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Oct 16, 2015
Day Two: Evening Show

I "think" I left us off heading back to rest. We def rested for a bit before heading back over to California Adventure. I text Lesley on our way to see if she was still around. Which she was! So, she met us in the park. The girls wanted to ride Goofy's Sky School. So we headed that way. Lesley doesn't like this ride, so she offered to hold our bags while the 4 of us went on the ride.

I believe I was able to get a maxpass for this, so we thankfully didn't wait long. Soon, we were on the ride.

I am pretty sure this is exactly the same as Primevil Whirl in Animal Kingdom. It is fun, and a bit terrifing at times. Tehre is one turn where I swear you are just going to launch right off of the track! The girls love it!

After our ride, we met up with Leslie and decided to go ride the Silly Symphony Swings. I hate this kind of ride. I don't understand how it is remotely safe?!?
But it was a great view in the evening.

After that, we decided to find where we needed to be for the dessert party for World of Color. Our lovely personal tour guide Lesley helped us find it. Once in Line Andy went to grab something from one of the food booths for a light dinner.

Apparently, so sort of mini burger with avacado on it. I think it was just ok. But we were dyeing of hunger and we were going to get some snacks shortly.

Lesley hung out with us in line and we just chatted and waited to be let into the area. She showed me all of her new purchases and adventures she had, while we were resting. Eventually they start letting people in. We said goodby to Lesley for the trip. She was a great first dis meet for me! Thanks @Lesley Wake!

A view of the pier area at night. It was really beautiful with all the lights on.

I REALLY liked this dessert party. They check in one group at a time and escort each family to a table. I had read that if you wanted the high tops at the front to be there fairly early. And I think we got the last high top in that area! Woo hoo!

We had a server that tended to us. They got drink orders from us. And offered to take our photo.
I have to say, I LOVE that it is tables and chairs!!! I feel like this really adds to the value of the area. So, nice to sit down!

We cheer'd our drinks to a great day!
I believe they had 2 adult alcholic drink options. Andy and I both went with the blue one. I really don't remember much about the drink other than it was a typical Disney alcholic drink. The girls both choose hot Chocolate, I think. As it was quite chilly.

Shortly after, they brought out the plates. We each got our own plate of desserts, and I want to say they were all the same. There wasn't a kid version and an adult version.
There was also bread sticks in the middle of the table when we sat down.

It worked out well, as we all seemed to like and dislike different things and just shared.

There was a coconut mickey shaped macaroon (that none of us liked but that is because none of use really like coconut), grapes and cheese (pretty sure I ended up collecting most of the cheese), some sort of cookie and two small dessert cupcakes. I thought there were teeny tiny macroons on there as well, although I don't see them on here.

Yes! There is it... That teeny tiny orange thing... It was sooooo small. But the girls gobbled those up in no time!

A close up of the bread. I liked that there was a balance between sweet and the cheeses.

We had plenty of time to eat and drink before the show started. Our server got us a second round of drinks before the show started.

And then the show started. Gwen LOVED this show. I wasn't taking any pictures, I was just enjoying the show. And Gwen told me I needed to take pictures, as it was amazing!



I think Gwen and I enjoyed it the most. But Andy and Morgan liked it as well.


I am really glad we got to see it while we were there. I think it was down before we came and well, it's been down for a long time now.

The park was closed by now, and we kind of chilled while we waited for most folks to leave. We slowly made our way out of the park for the night. I was temped to jump over to Magic Kingdom but it had been a long day and we had one more day to go. So, we just all headed back to the hotel.

The girls have taken to walking barefoot back to the hotel room in Disney World after getting off the bus. So, I left them do the same once we were in the hotel parking lot. I made them keep there socks on though...

And soon after getting in the room, Morgan was OUT!

It was another great day! And looking at all the pictures, we really jammed ALOT in!

Up next, Easter Sunday! Would we survive the crowds? How crowded would it be?


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Oct 16, 2015
Day Three: Easter!

Today was Easter Sunday and I was a little worried about the crowds today. Friday and Saturday had certain season passholder tickets blocked out and you could really tell with the crowd levels. But today was open for everyone. So, we weren't sure what to expect. But we were def going to make the best of it.

We also had to check out of the hotel today and head to Santa Monica for the night. So, we had to pack up and bring our bags down to the lobby and have them hold them. Which turned out to be super easy and we were off to the parks!

Easter Sunday w/ Ears
I had grabbed cheap bunny ears at Target before we went. The girls liked them and helped make the day a little more festive.

Easter Bunny
Once inside the park, we saw the Easter Bunny! he had a very long wait, so we just snapped a picture and moved on. We had a plan for the morning!

The goal of the morning, was to re-ride a few rides that the girls really liked that Andy missed out on the first day when he was working.

Family Easter Pic 2
We did stop to take a family photo on Main Street! These never come out good for us. We are just terrible photo takers...

So, where did we head to first?

Mad Libs in line
Gwen pulled out some mad libs in line. Thanks again @Lesley Wake! I grabbed a Space Mountain maxpass while in line. That was def a must to for us, since Andy didn't ride that with us the first time. I put a reminder on my phone for when I could make another fastpass, as I wanted to grab a Guardians of hte Galaxy Fast Pass next!

Speedway Time
Tomorrowland Speedway! Yup, my girls LOVE this ride at both parks! And I def enjoy this version soo so much better. I really really really hope Disney World adds something to there version during the closure.

I am not sure why Gwen is making this face. but they were excitied to ride this again. Probalby because she wasn't tall enough to drive by herself.

Morgan Driving by herself
As Morgan got to drive by herself.

We had decided to do this and the next ride first as there was no fast pass for either of these attractions and seemed to get fairly long lines as they are slow load.

Speedway Track
I was really hoping to have the monorail go by while we were driving by, but no such luck. Oh well.

After our drive through "tomorrowland" We headed to the next ride on the adgenda. The Sub!

Going into the Sub!
Andy didn't really believe me when I said that this ride was surpisingly fun. But he was up for it. Down we go!

Inside the Sub
We got the inside view of the pool this time, so we had slightly different view.

I always loved the Darla part of Finding Nemo.

Scuba Guy
I dont' know what it is about this ride, but I do love it. It is extremely slow to load. And not really handicap accessible, and could be clostraphobic. So, I see why it is no longer in Disney World. But it is so unique. And as a little kid, I could totally see how they think they were on a real sub under the water.

The crabs were probably my favorite part. Bubbles!!!!

Our next items on the adgenda, we to check out Toontown as we hadn't even gone into yet. So, we started heading that way next.

It's a Small World
As we passed It's a Small World, Gwen asked to go on. So, we hopped in line. Morgan was not happy about this at first. She doesn't like it when we change the plans on her. But she got over it fast.

The time on the happiest ride, I tried to get better pics of all of the IP characters now that I knew where most of the were!

Alice & White Rabbit
Alice and the White Rabbit. She was easy to spot.

Cinderella, she was a little harder to find, just cause she was in her pre-princess outfit.

M & G on IASW
Floating along, you can see how much Gwen just LOVES this ride. As a side note, we went out to dinner on New Year's Eve and Morgan had us rank out favorite 5 rides between both parks. And both Morgan and I put It's a Small World Disneyland Version on our lists!

Pinnochio! He was easy to find.. you know since he has lights around him...

Jasmine!!! Gwen's favorite! Jasmine!

Lilo & Stich
And good old Lilo and Stich!

This version was so fun! I hope one day they will add in characters to our version.

After our ride, we headed to Toontown next! Coming in the next post, as I took ALOT of photos!!!!
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    Oct 16, 2015
    Day Three: Toontown Edition

    OMG!!! So, we weren't expecting much with this area. I don't know why. I guess I kind of thought it would really just be for little kids or something. But spoiler alert, we all LOVED IT!!!


    Gwen in love
    Gwen particularly loved it. She immediatly asked if she could live here.

    We first just kind of explored.
    Post Office

    Post Office

    Gwen mailing mail
    Trying to find the mail. The girls weren't sure what to make of all the interactive stuff.

    Dog Pound
    I had to encourage them to climb into the pound and try and escape.

    Gwen Escaping
    Gwen's version of escaping.

    Chicken Xing
    I just loved all of the detail in the area. Chicken Crossing! he he.

    Clock Shop
    The clock shop, we all just all loved the shapes and colors of the whole town.

    Fire Department b

    City Hall
    There was so much to explore, and we just didn't have the time to really explore all of it fully.

    Goofy's Water


    Toontown Sign

    And then we came up to Minnie's House...
    Minnie's House

    Minnie's Mailbox
    Gwen wanted to meet Minnie and Morgan did not. But we told Morgan she had to suck it up. The wait was a bit long-ish by now but it was what it was. So, we got in line.

    Let me start this section off by saying, the wait for this was awful! We had 2 families in front of us and a family behind us who were NOT paying attention to there kids AT ALL. The kids were climbing on things and just doing whatever they wanted. And the parents could have cared less or would say don't do that, and then continue to not pay attention to there kids. it was awful and a test of my patience to not scold these kids. It really was that bad.

    M&G Minnie's Couch
    Example #1: that little girl there, spend about 5-ish minutes sitting on that couch, rolling on it, climbing on it, standing on it and jumping off of it into the line of adults... Morgan and Gwen waited patiently for this girl to move on, so they could sit and take a pictures.

    Minnie's Mantel
    Gwen loved Minnie's Living room.

    Minnie's side table

    The next room was I guess Minnie's bedroom? Dressing room? Not really sure.
    Gwen Minnie's Chase
    Example #2: This is where a kid in line behind us came pushing through into the room and sat on the couch. THIS did not make Morgan and Gwen happy! And this time, I didn't even know who the kids parents were, as they were in the other room. But again, the girls waited till the kid left and then got there pictures taken.

    Gwen Minnie Heart Mirror
    Example #3: See that light blub dangling? Yup... A little boy was trying to climb on the vanity and was using the light bulbs as leverage and pulled it out of the wall! The mom saw this, yelled at him. Mad him come stand next to her then the mom looked at her phone, the little boy walked away and started climbing on something else. It seriously was ridiculous.

    Gwen was pretty funny, though, all she said was that Minnie was NOT going to be happy. Ha! I meant to tell the CM about it when we got to one, but by the time we got there, I forgot.

    Gwen loved the vanity regardless.

    Minnie's computer
    Ok, so this is Minnie's computer... She needs to get into the present...

    Minnie's email
    I mean look how big it is?!! I mean, come on Mickey, get her something nice!

    And then we FINALLY made it into the Kitchen! Both girls really liked this area.
    Minnie's Kitchen

    Minnie's Oven


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    Oct 16, 2015
    I ended up giving Morgan my phone to take pictures of what was inside everything. Please enjoy Morgan's documenting ability:
    Minnie's Cheese!
    Inside the Refrigerator Door.

    Minnie's Refrigerator
    Inside the Refrigerator

    Minnie's Freezer
    Inside the Freezer

    Minnie's Grocery LIst
    Minnie's shopping list... (She really likes cheese!)

    Minnie's Cake
    Inside the oven.

    M&G at Minnie's Table
    The table free'd up, so I had the girls pose.

    And then FINALLY we made it to Minnie!!!!!
    Going to meet Minnie

    Minnie & M
    Minnie loved that Morgan had Minnie on her shirt.

    Gwen had Minnie sign her book.

    Minnie Signing

    Minnie Fam
    And then we got a picture with the lovely lady!

    After meeting Minnie, we wondered a little more and decided what to do next.

    Mickey Fountain

    Toontown Fountain

    The girls wanted to do a ride, so we let them choose between Go Gadets Coaster and Rodger Rabbit Ride. They decided on Go Gadets's Coaster. Probably not the best choice for the day, but whatever.

    We got in line, and the line was slow moving... Our fastpass for Space was coming up, so we were sweating that a little. I think our window opened while we were in line, and I want to say that I grabbed Guardians of the Galaxy fastpass or maybe Radiator Springs fastpass while in line.

    But we found a hidden mickey in line! So, there was that!

    We snaked our way through and finally made it to the front of the line.
    For some reason, I really liked the sticker mats they had to show you were to stand.

    The girls requested the back, so we waited an extra ride to get the back. And we were on! The ride was basically Barnstormer and the girls were a little disapointed but we did it!

    And we had to high tail it across the park to get to Space Mountain ASAP!

    Space Mountain Selfie
    We made it over to Space in time to ride! Andy really enjoyed it. And I think I closed my eyes during the spinning tube part this time to not get dizzy.

    Up next Lunch! Where will we eat?

    Lesley Wake

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Lesley doesn't like this ride, so she offered to hold our bags while the 4 of us went on the ride.

    I believe I was able to get a maxpass for this, so we thankfully didn't wait long. Soon, we were on the ride
    Yeah, I don’t like that ride at all! Too terrifying! That and the big wheel (it changes names too often for me to keep track)!

    I think you had grabbed a FP right after or before Frozen?

    Lesley hung out with us in line and we just chatted and waited to be let into the area. She showed me all of her new purchases and adventures she had, while we were resting. Eventually they start letting people in. We said goodby to Lesley for the trip. She was a great first dis meet for me! Thanks @Lesley Wake!
    It was awesome to meet you guys and I can’t wait to see you in May!

    I think it was down before we came and well, it's been down for a long time now.
    It is a shame! I think they keep breaking different parts of it. No timeline at all for when it will come
    back online!

    The girls have taken to walking barefoot back to the hotel room in Disney World after getting off the bus. So, I left them do the same once we were in the hotel parking lot. I made them keep there socks on though..
    Ok that’s a bit weird, but whatever!

    This version was so fun! I hope one day they will add in characters to our version.
    I think you missed Peter Pan and Tink, Mulan, Marlin and Dory, Ariel, 3 Caballeros, Abu, Simba, Pumba, Timon, Woody and Jessie! Just gotta come back here for another trip!


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    Oct 16, 2015
    I think you missed Peter Pan and Tink, Mulan, Marlin and Dory, Ariel, 3 Caballeros, Abu, Simba, Pumba, Timon, Woody and Jessie! Just gotta come back here for another trip!
    So, we saw Peter Pan & Tink, Ariel, Simba, Pumba& Timon, and Woody and Jessie, I just didn't get good pictures, very blurry. But I think we might have totally missed Mulan and Marlin and Dory!!!!

    We def want to come back at some point. Thinking once the Marvel stuff opens up, possibly.
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    Oct 16, 2015
    I like the idea of putting an alert on your phone to get another fastpass! Great idea!

    Did you find a lot of availability for the options on Maxpass?
    I did. I knew which rides would run out fastest, and grabbed those first. ie - Radiator Springs and Guardians.... And then went from there. Max Pass def helped for Easter Sunday. And it is nice that you can basically accumilate some over the day.


    Actually, my name is Sara. It's a long, VMK story.
    Jul 22, 2005
    So much fun! I love all your pictures of Toontown! It's getting me really excited to take my younger two all over Toontown in April!
  • StarWarsMomofGirls!

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    Oct 16, 2015
    I am forging on with this trip report. I have 3 weeks before we leave for Disney World and I really want to get this done before we leave!

    Up next was lunch!

    Day Three: Lunch at the Plaza... kind of

    We were hungry after our ride into Space, so we headed for some food. I said that I wanted to try The Plaza, since I heard that they were known for there fried chicken. So, we headed over and there was just a small line. While in line, Morgan and Gwen said they wanted soft pretzels.

    So I left Andy in line to check us something, and I back tracked with the girls to get soft pretzels in Tomorrowland. We came back and grabbed a table while Andy was still waiting for our chicken. But I left the girls at the table and went over to help Andy with the drinks. It really didn't take long and worked out just fine.

    Plaza Stain Glass
    This was the dessert and salad station. Which Morgan noticed a big piece of carrot cake sitting there. She asked if we could get it. Since there was no line and Andy hadn't paid yet, I said sure.

    Plaza Chicken Andy getting our chicken!

    We found a spot in the room facing Main Street.
    Plaza Stained Glass Ceilin
    It was all beautiful!

    Plaza Bird Cage

    So, I said it was kind of lunch at the plaza because this was the girls lunch.

    Morgan's Pretzels


    They were happy, so I was happy.

    Fried Chicken Andy and I split this. (and probably a few bites of soft pretzel as well. I don't honestly remember but I "think" the food was good. Def not bad.

    And here is the carrot cake.
    Carrot Cake
    Morgan was happy with it. For sure.

    Andy had woken up not feeling great and by now he was really not feeling well. So, while we were eating we were talking about what the plan was next. The girls had been wanting to do the egg hunt and we saved it for today, since it was Easter after all. But Andy wasn't feeling walking all over the park. So, decided to all go to the front and get the needed egg hunt items. And then Andy was going to try and find a place to sit and rest for a bit while I took the girls to start the hunt.

    Horses on Main Street
    I found it intresting that they had the horses out in the middle of the day, as Disney World only really does the mornings.

    We made our way down Main Street and into the store.
    Main Street Store
    We had barely been in the store this trip. Andy was looking for some medicine while we were in there. And we asked where we could purchase the egg hunt sheets. I am pretty sure got them in there and were told to redeem our search over on the opposite side.

    Up next the Egg Hunt begins!


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    Oct 16, 2015
    Day Three: Egg Hunt

    M&G doing Egg Hunt
    The girls had spotted an egg the other day, so we went over to that one and they put there first stickers on.

    Mad Hatter Egg

    After that, we left Andy in Main Street and we headed into Frontierland next.

    Frontierland Egg
    We found one in Tarzan's tower!

    Andy said he was getting an iced coffee at Starbucks and asked if I wanted something. I said yes.

    As we made our way into Liberty Square Area and a stumbled upon the Mint Julip Bar! And I def wanted to try this.
    Mint Julep Bar

    So, we jumped in line, and ordered some beignets and a mint julip to share.
    Mint Julip Time

    Mickey Beignets!
    They didn't know what I was getting. But once they opened up that bag, they were so happy! These were really good and so fun being mickey chaped!

    Mint Julip Taste Tester
    They were even more unsure about the mint julip. Gwen was the taste tester...

    Mint Julip Model
    She gave it a big thumbs up! And actually the more we drank it the more they both loved it. I actually ended up looking up the receipe over the summer and we made it at home. Spoiler Alert, it has ALOT of sugar in it!

    We ate some of our treats but then moved on, since we were just looking for eggs.

    Doctor Facilie We saw Dc. Facilie as we left the area. Which was kind of fun to see. The girls had ZERO intrest in meeting him. So, we moved on.

    Andy met up with us in shortly after and now I was juggling 2 drinks and a bag of beignets.
    Crocket Hat Co
    Doing the hunt worked out well for us, it gave us an opportunity to get one last walk around the park and see a few more areas that we had missed up until now.

    Wilderness Lodge Looking Light
    I thought this light looked exactly like the lights in the Wilderness Lodge rooms.

    Bunny Egg
    We found another egg inside the store!

    We made our way around the park finding the eggs. When we got to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, we decided to do the walk thru the castle. This was def on my list of things to do.

    Untitled I made Morgan take her picture with the statue. Aurora was her favorite Princess when she was little.

    I loved this! And was really enjoying it, taking pictures and reading all of the signs.


    And then a family came in behind us, and I felt like we were being rushed a bit. And then.... Andy dropped his iced coffee in the castle... Oye.

    So, he high tailed it out of the castle to find a CM to tell them about the spill.

    The girls and I finished the last couple items and then met up with Andy outside.

    I loved the changing color Dress at the end.


    After we found a CM to take care of the spill, we moved on. I was getting antsy to move back over to California Adventure. I think I grabbed another MaxPass around now as well.

    We found Mickey Egg hanging out with an Alien! And finished up out hunt.

    The last egg was in the art gallery, which was neat to see some of the art. As I don't think we would have gone in otherwise.

    Gwen really loved this one.

    And there was some CM recycled themed art out as a temporary display. We of course loved this one... It was made out of plastic spoons!

    We painfully had to skip the Abraham Lincoln attraction. There just wasn't enough time.

    The girls got there prize, which is a small plastic egg. Very cute, but they were running out of some, which was a bit of a bummer. But they were happy.

    We were now headed into California Adventure!

    Cloe Colton

    Mar 6, 2018
    That seems like a great last day activity! You really seemed to hit some of the things you may have missed heading from ride to ride.

    Those Mint Juleps are definitely on my list of things to try!


    Mar 16, 2014
    Lurker caught up on the last few posts, but I’m loving reading all about your visit! It takes me right back. I love that Minnie through the years canvas. I just adore her ::MinnieMo


    Jan 17, 2019
    Great pictures of Toontown! It is DH's favorite land. I completely know what you mean about the mayhem of Minnie's line but so glad your girls got to get some great pictures anyway :)


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    Oct 16, 2015
    Happy Saturday Everyone!

    We only have 2 more weeks before we are in Disney World!!! Woo hoo! But that means I need to get this DONE!!!

    So, here we go....

    Day Three: Adventures in California!

    I believe I left off with us finishing up in Magic Kingdom and heading to Califorina Adventure. It was about 2:30 by now and Magic Kingdom was starting to get very crowded.

    I had been collecting Max Passes all morning. Everytime I grabbed one for the afternoon in CA, I would set a reminder to get another as soon as I could. I believe we had Guardians of the Galaxy, Radiator Springs Racers, and Goofy's Sky School.

    It wasn't quiet time for our first max pass and I really wanted to try the Monsters Inc ride, so we headed that way.

    There was a bit of a wait, but I want to say this one didn't offer Max Pass. The wait wasn't too bad, I want to say 30 minutes. We did some mad libs in line while we waited.

    I love both movies. The girls do to, but not as much as me...

    I loved some of the decor once you were inside. Nothing special and mostly flat decor but still fun.

    I kind of wish this was real...

    Soon we were on our car to ride through Monstropolis.

    Most of my pics are blurry. As you did move fairly quickly on the ride and it was dark. But we loved it! I wish they had something like this in Hollywood Studios. I think it would be a great ride for the non-Star Wars fans and younger kids.



    But the very best part... As our car pulled up here at the end.... Roz starts talking to us....

    Roz: "Hey, Little Girl.
    Little Girl in the front."

    Pause for a second.

    Roz: "I like yoouur Glaaaaasses" (in her weird voice)

    Another pause

    Roz: "Wanna Traaaadeeee?"

    OMG! It was sooo funny. We weren't expecting a customized item. And Morgan LOOOOOVED it!!! I just wish I had my phone on video! Morgan still talks about it.

    After our ride through Monstropolis. We decided to split up. Andy was loosing steam and the girls wanted to ride Goofy's Sky School, which was all the was across the park. So, we decided to leave Andy in this area as we had Guardians coming up soon.

    The girls and I had to hoof it across the park. I think we were at the end of our window. But we made it with a few minutes to spare!

    It is themed cutely. (is that a word?)

    Like this one... I don't think I want to fly THAT way?!?

    They loved the ride as usual. I think they are developing an unusal love for this ride...

    Once we scanned our bands, I think I grabbed a max pass for Grizzly River Run.

    On our way over we saw Nick & Judd Hopps meeting.
    The girls didn't want to stop, they were in rides only mode!

    I only have videos of the ride on Grizzly River Run. And they are just more of the screaming... They love the ride again. And I think we only got somewhat wet...

    While we were doing this, Andy went and found some more dayquil, and then decided to do this...

    I have to say he was pretty happy about this meet!

    He was like a little 10 year old boy again! He also said that there were alot of moms drooling over Captain America!


    After our wet ride, I thought we got changed but It doesn't look like we did... Maybe just I did?

    We def headed back to Andy to meet up and ride Guardians. On the way, I decided we needed to stop at a food booth!
    I got a Lemon alcholic drink of some sort. Which was excellent. And hit the spot.

    And the girls got Lemon Macroons! They were very happy to add to the Macroon count! These were also, very good. Tart but in a good way. We did not meet a macroon that we didn't like on this trip.

    We cut through Bugs land to get to Andy.

    I loved it! So cute!

    Sadly, this is the most we did in this area. I know most of the rides were for smaller kids but I did wish we had time to try them.


    We finally were back with Andy. And he said you just missed it! Missed What you ask?

    Kobe Bryant! Apparently!

    Zoomed in a bit. YUP! He had literally just walked by with his family! I am sure this is a regular occurance at Disneyland. But for us East Coast folks, it was exciting. Especially for Andy. He was escorted backstage, and I am sure backdoored onto Guardian. Jerk.... ;)

    Up next.. Guardians of the Galaxy Ride... Would the girls like it?


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