For those that Spent Thanksgiving at WDW


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Jan 5, 2006
So for those of your that spent Thanksgiving at WDW how was it? Crowds? When did you book? Looking to book Thanksgiving next year with the family and just concerned about the Holiday being overwhelming at the parks. Any insight from this year would be great.


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Mar 8, 2017
We just returned last Saturday after staying for the week. We stayed at BWV (where we own) and booked right at the 11 month window. Crowds were definitely more noticeable, but with EMH, rope drop and FP+, we were able to do everything we planned. It would not be my favorite time to go back (I'd really like to do one of the two weeks after), but when we are more limited to school breaks with our kids it will likely become more common for us. Bottom line: it gets busy, but very doable.


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Apr 26, 2018
We were just at BWV from the Monday before Thanksgiving to the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is crowded but since we usually just go into the park do our fastpasses and maybe another ride or 2 and then leave we don't find it to be that bad. We have gone the last 3 or 4 Thanksgiving and plan to continue for as long as we can! We booked our last trip right at 11 months (and plan to do the same next month for next year but the year before we booked closer to the 7month mark.
I feel 4th of July is busier.
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Apr 15, 2017
We were there Wednesday before thanksgiving until Sunday after thanksgiving. There were crowds but it was manageable. The crowds have been worse for us during jersey week and it doesn’t even come close to Christmas or New Year’s Eve crowds. We have small kids so really only do what we have fast passes for and see some characters. Then again, that’s the beauty of DVC, knowing we will come back again and again. So maybe that’s why the crowds don’t bug us? Haha we’ve been going during thanksgiving for the last 4 years


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Jan 19, 2013
I returned yesterday (Sunday the 8th). I was there from Thanksgiving on.
I was not shocked by the crowds on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. What shocked me were the crowds the week after. I tend to go the first or second week of December, and this year, the was a significant upswing in crowds during the week.
The weekend after (12/7 - 12/8) was just as bad as the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving.

I was in AK on Saturday(12/7) while waiting for my Boarding Pass for Rise of the Resistance to come up, and the stand by wait time for Everest was posted at 120 minutes. I have never seen it like that.

I was talking with other people one night at WL and they said they were also first week of December peeps, and agreed the crowds were noticeably up this year.

I am hoping it had a lot to do with ROTR. If it is the same next year, I may cut that trip in half, it is losing a lot of its joy.


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