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Mar 9, 2002
A few guidelines to remember when posting on the DISboards:

1. FOR SALE: For sale ads are strictly prohibited on any of the DISboards. Anyone posting such ads will have their post deleted. This same policy applies to links to your ebay/auction listings . "For sale" posts includes requests for donations (see below). In addition, "Vote for me" posts are not permitted on the DIS. This includes requests for support in an online contest, sweepstakes, lottery or other event designed to yield personal gain.

7. ADVERTISING: The advertisers/sponsors who you see on the DIS are carefully chosen. While we welcome discussion of them as well as other businesses that you have information or questions about, if its determined that you are using the DIS to promote a commercial venture, you will lose your posting privileges. This includes choosing a username/signature that refers to your business. In addition, links to the company's website will be blocked. Also note that we do not want the boards to be used for solicitations or for requesting referrals. Requests for advertising can be directed to for consideration.

10. LINKS TO OTHER SITES: You are welcome to link to your web site on our boards provided that a) you are not promoting a commercial service or for-profit venture, b) you don't post primarily to promote your site and c) that you place one of these images on the home page of your web site. Before posting a link to another site, we ask that you please first check to see if the same information is available on

Please remember that you agreed to these guidelines when you joined. For those in the scrapbooking forum this means:

- you can not include a link to a blog (or otherwise show) that has a link to your for profit store (digital, etsy, ebay, or any others)- in your signature or post

- when posting a layout it should not be linked back to a gallery that is part of a store or have any stores/designers listed in the credits

- you can provide information about places to find good deals/sales and such as people ask for information and you find it as long as you are not a member of a design team or designer for that store

- you may provide links to places that have freebies and no items for sale - if they have items for sale then the freebies are for advertising and links to them will not be allowed (this includes links to digital sites and ebay/etsy sites for traditional scrappers)

- if you are posting a link to your personal site then it must have a disboards link back to here as seen in item number 10 above

- due to the nature that prizes in and of themselves are commercial in nature we will have to ask everyone to stop providing prizes for challenges and instead just encourage people to do a challenge for the sake of doing the challenge (allowing the winner to host the next challenge is not a prize with commercial ties and so that is still allowed)

Violations of the above rules can result in consequences including loss of signatures, loss of ability to send or receive private messages, or even temporary or permanent revocation of your membership here.

These guidelines will be enforced by the moderators will the full support and agreement of the webmasters. Any questions or complaints about our site guidelines should be addressed to the webmasters at
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