May 11, 2014
when I make a personalized plan on TP hagrids comes up as first attraction. it says it will be 141 min wait. it has me arriving at attraction at 9:16 if I am at front of line at RD and move as fast as I can will it really be 141. why so high at RD. am I missing something. IOA does not have early entry on my day


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Aug 25, 2004
I’m sure it depends on what day of the week but we were at rope drop Sunday morning and the wait time was supposed to be 60 minutes and we waited 47. Monday went by around 11 and ride was closed, but two hrs later we got into a 40 minute line and waited about 35 minutes. We did single rider yesterday morning around 10 and it took 15 minutes. I will say the lines get jacked up the way they do the queues. Nobody can tell where the lines start at times. People stash their stuff in lockers then cut in front of people already in line (a line forming in the street). It was a bit exasperating! Line jumpers were annoying too, people claiming to need to join others in their party much further up the line. I’ve never seen anyone get away with such nonsense.


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Jan 1, 2016
Touring plans defaults to assuming that you will be at the back of the RD pack. If you arrive early it doesn’t apply. We had great luck with getting there at 7:50 on 9:00 open days for the days the ride didn’t have delays. We did not run and did NOT have one person do all the bags and catch up and were off the ride by 9:15 both times. Arrive before 8, walk with purpose and have all your stuff ready to go into lockers and you should be good (unless the ride fails to cooperate).


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