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Please be patient as this is a work in progress right now.

First and foremost is a reminder that per DIS posting guidelines only PUBLIC codes may be listed on the DIS (annual passholder, FL resident, general public, etc.) Here is a direct quote from the guidelines:

9. DISCOUNT CODES: From time to time, Disney will send postcards via US Mail to select groups offering special deals. These codes are not intended for the general public, rather they are marketed to specific areas of the country. Under no circumstances can discount codes that are printed on these postcards be posted on our boards. Any such posts will be deleted immediately. We feel that if this is overly abused on the Internet, that Disney will eventually stop offering these discounts all together, in which case, everyone loses.

Q. What is a code?
A. It is an offer Disney makes from time to time that *may* lower your room cost. There are several different types of codes. There are codes for Florida Residents, Annual Passholders, there are PIN offer codes that are targeted directly to the individual that receives it, and there are general public codes that anyone can use if they know about it.

Q. How can I find these codes?
A. Often these will be posted here in our forums. We have a great Discount page that lists available discounts right here DIS Discount Page

Q. What are the Florida residency requirements?

A. To purchase a FL Resident Annual Pass or take advantage of special FL resident offers, you must provide any one of the following:

* Florida driver's license
* Florida state-issued ID card (must have Florida address)
* Florida voter's registration card with corresponding picture ID
* A college ID for a Florida college
* Florida based Military ID

More to come--

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    THANKS for all of the hard work!



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    Code Terms 101

    PIN - a numerical sequence that gives you access to a discount offer "code"

    CODE - a three letter combination that the agent uses to book a discount offer

    PIN-CODE - a three letter combination that requires the agent to enter a PIN to complete the booking process

    The terminology sucks. I'd like to create new terms that make sense to everyone here and force everyone to use them. But that ain't going to happen.

    If you're still confused think of it like this.

    The PIN number you receive in the mail or email -- is like a password for the agent to 'unlock' your special offer code.

    If you receive a PIN-offer by email or postal mail. You will have a series of numbers. That is what you give to the agent on the phone. THEY will take care of finding the right 3 letter code that goes with that PIN-offer. You needn't worry about that.

    How do these codes work and where do I find them? Are the Disney issued or from outside sources??

    Disney has 'discount codes' for different reasons.. to induce guests to visit their resort properties at various times for various reasons throughout the year. Generally speaking -- they are issued for lower-traffic times of year to fill up rooms in the resort. Disney sometimes issues special codes for AAA packages. But it is still Disney that controls the codes.

    There are two types of codes. General public. And codes associated with your name only, which are sometimes referred to as 'PIN-CODES' or PINS.

    General public codes can be used by anyone and are listed on this site at DISCOUNTS (http://www.wdwinfo.com/discounts/discounts-current.htm#hm-currdiscounts-right).

    For absolute clarity. A PIN-CODE is still three lettters and it is most easily defined as a code that requires a PIN.

    General public codes are also usually noted on the Disney site itself but can be harder to find if you don't know where to look there. General public codes do not require a PIN.

    PIN-Codes can be used by the recipient family and nobody else. They are not transferable. Some folks have reported success in using cards that arrived at their address in other peoples names. The rule seems to be if you live at the address on the offer.. you're good.

    Do they work for packages or single/seperate things/costs?

    So far we've seen codes that include free dining, for 20, 30 or 40% off selected hotel rooms.. and one code that included a free parkhopping & waterparks fun n more upgrade to your base tickets.

    A 15, 20, 25 ,30 or 40% off room-only code .. sometimes can be used with a package.. But when you do so, you are still only getting (x)% off the room portion of your package costs. The Tickets, dining plan and any other optional add-ons are at the normal rate unless your offer explicitly says otherwise.

    At any given point in time there may be several codes that may apply to your vacation. Pick one. You can only use one discount code per reservation. Choose wisely. :)

    How Do I Get "On The List" To Get A Pin Offer?

    You may get an email or a postcard from Disney. That email or postcard may contain a PIN (a series of numbers).. or a general public code (usually 3 letters).

    How people get selected for to receive email/postcard offers is a source of never-ending debate on these boards.

    Signing up at the WDW website and giving them your email address at least gets you in the running. Ordering the vacation planning DVD does the same.

    The theories as to how people are selected to receive an email or postcard are like belly-buttons, we all have one.

    At the end of the day - none of us know for sure. My best guess is that it is purely random.

    There is no guarantee if you do either of those things you'll get one. You could go to Disney once or once every month.. and you may or may not get a code.

    A PIN gives the agent the access to, and ability to book the corerct three letter code for your request. Some people have successfully used three letter codes for which they should have had a PIN. Disney "seems" to have closed this loophole once again but every now and then a clueless reservation agent will book it anyway.

    ... and to whom do I give it to

    If you're booking with a PIN from your email / postcard or with a general public code.. you tell the reservation agent at Disney reservations center. "I have a code .." and then identify if you have a PIN associated-code.. or a three letter offer code.

    The postcard or email will tell you when it's good for .. and what benefits it may convey.

    A general public code posted on this site @ DISCOUNTS (http://www.wdwinfo.com/discounts/discounts-current.htm#hm-currdiscounts-right). .. generally has the info about what benefits it may convey.

    When you are giving them the code on the phone, if it is a three letter code offer.. say an example word for each letter. So many of the letters in the alphabet sound the same.. C,D,E,G,P,S,T,Z.. and of course Disney uses LOTS of those letters in their codes. Grrr...

    Hope this helps. Any questions - feel free to post 'em here.

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    Can you be more specific? I can't explain more without understanding your lack of understanding better. (Did that make sense?)



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    I received my vacation planning DVD and there are sequences of numbers/letters all over. Could they be codes or PINs? Are the labeled as a code or PIN?


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    Those are unfortunately.. just numbers and letters sequences.

    If you get a PIN - you'll know it. A PIN is all numbers.. and will come attached to a mailer that specifically explains what it is.

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    What Was The Code For The Water Parks And Fun Discount Pkg That Was Offered For May And June. I Can't Find It Anywhere.


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    Mar 21, 2007
    what was the code for the free water parks and more discount. it was the offer just before free dining.


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    :confused: Can you use a code booking online??!?!?
    **I would like to know the answer to that question too??? I have an annual pass deluxe code offer but when I called the CM gave me a non-discounted rate?!**


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    **I would like to know the answer to that question too??? I have an annual pass deluxe code offer but when I called the CM gave me a non-discounted rate?!**

    ...add ME to the list....:guilty:
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