Do you carry a park bag as a solo traveler?


Earning My Ears
Jun 14, 2019
I always bring a bag. If I'm doing open to close then I'll do a locker rental so I don't have to carry everything all day. I like to be prepared so I carry: Fan, advil, electrolyte replacement tablets, cooling rag, water bottle, camera, extra battery for phone, gum or mints. My bag is usually pretty empty but I like having a bag big enough that I can put my headband ears in them for rides so that I only have to worry about grabbing my bag when I get on and off rides. I usually have a regular size backpack but trying to go to a small crossbody backpack - I bought this one. So far it's been comfy when I've done tester trips to the mall and museums. I like that I can swirl it to the front to open get things in and out without having to take it off.
Thank you for showing that bag. I will look for one over here in the UK. Solves a lot of problems I have with traditional backpacks.


Apr 24, 2006
Sometimes I'll carry a bag. Only if I'm carrying my Sony camera, a small tripod, notebook and pen(s). Most of the time I'm just fine with a wallet, money clip and my car keys so I don't need a bag. I have two Fuel Rods, so I don't even have to carry a phone battery. I just swap them out.


Earning My Ears
Mar 7, 2019
I carry a sling bag with some basics, but also a few particular items I prefer.

Basics: lip balm, portable battery brick, USB-C cord, poncho, small umbrella, hand wipes, silicone straws (these are so cool, got them on Amazon -Snapstraw), small bandages and a case for my glasses.

Particular: Witch hazel wipes, waterproof shoe covers, silica gel packets (keeps the moisture to a minimum), fiber wafers (over 40, fiber is your friend), small microfiber towel (wipe down the seat on Pirates and Splash Mountain) & a chill pall on rather hot days.

I used to teach elementary school, so I pack like I'm going on a field trip. :-)


DIS Veteran
May 2, 2011
I have changed my plan for this trip. I am no longer taking my big DSLR camera and just taking a little point and shoot. I have a smaller Vera Bradley backpack that I can carry everything in. Since I am going during hot times with afternoon showers, I will be taking a chill towel and a small fan. I will also have my sunscreen, lip balm, and of course...rain ponchos...LOL!!

I just didn't want to take my heavy camera and camera bag.


Aug 12, 2008
My Disney bag (small backpack) has:

Portable Charge
Money/Credit Card
Ziplock bags

My Universal Bag (fanny pack type) has:
Portable charger
Money/Credit Card


Earning My Ears
May 28, 2019
I use my Herschel fanny pack (or you can also wear it has a sling backpack) to the parks. Backpacks are too big and hot for my preference, so I tend to pack light. I normally always carry my phone, slim thread wallet, sunscreen, chap-stick, band-aids, bug spray wipes, and sunglasses. I'll sometimes throw in my phone chord and charging block if I feel like I'll run out of battery before the end of the night.

My friend used to carry a backpack, but I've since converted her to the fanny pack life!


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