Epcot Sketch Swap~CLOSED


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May 16, 2007
Each person will pick ONE country and make 2 2-page layouts for it and then 2 other titles and make 10 sets of a 2-page layout for each of those two. Each 2-page layout should include a title, room for at least two 4x6 photos, an embellishment or two, and a spot to journal (can be a box, shape or paper strips). The second set of country pages should be more than just background papers and mats, please include a "few" embellishments which will help it flow from the first set.

You may choose any sketch you wish, as long as it meets the above requirements. You may rotate the sketch however you wish, as long as it meets the above requirements.

The page that has your title should be ALL stuck down (not just the title, but whatever completes your page). For the second page, you will send a page of background paper and whatever else is necessary to replicate the other page of the sketch (photo mats, borders, layers of paper, etc.), NOT GLUED DOWN. This way, however we hold our camera, we can all use the page.

Packaging Instructions

Please pre-sort your pages. Please put your holiday pages in bags 1-9, just non-holiday country and Epcot in the 10th for Annie, and then an 11th bag for Lisa with just holiday pages, there's no need to bag separately.

So, bags 1-9 will have 4 country pages, 4 non-country pages, and 2 holiday pages. Bag 10 will have 4 country pages and 4 non-country pages for Annie. Bag 11 will have 2 holiday country pages for Lisa. Annie will have 10 bags with 4 country pages and 4 non-country pages. Lisa will have 10 bags with 2 country pages.

Please label like this:

Jennifer (Last Name)
Bag #1 (Number your bags 1-11, so I can send all of one number to each person)
(You will then list your four country/rides/lands/attractions)
For example:
American Adventure
Test Track
Holiday Japan

Please also include a copy of the sketch you used. (You may put all four on one page, they needn't be full page copies). Please include all measurements clearly marked, include which sketch is for each layout, and if possible, a list of supplies for each layout.

Lands/Rides/Etc., each person gets 2
  1. Future World East and West - Michelle - extra page just cuz she's awesome
  2. Universe of Energy
  3. Spaceship Earth - JJ&JHsMom
  4. Mission Space - Danielle
  5. Test Track - Michelle
  6. Character Spot - Amanda
    [*]Innoventions East and West?
  7. Journey into Imagination with Figment - Michelle
    [*]Captain EO
  8. The Land - Annie
  9. Circle of Life - Sandy - extra page just cuz she's awesome
  10. Living with the Land Boat Ride - Sandy
  11. Soarin' - Amanda
  12. The Seas - Jennifer
  13. Nemo & Friends - Sandy
    [*]Turtle Talk with Crush
    [*]Bruce's Shark World
  14. Outpost - Buffy
  15. Entrance - Cassey - extra page just cuz she's awesome
  16. Fountain of Nations - Nancy
    [*]Art of animation store
  17. Club Cool - Cassey
  18. Dining/Snacking - Annie
  19. Illuminations - Nancy
  20. World Showcase Overview - Danielle
  21. Topiaries - Rachal
  22. Mouse Gear - Buffy
  23. Hellos Around the World - Jennifer
  24. Agent P's World Showcase Adventure - Rachal
    [*]International Cast Members

Countries - Each person gets 1 - FULL
  1. Mexico - Cassey
  2. Norway - Nancy
  3. China - Sandy
  4. Germany - Rachal
  5. Italy - Amanda
  6. American Adventure - Annie
  7. Japan - Michelle
  8. Morocco - Nancy
  9. France - Buffy
  10. United Kingdom - Jennifer
  11. Canada - Danielle

Holidays Group - Each person gets 1 - FULL
  1. Mexico - Lisa
  2. Norway - Rachal
  3. China - Michelle
  4. Germany - MorgansMom2000
  5. Italy - Lisa
  6. American Adventure - Danielle
  7. Japan - Nancy
  8. Morocco- Amanda
  9. France - Cassey
  10. United Kingdom - Buffy
  11. Canada - Sandy


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May 16, 2007
Sign-ups will begin Saturday, May 11th at 8:30 am Eastern. Pages will be due August 15, 2013.

At 8:30 am, please post 2 country choices and 3 non-country choices. From those, I will choose 3.

If you are interested in the Holiday group, please include that in your selections.

  • morgansmom2000

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    May 16, 2007
    Required Check-ins

    Confirm page choices listed correct and PM info by May 18th
    General check-in by June 1st
    Detailed check-in by June 29th - LAST CALL for ANGELS
    Post photos of completed work by July 28th
    Mail by August 8th

    This is a big commitment, please please please stay in touch with me on or before the check-in dates so that I am not harassing you!


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    May 16, 2007

    1. MorgansMom2000
    2. urbkols
    3. tyniknate
    4. PrincessNancy96 - Doing 2 countries?
    5. BAMB
    6. JJ&JHsMom
    7. Panda8899
    8. 3pletprincesses
    9. JLD
    10. AWM

    1. Jennifer
    2. Amanda
    3. Lisa - Doing 2 countries?
    4. Rachal
    5. Michelle
    6. Sandy
    7. Cassey
    8. Danielle
    9. Nancy
    10. Buffy

    Change from the AK Swap:
    Amanda: $1.75
    Nancy: $3.84
    Lori: $5.71
    Cassey: $3.84
    Danielle: $5.64
    Buffy: $13.84
  • panda8899

    Dec 9, 2012
    Choices for countries: 1. Morocco 2. France 3. Italy Choices for other: 1. Character spot 2. Soarin 3. Test track 4. Entrance The 3 countries would be my choices for the holiday part too, but would be happy to do generic instead for the holidays part. Amanda


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    Apr 4, 2009
    Danielle’s Choices:
    For the large group:
    World Showcase Overview
    Hellos Around the World
    Character Spot
    Mission Space

    American Adventure

    If she decides to do specific layouts for each holidays around the world country, I guess I would prefer
    American Adventure

    Cassey’s Choices:

    Spaceship Earth
    Mission Space
    Club Cool


    Holidays around the World:
    United Kingdom

    Thanks Jennifer!


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    Dec 28, 2005
    Nancy’s Choices

    Country: - doing 2 groups
    Morocco ** would really like , Canada, Norway
    ***for my 2nd country, PLEASE fill in everyone else first and I will take the country that is left over.

    Non-country (2)
    Fountain of Nations, World Showcase overview, Space Ship Earth

    Holiday Group:
    Am Adv or anywhere

    Annie’s choices:

    Country: (1)
    Am. Adv. #1 choice
    China, Japan, Morocco

    Non-Country: (2)
    Dining/Snacking, Character Spot, The Land. Spaceship Earth

    Buffy’s choices:

    Country: (1)
    France, Mexico, China

    Non- Country: (2)
    The Sea’s, Outpost, Mouse Gear

    Holiday group: (1)

    Rachal’s Choices:

    Country: (1)
    Germany, France, UK

    Non-Country: (2)
    Imagination, topiaries, Club cool

    Holiday group: (1)
    Put me anywhere


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    Sep 26, 2004
    could I please have

    holiday group



    or Italy or Mexico

    I will do the two countries unless someone else joins in!


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