First Trip to DLR for WDW Vets


Earning My Ears
Dec 26, 2007
This past weekend (10/31-11/4) the wife and I enjoyed our first trip to DLR, we are WDW AP holders. Loved every portion of the trip, except SWGE - more on that later. If you're a WDW vet highly recommend a trip to Anaheim for a shorter stay.

Stayed Club Level (1st time) at the Grand Californian which worked perfectly between the food/drink and back entrance to Cali Adventure. Loved the closeness of everything and the ability to walk to everything. Was hesitant on the Guardians re-theme to Tower but that ended up being out favorite ride. Incredi-coaster was also a big favorite as was World of Color. No DL parade was kind of a bummer and found Mickie's Mix Magic fireworks to be "interesting". Watching the DL CM's dance during the show was really cool. The Nightmare before Xmas overlay on the HM was very cool as well. There are subtle or major differences on all the common rides which makes everything seem new or different.

This was out first visit to SWGE (we are huge SW family) and were really disappointed. Falcon ride appears to be totally dependent on who the pilots are otherwise it's a very disappointing ride. My wife has not seen Clone Wars so she had no idea who Hondo was and if you haven't seen Solo that could be an issue as well. The only characters walking around were Rey (who didn't want to engage with people) and a 6' Chewie. I'm 5'9, having a Wookie barely taller than myself doesn't really cut it. We had a late night (9pm) reservation at Oga's. The wife put it the best - "leave it to Disney to drive massive demand for a bar". It was just a crowded bar full of humans and a droid DJ (yet not 1 DJ in any SW movie) with funny drink names. Sum it up, we felt like there was really no difference between SWGE and any other DL/WDW "land" and that Disney really missed the mark.


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