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Jun 7, 2008
Anyone ever use Viator for a multiple day guided tour? Winter Special: Southwest Grand Circle National Parks Tour from Los Angeles.
Overview☆ Exclusive overnight stay at Lake Powell Resort☆ Explore 5 top National Parks of USA West Coast in 6 Days☆ Discover both Grand Canyon South & East Rim☆ Stay in Arizona at Indian Protected Area - Featured Hotel Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suits☆ Las Vegas hotel stay at Park MGM on the strip

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Looking to take kids in Feb and do not want to do all the driving


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Feb 16, 2005
I don't know anything about the tour company, @jackie101 , but I've been to all of the destinations, and they are all great. I've always wanted to make that trip in the winter -- the snow on red rock is going to be spectacular!

On Antelope Canyon, find out whether it is Upper Antelope Canyon (boat tour) or LOWER Antelope Canyon (walking tour).

If you're staying at the Lake Powell Resort, that's where the Upper Antelope Canyon boat tour is. The resort is nice and the boat tour is okay.

However...if it is the Lower Antelope Canyon walking tour, it is only about an hour long -- but it will be the absolute highlight of your trip.

My avatar is Lower Antelope Canyon.

If you are staying one night at Lake Powell and the next night at Moenkopi -- they are pretty close together and you might be doing both Antelope Canyon tours.

There are also some dinosaur tracks near Moennave. All of that stuff is in the Navajo Nation. Both Lake Powell and Lower Antelope Canyon are Navajo Nation Parks.

I would try to find some reviews on the tour company, because if you don't like what you read, there are plenty of other tours.


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