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Earning My Ears
Sep 23, 2006
Hi all, I have a Future Cruise Credit for a cancelled Royal Caribbean cruise and have narrowed my choices to 3 options and am looking for opinions. They are all approximately the same cost and around the same dates. Which would you choose....
1. 4 night cruise on Navigator from Miami to Nassau and Coco Cay Andover sea day.
2. 4 night cruise from Port Canaveral on Mariner with a double dip at Coco Cay plus Nassau
3. 5 night cruise from Ft. Lauderdale on Independence to Grand Cayman and Cozumel plus 2 sea days.

I’m flying in so it doesn’t matter which port I choose, but if I picked #2 I might swing a day at WDW before I fly home.


DIS Veteran
Jan 12, 2014
We"ve done all three if those. Mariner and Independence are very similar with Indy being a bit bigger and better shows so I'd pick Indy. For us 5 days over 4 always wins for equal ships. Having said that, I really liked the amp changes in Navigator (and really cool ice show...no pun intended). Navigator slides are really different and I love the colorful vibe and fun seating all around the decks. Having said that, we really enjoyed all 3 and can't go wrong .
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