Help! How do you rent DVC points!


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Oct 15, 2019
I’m interested in renting points for a villa but have NO IDEA where to start or how it works. If anyone can help it would be appreciated! Looking to go for a last min trip next month :)


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Aug 14, 2006

Here's a link to one option with several helpful FAQ pages with good information.

I wouldn't get your hopes up, though. November is a peak period for DVC bookings and most owners book at 11 months out. There isn't likely to be anything at all available at this point.

DVC is a timeshare and books up very differently than a hotel. Point costs are fairly low and the weather and decorations turn fall bookings into a bit of a frenzy...
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Feb 15, 2003
Please take some time to read our DVC boards, especially the topics that are stickied at the top of the Rent/Trade board. There is some very helpful information there.


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