Car Bakery, Pizzeri Bella Notre in the main park and in The Studios Restaurant en Coulisse depending how busy the parks are.

    If you dont have a breakfast voucher you will not be able to just grab a pastry from the breakfast buffet. There are CM's at the entrance to the restaurant checking for breakfast vouchers.

    Thats exactly what it will feel like. Thats exactly why I dont get the meal plans and the feeling I get from reading trip reports from those who do get the. Many people have said that they only go to certain restaurants just because they have the vouchers and dont want to loose the money already paid. Also the vouchers are only valid in Disney restaurants. They are not valid in the independent restaurants in Disney Village such as RainForest, Planet Hollywood, Earl of Sandwich, McDonalds, Starbucks, Five Guys, King Ludwigs, Sports Bar

    As you are choosing the more popular resturanst, yes I would advise phoning at 60 days. To avoid the international phone charges, just ring the Walt Disney World in Florida and ask to be transferred to Disneyland Paris Dining Reservations.

    It is possible BUT you dont give credit card details. They just take your details. Disneyland Paris does not charge for no shows.

    No you do not have to get the meal plan at the time of booking. Meal plans are OPTIONAL but they will try to push you into getting it. Just be firm and dont get pushed into buying a meal plan or other extras.
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  4. Lesley Wake

    Lesley Wake May the force be with you!

    Mar 16, 2017
    Thanks, yeah I think I will need to cut my list in half and stick to one table service for day. Definitely keep Chez Remy and Captain Jack's; maybe Walt's as I've heard its good, but I'll need to reconsider the rest. Maybe I'll do half-board, but I'll have to recalculate prices, etc. to see if the cost savings is worth loosing flexibility.

    For meals other than table services, are there any particular counter/quick service places in the parks that are worthwhile. Looking at menus online it seemed most had the same basic burgers, pizza, etc.

    Good tip about calling the WDW phone line! Didn't even think about that!
  5. Sencybil

    Sencybil SSR again October 2016....

    May 7, 2012
    I think only you know how much food is right. Think about what you ate at WDW. We are going next week and have full board. However, our deal was for half board included. At present that deal includes a quick serve breakfast only, so no filling breakfast buffets for us. I chose to upgrade to full board, because I, like you, am not that interested in the qs options, and I'd rather sit down and have a rest in the middle of the day. It's going to be cold next week though, so warming up in a proper restaurant will be a benefit that wouldn't apply in summer. Also the cost to upgrade from half board to full board was just under £10 per person per meal, and I reckoned that was better value for us than oop for qs, even if we only had a main course. These considerations may not be the same for you. I think full board is right for us though, dining is a big part of our holiday enjoyment.
    It's not always necessary to book at 60 days. We booked Chez Remy and Captain Jacks at about 30 days and got exactly the time we wanted. Had to compromise on timing for Plaza Gardens, but it is Christmas week with a relatively early park close, so fewer dinner slots available.
    Have fun planning!
  6. dvc cruiser

    dvc cruiser Earning My Ears

    Dec 20, 2010
    we stayed in a golden forest room at Seq lodge. the breakfast buffet was great in my opinion. Not sure where you are staying but if you have any questions on seq let me know.
    Also plan for at least 2 hours at the sit down restaurants minimum in most cases. Its a way slower pace but it was nice to relax and take some time out. Just be warned if you are making plans after dinner.
    We had reservations at remys got there at 4:15 figured we would be done in time for 6pm show . At 6:30 when we asked for the bill he was surprised we where done already and not having coffee or desert.
    They had to escort us out of the park since it was closed. There were still many tables left when we headed out. Like I said it was nice and I would go there again for sure. Just be ready for the slower pace and when you are ready ask for the bill "L’addition" .
  7. olafLover

    olafLover DIS Veteran

    Jun 28, 2017
    Yes, I feel full board is too much. One of those meals is more then we normally eat, we couldn't have two.
    Please be sure to cut Cafe Mickey from your list, they no longer have the characters, but the prices haven't been altered since that chance. The food isn't that amazing, but with the characters it was worth it, without them, the prices are ridiculous.

    The vouchers will have the name of the person who made the reservation, so if there are 4 people in the room, all vouchers will have the same name on them. So you can share your vouchers, as long as the person who's name is on them is there (although I doubt they check even that).

    You can order whatever you want with your vouchers, but if it's more then the value, you'll have to pay the extra amount, unless it's specified on the menu you can get it with that voucher (or a lower one).

    The only restaurant I had a hard time getting a reservation for ever is Auberge the Cendrillion, since that isn't on your list, you'd be ok calling anytime between 60 and 30 days out

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