Grand Canyon railway hotel and train- don't do it

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  1. SA mom

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    Apr 15, 2012
    We made the trip a few years back and enjoyed it. The hotel was spotless when we went so I'm saddened to read it was no longer good. We spent several nights at the Canyon and could not look at it enough. We thought the train ride was hokey, but we had fun.
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    Aug 27, 2007
    OP, we did a 2wk trip out west this summer too. For months I had considered doing the Railway pkg with the hotel (thanks Tripadvisor, lol), but in the end we decided to save some $ and just stay in the park at the Yavapai Lodge (which I recommend if anyone’s interested). As far as the GC, we had our own Clark Griswald/Wally World moment as well. It was a bucket list item and glad we did it, but I doubt we’ll ever go back. Your review makes me feel better that we ditched the train pkg because for awile I was feeling sad we didn’t do it. Sorry it was so disappointing for you.
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