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Aug 4, 2007
Hello. Having holidayed at WDW pretty much every year for a decade I am tentatively looking at DVC. I am very much on the fence. This has more to do with airfare than DVC.

What I am struggling with is what it really costs. Can someone help me?

I've got the 2014 official brochure in front of me and for a week at the following resorts the points are a follows. Can anyone tell me the actual initial outlay costs? The points below are for a week but I would be after two weeks ideally.

Dream Season for full week.

Grand Floridian Studio 153
AK Savannah View 153
Bay Lake Tower standard view 123
Beach Club Villas Studio 120
Boardwalk Villas Standard View 104 (don't get why this is less than SS?!)
OKW Studio 99
Saratoga Springs 106

Then there are the dues costs?

Also resale. I am not really bothered about the other places you can use DVC points so resale may be an option. But does the reduced number of years make it a duff deal?

Sorry if this should all be obvious to me but it isn't!

Thanks :)


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Aug 4, 2004
But does the reduced number of years make it a duff deal?
Currently it seems not, DVC contract end dates do vary and here's a few examples;
Boardwalk Villas January 31, 2042,
Saratoga Springs January 31, 2054
Animal Kingdom Villas January 31, 2057
Grand Floridian January 31, 2064

And at present it would seem the contract end date doesn't effect the resale price as you can pick up an Animal Kingdom contract from around $74 per point and a Boardwalk contract from around $80, examples below from The Timeshare Store.

AK350-04-0206, Animal Kingdom-350 points, $25,900.00, 350 points currently available and 350 points coming on 4/1/15. Priced at $74 per point.

BW300-04-0220-1, Boardwalk Villas-300 points, $24,000.00, 300 points currently available and 300 points coming on 4/1/15. Priced at $80 per point.

Although ending earlier in 2042, Boardwalk contracts are actually commanding a higher price per point than Animal Kingdom which runs for a further 15-years to 2057.

But going forward I would consider the end date of a contract in your number crunching, as I would feel more comfortable buying an Animal Kingdom contract than a Boardwalk.

Also, consider the cost and differences in annual dues, varies between $4.78 for Bay Lake and $7.75 at Vero, although Animal Kingdom and Boardwalk are very similar at $5.97 and $6.01.

By the way, you quoted AK Savannah View at 153-points in Dream season, it's actually 123-points but can also be as low as 76 points in Dream for a Value studio.

And that is another big point to consider as owning at AK will give you a chance to book at 11-months out a 2-week vacation in a value studio for only 152-points making it one of the most affordable DVC rooms.

Looking at a current resale example at Animal Kingdom, (AK160-04-0203-1) for a 160-point contract at $12,800.00 with 160 points coming available to use April 2015, priced at $80 per point, with closing cost of $480. Total cost approx. £7,900 with annual dues of around £575.

If you compare that to the cost for two-weeks at Animal Kingdom in August this year in a standard room at Jambo House through Expedia, it's currently £1,779, less 10% Quidco £1,601.

Therefore, with the above DVC contract and an initial outlay of £7,900 you could currently save around £1,000 per year for a two week stay at Animal Kingdom Jambo House, and maybe in 10-years time sell the contact and hopefully for around the same price, so long as there's not another downturn.

There's a lot more to consider, flight prices especially if it's for July-Aug and do you take advantage of the free dining offers and what about currency fluctuations, maybe now is a good time to buy into DVC with the stronger pound?

Most DVC owners will say its one of the best investments they've every made and resale is the most affordable, so good luck with your number crunching and hope some of the above proves helpful


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