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Sep 23, 2005
I'm back at the room chilling and watching Jason Bourne. We're still full from lunch so dinner will probably be whatever leftovers we scrounge up from the fridge.

To back track a little bit, we started our vacation on Saturday, 10/17. We're here thru 10/24. We arrived via plane and caught the MDE to our dvc. We had 715pm dinner ressies at Ragland roads. Food excellent! Thx everyone for suggestion making dinner and or lunch ressies. I 2nd that suggestion. Make a ressie every day for brfst, lunch or dinner. Making TS lunch and dinner ressies was too much food for us. So I've canceled most of the two a day ressies to just one. Its been hard to find brfst in the parks. We're going to try brfst at our resort in the morning.

Sunday was AK. We were at the 1st bus stop at OKW, peninsular at 630am. Bus came about 645 am. We arrived at AK about 705am. 717am they were holding everyone at the entrance line. Shortly thereafter they let us enter.

Commercial break. Why did my DH want to get out of rd line and go get a snack at the ak entrance? SMH! He knows we don't do anything until after we RD the 1st ride. Yes this made us the stragglers at rd and I didn't get to ride fop but once. Smh!

We entered line at 732am and it was a walk on. We walked thru the queue straight to the ride It was crazy. We waited 4 hrs in 2017 to ride fop. 802am we were at the concession place at the exit of fop getting biscuit sandwiches and French toast sticks. Only place at a park that we have found a real breakfast sandwich. Or any kind of QS breakfast for that matter.

We were going to get in line again for fop but that line had snaked back to lion king. Omg! All I could do was laugh. I remember that trek 3 yrs ago without social distancing. They probably had a 70 to 80 minute wait.

We continued around AK riding every ride. Walking thru queues and getting on rides. Most rides less than 20 minutes. Like I mentioned up thread walking thru the queue is the wait. All the queues are double the length due to social distancing. Disney has done a phenomenal job creating these extended queues so we all can safely social distance. Keep this in mind when you see the snaking line. Don't be intimidated. If the line says 50 min its probably 30. If it says 30 its probably 15. All ur doing is walking thru the queue. EE was snaked back to Nemo. 50 something minutes posted. We were riding in less than 30 minutes. Don't be intimidated by the lines. They are constantly moving.

If you are not a planner, hate FP, usually just arrive whenever to the parks, go with the flow, never make ressies but eat whenever whatever BOOK UR DISNEY VACAY right now. You will love flying by the seat of your pants and being able to actually ride all the attractions without a 120 minute wait.

If you are a planner, love fp, loath standing in 20 minute lines, loath waiting for anything, have mastered fp STAY HOME. Covid Disney will frustrate you.

If you're a newbie, this is a tough one. If you have littles aged 3 to 7 come on. You won't know what ur missing and plenty of rides for your littles to enjoy with very little waits.

Commercial break. I still miss Minnie and Mickeys house. I don't know if I'll ever get over them removing them. 😥.

Ok as I think of more I'll post back. We are having a great time! Yes we would book again and yes we are glad we came.

O their are a ton of families at the parks. I don't blame them one bit. It is an excellent time to come with ur fam.


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Sep 23, 2005
Let's talk about covid, the pandemic. If you're OCD and or a germaphob stay at home. Disney will drive you insane. Why? Disney does not employ the 100s of 1000s of your closest Disney friends who are also tired of being home and want to visit their happy place. As hard as your Disney friends try, it's still Disney and we lose it when we see the castle, tree of life, that dole whip, Dumbo, etc. and we simply forget to social distance. We forget to put on our mask after we dive into our dole whip. I had about 4 or 5 bites of my dole whip b4 it dawned on me to get somewhere and sit down and enjoy my dole whip. I was licking and slurping my dole whip float b4 I made it to the magic carpets. I just went on auto pilot once they handed it to me. I didn't mean to offend anyone but once I came back to my right mind I adhered to the mask policy.

90% of the time I see folks in noncompliance they have simply forgot. I did too. No harm. No foul.

So if you expect 100% compliance stay home. If you expect cast members to be the mask police and babysit every patron, stay home. If you're a reasonable person and know its the 80/20 rule come on and enjoy yourself. 80% will follow the rules to the letter with a few slip ups, but 20% will be defiant no matter what it is. They will never follow any rules.

I constantly saw Disney cleaning, reminding folks to mask up correctly, and reminding us to social distance. They did it verbally over intercoms and visually with pics and words. They did 1000% better than Walmart and my local mall.

If you have been staying at home in your house the past 7 months, stay at home. You're not ready to visit Disney. Disney should not be your 1st place to visit. All the people will freak you out, regardless of mask and social distancing.

I felt safe and thought they did an excellent job. Kudos to them. They have hand sanitizer everywhere, before you enter a ride and afterwards. I didn't even need to use my stash. If your hands are dirty, its on you.


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Sep 21, 2017
Howdy folks. This thread has been so helpful so I am hoping to give back. We arrived today and so I will try and share our experience today. Keep in mind I’m a Disneyland vet and so some things I share might be something that has always been that way.

we flew southwest from Omaha with a connection in St. Louis. It went so smoothly. It was comfortable. It was great.

we landed about 1245 in Orlando, got our bags and went to the magical express. There was a bit of a line at magical express but not bad. After the initial checkin at magical express there was a second checkin. A lady there showed us a chart of the bud, showed us where to seat on the char and told us what bus number. They had a sign saying expected wait for DME up to 45mins.

so for time line we landed at 1245, took MDE to pop century, which was its first stop, while on the bus I made a Mobil order for everything pop for my hubby who was hungry, we picked up his food, got to our room and then on the skyliner and walked into Epcot at 2:57.

I had ordered groceries from Walmart for delivery and that was a bit of a mess. While on MDE I get a text message from a door dash driver that he has arrived. I stated I gave permission in the Walmart app for them to leave with front desk. Well pop told door dash he couldn’t leave it with him. I had no idea Walmart was out sourcing their grocery delivery or I would not have ordered through them. I had no cash on me to tip the door dash driver because Walmart employees here who delivery can’t accept it. It was a mess.

I Love the direct to your room check in. So smooth!

anyway we took the skyliner to Epcot. No wait at all for skyline in the afternoon.

once in Epcot we headed to the world showcase pavilion. Lines were short in there. We got lobster Mac and cheese, Buffalo Mac and cheese and a nitro cake pop. All really good. Couldn’t finish the cake pop.. so sweet! Felt the lines in there were really well organized and having the menus posted at the line entry is so smart.

we then made a plan to hit attractions. By then it was 330 and we had dinner reservations at 6:55 so we had 3.5 hours. We were able to accomplish soarin, spaceship earth, test track, and frozen. All the things we wanted to! Soarin and spaceship were walk on. I was using the Disney app but also the touring plans app. Touring plans deff more accurate. Test track was posted 35 and I think we waited that because we got caught in a cleaning cycle. Frozen was posted 60 and the line stretched all the way to China. But we waited about 45.
What people say is true. The lines move continuously unless in a cleaning cycle. It goes fast.

I’m so glad we changed our plans to do Epcot on arrival day. I can see on a weekend it’s probably worse, and needing a full day, but today a Tuesday 4 hours was enough for us! We don’t drink so that’s part of it too.

our dinner reservation was for 655 (park close) at teppan Edo. It was SO GOOD. They have dividers at the tables. You still dine with another party but the divider there. We enjoyed our conversation with the folks sharing our table. The cook was engaging and fun and the food was amazingly good. Like.. best food I’ve had in a Disney park good. I really like the QR code menus. So handy. Leaving dinner was perfect. If you can get the park closing reservations so you can see the park at dark it’s worth it.

we took the skyliner back to the hotel.Now I realized that my ears were a bit sore. I headed to everythjng pop to see if they sold ear savers. They dont. Will look at universal tomorrow. I brought lots of different kids of mask with different elastic and loops so I’m not too worried.

as far as social distancing and masks... mask compliance is super high. Compared to back home it’s down right exceptional. People in Epcot today were doing amazing at following the ground markings. I do think if your overly worried about it, however, you should probably not go.

it’s been a great day!
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