Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Traveling as a Same-Sex Couple | 04/22/19


Mar 24, 2017
Not a lot to add to the conversation, honestly. All the big points were hit in the show.

I will say this, though: my ex and I traveled extensively as a couple for 3.5 years, both domestically and internationally. I'm white, he's a dark skin mix. In every place we went, we never shied away from holding hands, a mindless touch or sharing food/drinks using the same utensils, etc. And we never had a single problem. Domestically we live in the Pacific Northwest and went to Cali, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Nevada and Michigan together. Internationally Costa Rica, London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Venice, Copenhagen and Reykjavik. Again, not a single problem.

Always keep your wits about you and don't do anything sketchy, obviously.

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Apr 29, 2004
I thought it was a good conversation. Although I'm straight and don't have the perspective of same-sex couples, I can see how much society has progressed from when I grew up in the 50's and 60's. I think the "Gay Rights" movement was a huge part of this progress. Once the general public started seeing the real life experiences of same-sex couples they realized that "wow - they have all the same concerns as we do" and the "issue" just go away.


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