Hated SSR


life without the BWVs is <null and void>
May 11, 2000
let's see:
~ BWV - noisy with long hallways
~ BCV - boring decor & lousy views
~ OKW - retirement village
~ VWL - too dark
~ SSR - too big

AND all have some transportation probs.

we all have our preferences, but i imagine that most Disners would still pick a week at their LEAST fav DVC resort over a month at home ::MickeyMo



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Feb 1, 2000
rickdeni says : The deluxes always take good care of their guests.
First of all SSR is hardly a value resort ? It's a deluxe for sure. It def offers more amenities than a value/mod ?
As for the boats not running when the water is choppy---that is for safety reasons. I don't blame WDW for that ? The same thing could have easily happened at the WL with the boat that goes to the MK. Any guest from any resort who goes to DD will have to take a bus back to their resort and it could very likely take 30 min. OKW/SSR/POR/POFQ are the only ones that I know of that have boat transportation to and from DD. But technically if the boats can't run due to a safety issue, then the bus is a logical alternative. I'm not exactly sure what the OP was hoping for here ? Just because they didn't see any waves personally doesn't mean a problem didn't exist. I find it hard to believe that SSR ferry CM told you that just to inconvenience people ? Just an example of some inconvenience that can be found at other resorts. We've stayed at the WL/VWL on about 4 occasions. I notice on EMH (night), the boat does not run back to the WL from the MK. You must board the monorail with the masses and go to the TTC. Then exit the monorail and you have a bit of a hike to the bus depot near the entrance in the parking lot. You need to board the "Boon" bus which goes to Ft Wilderness and WL. This exit from EMH to the door of the WL took close to an hour if not more. So nothing is perfect in wdw.....there's walking involved in so many situations.
As for walking.....the BW/BC/YC are deluxe resorts and one could easily have a 10-15 min walk to Epcot before even entering that park or a 15-20 min walk to MGM. Does it mean these aren't deluxe resorts and don't cater to their guests as you stated ?
rickdeni says : I expect the resort to be responsible for its guests if it has to close something down. The deluxes always take good care of their guests.
What do you think another resort would have done in this exact same situation ? I'm just curious what you were expecting ? I respect your opinion to not like SSR but hate is a strong word. Surely there were positives ? Sounds like you are just focusing in on the negatives here ?


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Feb 12, 2006
LSchrow said:
we all have our preferences, but i imagine that most Disners would still pick a week at their LEAST fav DVC resort over a month at home ::MickeyMo


Aint; that the truth :teeth:


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Aug 20, 1999
mkpat said:
Why is everyone beating this guy up over HIS opinion? He stayed at SSR, didn't like it and will probably never go back there again. That is his opinion of it. I love SSR, but if he doesn't, then he doesn't...
I don't think anyone is beating him up, just trying to get the "facts" straight which he did not do.

If one says that one does not like SSR because of the Saratoga theme, then that is an opinion based on fact. If one says the boat dock is miles from Congress Park, that is not correct.


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May 9, 2003
WebmasterDoc said:
The golf clubhouse is next to the boat dock and is also next to the DVC Sales Center. The parking area there is surrounded by the clubhouse, sales center, tennis courts and boat dock and all are 150 yards (or less) to the Congress Park area of the resort - about the same distance (or less) that VWL is to the WL boat dock.

The boats travel from DD to SSR and on to OKW (as well as DD to POR) with a distance of over a mile on the water. Standing at DD (or any other single location) it would be very difficult to judge the conditions along the full extent of the trip. The decision to curtail boat trips is made by the staff based on the weather conditions the boats will encounter over the course of the trip. Since you could not see the condition of the entire route - you didn't realize there were waves - they (the boat staff) were there - and they do know and even reported it to you. The same thing can occur at WL, FW, CR, GF and Poly based on the conditions present at any moment and what the boats are capable of handling.
The only person I would trust over this is the one who checks distances with his GPS device. Is that Caskbill?

Distances seem longer when you're tired, in a hurry and it's above 90 degrees.


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